Blood Lines The Curse — another excerpt



Another excerpt from my book Blood Lines The Curse. The book is part of a series including Blood Lines Buried Treasure and Blood Lines Family Ties. There is a link for the book Trailer at the end.

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Darrell had told Emma about the positive feedback he was getting on this group of young people.  He also told her that Connors was raising his ugly head every chance he got but it wasn’t getting him anywhere.  It appeared that no one liked that man and anything he said seemed to send people in the opposite direction.  He told her it was a good thing that she had gotten on that man’s bad side.

It was funny that she had thought of that at that moment because when she looked up he was heading in her direction as hard as he could.

“Ms. Rodgers I want to let you know that I think what you are doing here is abominable.  I am going to take this to the town meeting and put a stop to it immediately.”

“Let me tell you something Mr. Connors, if you attempt to interfere with what I’m doing here I will hit you with more attorneys than you can shake a stick at.  First and foremost I’m proceeding with written authority of the legally confirmed next of kin.  Also the minister is the authorized representative of this cemetery and is standing over there.  He has not only given us permission to be here but is helping with the project.  If you in any way attempt to impede our progress here you won’t have to worry about buying land because you won’t be able to afford to buy toilet paper to wipe your pathetic ass.”

Connors was stuttering, his face had turned red and sweat poured from him like he was an overfilled pitcher.

“Another thing Connors I think it was one of your low life drunken wife beating ancestors who murdered my great, great, great grandfather.  If you still harbor any idea that you will ever get your hands on my family’s home, think again.  It will not happen and I had better not catch you setting foot on so much as one inch of my property.  You have been duly warned and if you are caught I will see to it you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Stay away from me and mine.  This is your last warning.”

Emma had noticed a couple putting flowers on a grave before Connors had shown up and then forgotten them.  They had moved closer to better hear and see the exchange between Connors and this woman.  Emma didn’t notice that everyone in her group had formed a circle behind her.  When she had finished reaming the man out everyone including the couple that stood apart from the others started applauding.  Connors turned around and after a couple of quick steps tripped and fell on his face.  He jumped up and ran to his truck. 

Book trailer for Blood Lines The Curse.  You will also find book trailers for all my books.

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