Calls From Beyond The Grave



An unusual story about Sirens, Mermaids, Dolphins and Mankind. Unanticipated storyline and ending. Guaranteed to keep the reader in suspense until the end. Book contains images too.

It’s modern day and the year is 2010. What follows is a strange and bizarre story of mythical creatures, dolphins and humans. But let’s start at the beginning… The Silver Lining Rescue tugboat was sent to rescue the Twilight ship, but after a violent storm the Silver Lining Rescue and it's crew were lost, adrift at sea. Their equipment was damaged. Two days had passed and they hadn’t found the Twilight fishing boat but they found something else, something that stemmed out of myths and legends. In front of them was a strange little island which was not marked on their maps and what really got their attention was the sound that came from the island. Mesmerized, the three men listened as their boat was drawn toward the island. As they neared the piece of dry land their apprehension turned to sheer bliss. When they reached the shore they clambered out the boat and in great haste moved toward the source of the sound they heard. Then in disbelief, yet with rapturous awe and wonder they saw…
An excerpt: ...“Its good to be back…” He began. The town celebrated the return of the men who had officially been declared dead. A fact the three men had no knowledge of… yet. And there was another mind blowing fact the trio weren’t aware of… yet. One which would be exposed shortly. Nancy made an extraordinary observation when she looked at the three men. She noticed that none of them had aged at all. They looked exactly the same as the day they vanished. Not a day older! How uncanny! But she never said a word about it to her husband. Not at that moment. She would discuss it with him later... As Rick and Nancy made their way through the throng of people, the second fact Rick and his two men weren’t aware of, was revealed when a mutual friend of the three seamen came up to Rick and spoke with him.
He patted Rick on the back and asked, “How does it feel to be back after five long years?”
Five Years! This took Rick by surprise.
“What do you mean? We have only been gone for four days!” Rick told his friend.
Now it was the friend’s turn to be astonished...
Stunned and unsettled they could not comprehend the time difference at all. This was in deed startling news. No one could explain this mystified fact, well not logically anyway. It just didn’t make any sense at all... Clearly it was a puzzling mystery! An enigma that grew more mysterious by the minute. Were they locked in a time zone? Was it possible that they were in some kind of a warped time locality? A location that defied the natural laws of physics? Had a different law of physics operated where they were? A law that was not the same as the law of physics that govern the earth?
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