The Chronicles of Battle: An Unholy Being



The beginnings of a monster... and a savior. A past in blood, a demon looking for redemption...

Hello, my name is simple, you hear it every day, you know you do without even knowing it, my name is Battle; well that is what they call me now, but once upon a time before my life changed, when I was young, my parents had named me Katrina.  My grandma and grandpa called me Kat, and I was naïve, that was then and then is what shaped my life today.  So come on my journey with me and I will tell you how I ended up here.  Where is here?  I am laying here with a stake in my chest, releasing Hell upon Earth.

            I was born over three million years ago, some of the first humans in the world.  Even more I was born to a witch and a warlock.  I was trained to be a witch from the time I was born.  My job was to assist the slayer.  And who was the slayer, a young human, who was chosen by the fates to fight the evil in the world.  They all came from one line.  The fates created a woman who would fight the evils in the world that The Morning Star created to corrupt the world.

            My slayer was named Sunrise, she was called when her mother was killed.  She was only thirteen and a new mother.  Her young son was going to be the next slayer when his mother lost the fight against evil.  My job was to prevent that as long as possible.  I know it may seem weird that a five year old witch would be there to support a very powerful being in her own right, however I was very powerful myself.  Even at the age of five I was one of the most powerful witches in the world.  Before one fateful night the youngest slayer ever called was ten years old.

            It started out as a quiet night, but I knew it wouldn’t stay that way.  A power of evil was calling upon a demon from one of the worst circles of hell.  This being had killed twenty slayers before it was brought down and sent back to hell.  But even that was temporary.  At three in the morning the being came into existence and even though the slayer was giving everything she had, and I was throwing all I could, we were losing.  The creature had his claw around the slayers throat, she was dying.  Sunrise’s son was only three, and I knew I couldn’t escape with him.  The young boy was going to be called, and have to fight the being.  So I did something I should not have.  I ended the line.  I did not kill the child; no that is not how the line was ended.  It was ended with black magic.

            I knew of the black magic spells from my father, he had taught me them, but we could never use them.  There was a spell that would destroy this being, but the cost would be ending the line of the slayers.  Nowhere in my studies did it say what the downside was to the spell, other then the fact the world would be without a slayer.  I preformed the spell, as the slayer took her last breath.  I saw the power leave the slayer’s body, it was starting to make its way to her child; but instead it stopped and turned itself towards me. I did not know it was going to cause the line to start over with me, the full force of the power slammed into me creating a slayer, almost killing me, the black power of the slayer mixed with the black magic of my soul and created a new being that was believed to be unstoppable.  To be killed as no person should have that much power.  Or at least that is what the Guardians thought. 

Sunrise’s Guardian watched what I had done, after it was over, the being lay dead, and Sunrise’s child was not called, and Sunrise was dead.  We both had a shocked look on our faces.  I could barely stand, but I knew I had to run.  So I ran.  I knew they were going to look for me.  I ran to my family.  However they turned me away.  In fact they would have burned me at the stake.  I had disrupted nature by using black magic and destroying the fate selected line of the slayers.  The only reason they didn’t get a chance to burn me at the stake was I left.  I ran.  After all they gave me no choice.  I didn’t want to die.  I didn’t want this fate either, but it meant I would be a live for a bit longer.  I knew that I would have to fight the evils that reside in our world.  So I did.  I fought and I hid.  I didn’t want the Guardians to find me.  They wanted to kill me as well.  For a year I managed to fight off vampires, werewolves, demons from hell, and hide from the Guardians. Until Alexander.  He found me, he told me he could help me, he taught me and trained me kept me safe from humans that would have me killed.  He convinced the council that I could be an asset, not a threat.  I was starting to lose my humanity.  I had become a killer; I destroyed all the things that I had helped the slayer fight.  But I had no human contact.  After he found me, he helped keep me connected to humanity.

The Guardian, man or woman, their job is to train the slayer, to prepare them to fight the evil of the world.  They give a test if the slayer reaches sixteen.  Their test normally is some being they feel is pure evil.  I hated this test I had to be involved with my slayers test.  They took her power from her, to see if she has instincts and not just power.  Well in Sunrise’s case I took the power, as I was her witch.  But there is a test fate gives us well, we either live or die.  And fate waits for nothing except for the slayer to be called, and mine only waited for me to turn eleven, and no slayer before has failed fates test.  Died yes, but fail to save humanity?  No.

So for five years, we were fighting a good fight.  Then someone who I had never met, but I knew, brought forth a demon lord.  And fate gave me my test.  Only somebody using powerful black magic would be able to bring forth a demon lord.  The person was my uncle.  My father’s brother, Jean.

I knew I would have to defeat the demon lord as it was bent on destroying the world.  He wanted to bring his circle of hell into the Earth.  Back then there were only two openings one would bring paradise the other would bring in the opener’s circle of hell.  I knew I had to save the world.  So I did.  I created a power, a power that extracted the good from the dark powers.  The power I created was something others couldn’t even imagine.  I called it a glue to close the portal.  I knew what I would have to do to close the portal for good.  The man who became my dad, Alexander, did not.

I hunted the demon lord, and found him at the portal opening.  He didn’t even look at me; he knew if I fought him hand to hand I would die.  Even using the new gift my dad had given me.  A sword it was long and sharp, a spell placed upon it so it would never dull.  The handle was steel, but it had a cross on each side with 1 stone on each side a sapphire, in the middle of the cross, the cross was to be a symbol for protection and the sapphire, my dad said was to honor my birth. 

I performed the spell creating the power needed to close the portal.  But to close the portal to hell I had to give my life. I created that extreme power, to seal it off, so that neither hell nor heaven could get though only push at our borders of existence.  I died closing that gap; it needed blood, supernatural blood to complete the spell.  I gave mine.  I died.  I went to heaven.

I was happy where I was, I wasn’t fighting to live, and I didn’t have to deal with the evils of the world.  But there was sadness, knowing who I left behind, and a curiosity who would be called in my place.  I had no children.  Would the line restart?  Or had it died with me?  Only a small part of me cared.  There was no pain where I was, there was only warmth.  I was happy for the first time in my existence.  I was truly free and happy.  I ran into other past slayers, including Sunrise.  She had thanked me for what I had done.  I saved her child and he was now ten and alive not knowing about the darkness that was in the world.  He could be happy.  I spent my time there doing nothing; I could relax and just exist.  But soon I would be ripped from that peaceful existence.

One moment I just existed in a peaceful place and the next I was being torn from there.  It hurt.  A lot.  I died closing off hell from taking over the Earth only to be brought back by my dad.  I awoke in a makeshift coffin.  I could barely breathe.  Thankfully I still had the slayer strength and I wasn’t buried deep into the ground, so it only took me moments to dig myself out of my grave.  Once I was free I looked around my surroundings.  I knew where I was, I was buried behind the small place of worship just a couple of miles from the place I had called home.  I walked the couple of miles and walked into my home.  I saw the man I consider my dad sitting there crying, wondering out loud why the spell had not worked.  It was almost foolproof.  After my dad got over the initial shock that I had to dig myself out of the grave, and he got me something to drink and eat.  I sat down and he told me why he did what he did to bring me back. The reason is simple, with my death the line truly ended after all I had no children, nobody to carry the blessing and the curse of being the slayer.  He had asked me where I was, what the circle of hell was like, so I lied.  I never told him I was in heaven.  I kept that pain for myself.

Well a few days after getting accustomed to being back in this hell, we found out that I had been assigned a new Guardian.  Christopher.  He came into the picture because of my father’s use of black magic.  The Guardians figured out I would have to have a child to carry on the line, so thus they did not kill me.  After all I appeared human though I had been dragged back from death.  At first I didn’t like him, he was way to by the book, and it took an incident with a vampire to make him realize not everything can be done by the book.  It took him about a year to loosen up.  Of course he was just a kid like I was; we were both raised in this business.  He was seventeen and I was thirteen.  I fell for him hard.  Back then the fact I wasn’t married was odd, of course I died the year I should have married, and was gone from the earth for thirteen months. 

In between fighting the evil of the world and trying to figure out ancient prophecies, we fell for each other, and ended up marrying, and having four children.  Our first child was born when I was fourteen, a son who was named after his father and my dad, Christopher Alexander.  He was followed by his three sisters, Agnes when I was fifteen, then at sixteen I had Sunrise, I had named her after the slayer I had been assigned to.  At sixteen even though I just had a child the Guardians gave me their test, some demon they found living in the sewers, took me seconds to kill.  They forgot before I was a slayer, I was a witch.  And no matter how much they tried the only people to bind a witches power would be the fates who gave them that power.  And of course at seventeen I had my last daughter Alexandra Katherine.  They helped me keep a hold of myself, to deal with the loss of heaven.  To hang onto humanity.

Everything was going as smoothly as it could.  When I was 19 I met the first vampire he was strong, and since I was very good at reading the prophecies I knew that he would kill me either by turning me or draining me.  So I made him sign a blood oath if I let him turn me he would not end the world, that he would not kill my children, my dad, my husband.  He agreed, he was so thirsty to have my power under his control; he didn’t even stop to think how powerful I would be as a demon.  So for those six people I gave up my life.  I became what I fought my whole life just for those six people, I gave up heaven.  I would never be allowed to go back to heaven.  I knew if I died as a vampire, even if I was staked before my first feed I would go to hell I was now a demon, so for six people I gave up peace.  I let him turn me, three days later, when I awoke a vampire, I staked him.  I had my soul.  But my soul, but was being ripped from me, I ran to my dad and my husband I asked them to stake me to kill me to let me die, but they couldn’t my soul left, ripped from me.  And then I killed them, first my father, then my husband.  They were my first kill.  I hated them for not staking me.

Soulless I ruled the vampire kingdom, they feared me, humans and demons alike they called me Queen Bridget; even some of the hell gods would not cross my path.  Others did and lost. I continued to lash out at humanity.  I killed and tortured and did things that only pure evil could do.  That is until 30 AD, I had black power, and nothing to stop me from using it.  I was evil in its purest form, as you see I blamed the humans for my loss, I lost love, I lost my children, I lost my life, I lost my piece of peace.  You see the black magic living in me with the blackness of the slayer’s power now mixed with a demon inside I was unstoppable evil. Then I ran into Him.  Who is Him?  Jesus.  He gave me back my soul gave me my blessing my curse, you see I was different I could walk in daylight, why I didn’t know then, but it was because of my sacrifice and so He could be there to bless me to give me back a part of what I once was before I became a demon.  I was out hunting humans and these group of people were going to stone me.  Something about being a adulteress.  I was waiting to jump on the crowd but one was a slayer, she looked like me.  The dark hair, the dark eyes, even down to the tired sadness that was always present in my eyes, she I knew came from my son’s line.  I was trying to figure out how to kill the crowd without killing her.  For some reason even evil, I could barely bring myself to kill a slayer, knowing who she was, how she came to be, whose child she was, mine.  That is when He showed up. 

He saw me for what I was, who I was.  He came to me and said ‘you have sinned against them, against my father, against all that you once stood for.  So I give you back your soul and a curse you shall not be able to die until humanity cannot be saved you will unleash hell you will never see heaven again in this life time.  Once hell has had their seven heavenly years then you and your soul mate will turn to ash to be reborn for a second chance, your soul mate shall suffer as much as you, as he shall shun you multiple times before accepting you and your love.  His punishment shall see you in pain allowing the door of hell to be open for their reign.  And reborn again as you shall be.  As for others they shall fear any holy symbol, blessed water, as they represent my love, humanity, and purity.  You shall walk in the sun but no others shall you can give souls to those who want them, they will follow you, you shall save them.  You cannot give souls to those who share your blood they can be cursed or fight for their souls only. Now be gone.’

The next thing I know I am back home back where I first performed the spell that gave me the power of the slayer, I was chained to the ground the blackness of the magic represented, the black power of the slayer, the power of the demon, and the pure white of my soul combined before my eyes and slammed into me, if I had not been immortal I would have died, the force was go great it destroyed the chains holding me and flung me across the ocean to this place, the place where hell and heaven meet.  The town of Dark Faith, IA as it is now known; the natives called it something that loosely translates, as clouded beliefs. 

I lived there for the rest of my existence off and on, always testing humanity.  Helping those who needed it, giving other beings a chance at redemption, I knew mine would come at the end.  But never again did I try to harm a human.  But there are many times I slipped.  And many times where I acted out on pain, and became like the soulless being I once was.  But again those are stories for another time.

So there you go.  It got to the point where humanity could not be saved.  So I performed a spell that brought forth a piece of the cross that Jesus had been crucified on.  And I had the slayer of the time, plunge it deep into my chest.  It had taken me over a million years to get my soul mate to forgive me.  But that is a story for another time.  So I lay here dying, releasing hell, and suffering in pain for seven heavenly years.  Which roughly translates to seven hundred thousand human years, and soon I shall come upon the end of this punishment.  Soon I shall turn to ash and from my ashes I shall be reborn as the first slayer of the new world, to help put the demons back in their place, back in hell.  And when I die, then and finally then shall I find a peace that I gave up so many lifetimes ago.  But until then, I only have time to crave my story into the Earth, for the new world to learn from past mistakes. 

I pray they do.


Copyright 2011 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved

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