Doctor (Morning People)



This is a piece of the project I am working on (Morning people). This writing is still a draft.

I was home. Bob Dylan was shouting his song in my ear. Living room looked different through my brown shades. All sweaty and red. And you'd be pretty out of breath by the time you've reached home. My face had sweated, my face don't really sweat. The glasses was sliding down my nose.

Living room was the same. Vaid was sitting at his computer and Afro was probably sleeping somewhere around. And full of sunlight. It was almost noon and sun was pretty bright. It had moved the other way and soon would fire up the bedrooms, but living was still full of it. Half of the shades were shut and the room was orange. The wind blew all over me as I stood at the doorway. Closed my eyes for a second and stepped inside.

Hey, Vaid turned to me. He welcomed me, he had a question going on in his face, so he asked how it went. I don't know, I said out of breath. It was alright, I guess. The doctor said it needs to be removed by some kind of operation. So I don't know, I said. I couldn't talk about it no more. I guess I was upset.

I looked away and took off my sunglasses. There was a girl sitting on the carpet, by the coffee table. I didn't see her, how come I didn't see her? I waved her hello and smiled. Her name's Marzie, Vaid introduced us. I'd heard of her before. Guys told me stories that Marzi was a part of them. Vaid told me the story where they attend an event about a musician who lived in the sixties. It was a some kind of tribute for her, and appearently she had a big deal going on and she developed one of the big works of the time. Marzi believed it was going to be great. It was an event for one of the most respected artits of our time. Vaid, on the other hand, insisted that no one would attend an event like that. Sure she was respected, and had major influences on many other artists, but no one really knows her. Anyway, they made it to the exhibition after a long series of events, and Vaid won. There were only four or five other people and the whole things was boring.

I had imagined that Marzi was one of those tall girls. Really tall and skinny. I really don't know, I must've figured now that she's Vaid's friend. That was a stupid thought reaction. Or maybe that's how my brain imagines every girl I hear about in other peoples' stories.

I said hi and told her that it was nice meeting her. I also explained that I wasn’t feeling quite alright and I needed to be on my own for a while. Then I excused myself and went to my room. I needed to sit on the bed, surf online and waste enough time to make sure that the feeling had passed. That’s how I cope with sorrow. Or anger. Or pain, in some cases. I mostly tend to think out loud, in other words, talk to myself, but that seems to be impossible since I am sharing an apartment with two other guys.

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