Heaven Fighter Angelon Chapter 8



While Satan learns about the plans for using the false stone, Rohan and James encounter a demon and transform for the first time.

Chapter 8


In the depths of Hell, stood a huge palace made from stone and marble. Similar to Roman architecture, the palace was filled with arches, vaults, and domes. Inside, there were many rooms for only the higher ranked demons. But there was one room that was designated for the King of Hell himself, Satan.

To the world, Satan was a red skinned demon with horns and a tail. But to his subjects, he was the most beautiful demon they laid eyes on. He had caramel skin that women dreamed of and long, silky blonde hair that glistened when he walked. His blue eyes were cold and heartless and his smile was seductive and sinister. Satan always wore a red toga, black cape, and golden leaf crown like Caesar.

Satan walked down the long hallway towards the public courtyard. His mind wandered with each step. Suddenly, he heard a voice.

“Brother, brother,” said the voice.

Satan turned around and saw Beelzebub running towards him. Satan smiled and greeted Beelzebub.

“What’s wrong, Beel?” Satan asked.

“I bring…you news…,” Beelzebub answered, catching his breath.

Beelzebub was the half-brother of Satan. He had caramel skin like Satan, but had short black hair and red eyes. Beelzebub wore a navy blue toga and a thick golden bangle with a ruby in the center.

“The mortal scientists have called The Lamb, Jezabel’s Heart. So far, there hasn’t been much activity going on. But there are talks within the nations that Germany might become the next superpower.”

“That would put Europe in the lead, now that America has lost its credit rating and popularity,” Satan said, rubbing his chin. “Even China would have to suck up to the Germans. I like where this is going. Keep me posted.”

“Oh, one more thing,” Beelzebub replied.

“What is it?”

“I sent a Pishacha to detour God’s warriors. Our messenger needs all the time he can get.”

“Oh, that’s evil. Excellent work, Brother.”

“I learn from the best,” Beelzebub replied with a smile.



The night grew colder as several Deacons from a Presbyterian church were leaving from a Deacon meeting. They chuckled and talked amongst themselves as they headed for their cars. Suddenly, the Pishacha approached them.

“May I help you?” one of the Deacons asked, slowly approaching him.

“Yes, of course,” the Pishacha said with a sinister grin. “You can satisfy my empty stomach.”

The Pishacha opened his trench coat and instantly tentacles reached out and grabbed the Deacon. The other Deacons stood there in fear as their fellow brethren hung in mid-air. The tentacles retracted as the Pishacha opened his mouth wide. Crunching sounds filled the sky as the Deacon’s body was being eaten like a sandwich. Then, one of the remaining Deacons fled. The Pishacha wiped the blood from his mouth and grinned. He vanished and then reappeared in front of the fleeing Deacon. The Deacon screamed in terror as tentacles grabbed his waist and arms.

“Why are you doing this?” the Deacon asked as he struggled to get free.

“Well, let’s see,” the Pishacha answered. “I hunger for religious people. For centuries your religious egos have been your downfall, always judging everyone below you. Every religion is the same: judgmental, greedy, and hypocrites. And yet, it makes you oh so tasty.”

The Deacon could feel his body being drawn towards the Pishacha. The Deacon continued the tug-of -war struggle as the Pishacha’s mouth grew wider. Suddenly, a fireball whizzed through the air and landed in the Pishacha’s mouth. The Pishacha cried in pain as he loosened his grip on the Deacon. The Deacon broke free and ran towards the other Deacons.

“Who did that?!” the Pishacha asked furiously.

“We did,” a voice answered.

The Pishacha looked around and quickly found Rohan and James standing near the Deacons.

“Get out of here, now!” James exclaimed, signaling them to leave.

The Deacons quickly got into their cars and drove off. Soon, it was Rohan, James, and the Pishacha standing in the church’s parking lot.

“So, who are you brats?” the Pishacha asked, studying them carefully.

“We are…” James started and then whispered to Rohan, “who are we again? We didn’t exactly come up with a team name.”

“Just follow my lead,” Rohan whispered back.

“I’m waiting,” the Pishacha replied folding his arms.

Rohan stepped forward and nervously said, “We are…Heaven Fighter Angelon. In the name of God, we will defeat you!”

“That sounded so girly,” James muttered.

“So, God sent some mortals to take me out,” the Pishacha said chuckling. “This ought to be fun.”

“Then let’s show you what we mortals can do,” James replied, raising his left arm across his chest.

Rohan did the same. Suddenly, tentacles flew straight towards them. They both dodged the assault.

“Hey!” James exclaimed. “You just broke rule number one of the Super Ranger series law: a bad guy always waits for the good guy to do their transformation sequence.”

The Pishacha stood there in confusion.

“Has anyone in the Spirit Realm ever heard of any of the Super Rangers series?!” James asked angrily.

“James, I think we need to forget about being like Gatcha Rangers and just do it our way,” Rohan said and raised his left arm up. “ANGEL UP!”

Instantly, Rohan was engulfed in flames. James stood back as the flames grew and then quickly vanished. The Pishacha was awestruck at Rohan’s transformed state.

Rohan’s bodysuit was red in color with long white gloves and white knee high boots that had red trimmings on the wrists and ankles. A gold belt with a circular buckle wrapped around his waist and the crest of God stood boldly on his chest. Rohan’s red helmet fully covered his head and his triangular shaped visor took up half of the helmet.

Rohan got into a fighting pose. “Ready to fight?”

“Hey, wait for me,” James replied and raised his left arm to his chest. “ANGEL UP!”

Instantly, a wooden dome surrounded James. The dome vanished, revealing James in his transformed state. James’ bodysuit and helmet were identical to Rohan’s, except that it was green in color and his visor was shaped like a thin rectangle.

“It’s on now,” James said, getting into a fighting pose.

The Pishacha launched his tentacles at Rohan and James. They dodged, inching closer towards him. Rohan kicked the Pishacha, but missed. James followed with a punch, but was caught by one of the tentacles. The Pishacha flung James into the air. James screamed as his weightless body could see over the tall buildings. Without thinking, he summoned a nearby tree to catch him. He hit the branches hard as leaves scattered everywhere.

“Well, that went well,” he said as the tree gently placed him back on the ground.

James watched for a moment as Rohan tried to fight the Pishacha alone. Try as he might, Rohan couldn’t touch the Pishacha. The Pishacha laughed as he tossed Rohan around like a rag doll. Suddenly, the Pishacha felt a blow from behind. He loosened his grip on Rohan as he flew forward. The Pishacha regained his balance and quickly launched several tentacles. Rohan and James dodged, but were quickly overpowered. James felt a blow to his chest as he flew backwards and smashed through the church window. Rohan blocked, but the sheer power knocked him into a nearby car. Glass shattered and the hood became concave. Rohan moaned in pain as he slowly got up.

“We can’t keep this up. How the heck do we get weapons?”

As if on cue, his morpher made the odd ringtone. Rohan quickly answered.

“What part of voice command don’t you understand?” Sephary asked angrily.

“The whole thing,” James answered, walking slowly towards Rohan.

Sephary sighed. “Just shout Equip and your weapons will come.”

Suddenly, tentacles came towards their periphery. Rohan and James dodged and hid behind a nearby car.

“Shall we try it?” Rohan asked James.

“Like we have a choice?” James answered with a question.

The Pishacha roared as he came closer towards them. Rohan and James quickly came out from behind the car.

“Ready?” Rohan asked James.

James nodded. “EQUIP!”

“EQUIP!” Rohan also shouted.

Instantly, their weapons appeared. Disappointment and confusion filled the air as they stared at their weapons.

“What are these, X gloves?” Rohan asked, wearing sliver and red colored metal gloves with the crest on the backhand.

“At least you’re not a Ninja Turtle wannabe,” answered James, holding onto a wooden bo staff. “Just cause I used to do martial arts when I seven, doesn’t make me the next Bruce Lee.”

“At least you can hit this demon. What am I supposed to do, punch him and hope he gets a concussion from the metal?”

The Pishacha watched as Rohan and James continued to argue with each other. Although it was amusing, he had a mission to complete. The Pisacha launched his tentacles at them and whacked them square on the chest. Rohan and James flew backwards and skidded across the ground.

“Dude, we have to be the worst Gatcha Rangers in the history of Super Rangers,” James said, slowly getting up.

“James, you do realize the Gatcha Rangers were a bunch of stunt guys, right?” Rohan asked, slowly getting up. “We’re the real deal. So let’s focus on the battle, please?”

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