Apparition: Part 3 — A shapeless Evil



The chronicles continue....

Within moments I feel an indescribable coldness, as though stepping from the blazing sun into the shade. The change in my body temperature was severe as the black, formless entity massed in strange unformed existence above me, with curdling like screams and whispers and roars erupting from somewhere within its black shapelessness. My first instinct is to run, but the gash in the ground forbids me and I scamper to the side, sure of myself that I will round the claw like tear in the earth and out run this shapeless menace that seems almost bubbling in blackness over head, the shadow cast by it so cold. As I run, I hear again my heartbeat within my mind, ramming at my chest, my body almost numbed with fear and I look away from the monstrosity, running scared and cold. As I round the end of the giant gash, I look back for the blackness, but it is no longer hovering like a boiling black ink in the air, it is now ahead of the gashes as though waiting for me to reach that side. I stare at it with horrified eyes, wondering its point, its origin, its reason, it’s plan. As I stand at the edge of the first gash watching the almost bubbling like formless dark cloud like object lower more and more to the ground I realize that my mind is still trying in vain to awake from this nightmare that is a reality. And I hear, under the gargling screams that this fucked up shapeless thing sounds, more screams, softer and more distant. I begin to rush ahead, passing the second gash in the soil, the faint screams and cries of pain swallowed into this entity I can not believe I see before me.

As I run I notice more about the reality of this decayed place, everything about it so horribly different and ruined and rotten. The rampant pace of my heart feels almost suffocating to my mind, my ability to think and focus and remain however sane I can within this mayhem. Fear possesses everything in me. Suddenly from in the blackened sky a clap of lighting rips across the entire sky with a sound so loud I am almost sure I felt the ground tremble just before I toppled down to the hard decayed blood soaked soil. As I roll to my hands and knees my ears ring from the rip and the stun of falling and being engulfed by terror seems to have my mind spinning and twisting and I look ahead for the monstrous darkness that I no longer can see on either the ground or the skies. Shaking, I get to my feet – shivering from a coldness I can not comprehend both physically and mentally. Again this dark rotting place is silenced and thick and I look to where I heard the screams, running again, and weak and so tired with fear. I pass the third giant rip in the ground, heart racing, mind spinning. By the time my almost limp body passes the last giant tear and I circle along side it, I see a spread of dead bodily remains scattered on the plane in the distance ahead of me, down the sloped ground. My speed slows as does my breathing and heart race. As I stand on the mound I see almost four bodies, or at least the strange corpses laying there and I pause with confusion and dilemma. The closer I motion towards the edge of the slope, the more I realize the extent of what I see laying feet away from me. Dark grey, almost black bodies ravaged and bloody, sucked dry of their essence and existence, decaying as I near them, oozing the same blackness from that passageway. Running in torrent amounts from god knows where within deep inside their physical existence into the soil like black ink. These four people were here with me in this barren decaying place, I was not alone.

They are gone now, they have fallen to the hatred of the darkness. “What is this?” I say softly, my voice omitting my thoughts without my permission. I realize as I carefully move through the site of bodies that the chances of anyone else being here with me, is not without possibility.

to be continued in part 4.



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