The Warlords Of Woodmyst Reviewed: Part 4



The Warlords of Woodmyst is an epic fantasy novel by author Robert E Kreig, and the fourth book in the Woodmyst Chronicles. The fearless Tomas Warde is back for another quest, but this time the stakes are higher than ever for the village of Woodmyst. A terrifying figure known as the White Witch has returned from her abysmal defeat, renewed with strength and accompanied by terrifying new allies. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Mirikin are swarming over the world, leaving only death and desolation in their wake. Soon, they will wreak their havoc on Woodmyst too. In his greatest challenge ever, Tomas must put his faith in a prophecy that might just save them all.

Robert E Kreig has created an immersive fantasy world with truly terrifying enemies for his heroes to face. The description and action surrounding the beasts and human enemies border very enjoyably on the horror genre, so fans of dark fantasy are sure to love this epic adventure. War is taken seriously in this novel – there are deaths and grief aplenty – but it is Tomas’ emotional journey through all the pain and darkness which will keep readers hooked until the very end. The Warlords of Woodmyst has a twisting and genuinely unpredictable plot, with unforgettable enemies and heroes that you really want to root for. As the world falls apart, I fell apart with it, frantically racing through the pages to seek out the novel’s conclusion. Highly recommended for fans of detailed, immersive fantasy fiction.

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite


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