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Hello, I'm Ted Davies, author of AEGIS CHRONICLES " Savage World". This is a historical fiction based in my hometown of Detroit, Michigan. It's a 300 plus year journey of a man and the secret that he protects for the sake of humanity. I've included the intro and chapter 1 for you, comments welcome.




“Savage World”


author: Ted Davies








            2015  “Summer time” Detroit Riverwalk


            The sun shines down on this river’s edge, as it did long ago. I see the tall wooden ships sail again into this port. Not for trade or travel do they arrive, but to bring back a time of memorial to the modern people of this metropolis. I sit on this bench watching the masses. The small children in hand with their grandparents walk by me without a thought. The innocent curiosity and hope filled smiles of these people makes me realize their fortunate ignorance. The ignorance of a task I’ve been given, and the sacrifices I have endured, to keep them safe, from themselves…


I have thought, more times than I can recall, how I was going to put my experiences to paper. When I write my story, I want you, the reader, to understand these wonderful and sometimes frightening tales are as I remember. For, they all happened, as did, my days upon this earth. Whether the recipient receives these tales to be fiction or not, I want all who hear or read of this to be aware of the real reason, Detroit was settled…


I should take this time to introduce myself, my name is Gabriel Trottier, and my story begins here in what was New France, now Detroit. It was May 30th 1705 when I arrived on these sandy, clay shores. I was hired as a bargeman for Cadillac and his new settlement to conduct trade routes and relations with the local native populations in the area. I soon understood how dependent we would make these native peoples on our wears and trades. Sadly, exploiting seems the norm for all endeavors where conquest and control are involved.

This is where my journey begins…



        After my arrival, I soon began the “pioneers’ business” of trapping and selling animal pelts to the natives. Building a good relationship with the chiefs and elders of their tribes, was paramount. Many of the Sauk and Fox tribes were here, but I seemed to favor the Potawatomi. Their chief, “Ogima”, seemed to trust me and his sons favored my tracking skills, which made for solid trading.

         Sometime during my endeavor I was made aware of Ogima’s daughter, Apo-ni, and we were introduced. We had exchanged a slight smile or glance in passing but no words. I didn’t feel her father or brothers had me in mind as a suiter, since I’m not of Indian blood. I was captivated, her stature was small in frame, not 5 feet in height. Her dark hair reminded me of finest sable. Her light brown skin, with a scarlet glow, had been kissed by the sun. Her dark eyes, trapped me before I ever spoke a word. Her smile was a gift, giving my savage world peace.

          After courting for a year, Apo-ni and I became husband and wife in the spring 1707. Surviving another harsh winter by the river, spring’s warmth was welcomed.  We were married in a catholic Mass at St Anne’s parish chapel within the fort walls. Marrying in the church was accepted if conversion happened. Apo-ni, being a Potawatomi and considered a savage, the church couldn’t wait to convert another heathen.

          It seemed to me that the native’s ceremony of joining two in matrimony was more natural than this Vatican ritual. Being from two different worlds, religion can cause problems and confusion. Ogima, being concerned, saw that this needed to be addressed. When we were working out the details of Apo-ni becoming my wife, Ogima had only one request. A tribal ceremony, to allow all of Apo-ni’s people to partake in our blessed event. Surrounded by all the tribe Apo-ni and I were brought into the “keepers of the fire” as one. The forest was more a house of God than a dark, poorly lit musty cabin chapel. The trees with spring’s new leaves and the flowers opening just a week before, made the backdrop to our day. The sun was bright and kind on that afternoon. The river breeze was softened by the tall oaks surrounding us and the forest was filled with happiness. There were hundreds of natives in the crowd. Their bold ceremonial dress, flooded the forest floor with color. Apo-ni’s people had brought me into their world and tribe without hesitation. What other blessings could a man possibly need…

         We had times of bliss, passion, sadness and worry. Everything that a relationship of love should have. I had been so blessed in this world. The time I spent with my Apo-ni was my joy on this earth. Our long walks in the forest and wilderness was “Eden”. We discovered our own world on and off of these worn trails. Her gentle voice brought me to my center, with a divine reality. Her movements commanded me and my direction. She was my true north. I could only be grateful to the almighty. I had my focus in life and I had taken it wholeheartedly. The fur trade was good and the routes were secured. I wanted for nothing…

  Ogima and his sons thought it was time to have me hunt with them. They had often told me of their sacred lands, where they would hunt as a clan. We left early, one spring morning. The air was cool and the sun was just starting to warm the frost covered grass fields. Our footsteps crunched the frosty blades of thin ground cover. The actual walk to the hunting grounds felt “spiritual”. As if, the land and every creature, was connected with us. An invisible woven fabric of life. I felt that way the entire day, I was one with my brethren and the land. The tracking and hunting continued all day, bonding us forever as a family.

Evening was upon us and we had set up a camp in the forest by an out cropping of large rocks. One large boulder caught my attention as many in the group sat on or leaned against it. After cooking and eating our meal, the group became silent.I sat on the forest floor and rested my head against the large rock’s cool surface. Ogima, standing in front of us, began to speak, of great ancestors and their accomplishments. He spoke of the Great Spirit and the blessings he bestowed on our mother earth. We all listened intently, late into the night as the fire kept warmth and flames danced, giving motion for our thoughts. Sleep came without warning, and I dreamt like I have never before. My rest was filled with an amazing story…


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