Prophetic Dreams



A short story. I once dreamt of surreal otherworldly landscapes.  Vista's filled within swirling grey smoke and mountainous ranges.         A land filled with people dancing and waving, smiles in abundance....

A short story.

I once dreamt of surreal otherworldly landscapes. 

Vista's filled within swirling grey smoke and mountainous ranges.





A land filled with people dancing and waving, smiles in abundance. 

A heavy blue thunderstorm suddenly swept them away with a sudden burst of luminosity and vivid lightning. 

Primordial and scenic, a new landscape appeared. 

A landscape of strange trees, sand dunes and more bustling grey smoke. 

Within it walked my long lost mother.

An African Queen of such perfection. 

A queen I had not seen for many a year, walking slowly and straight at me, with purpose.

She smiled as she reached my vantage point, and bade me sit, with a gesture of her motherly eyes.

To sit seated together upon a huge tree bark which had mysteriously appeared. 

We conversed in the silent language of the eyes.





A mystical transference of thoughts since she said those dearly departed, cannot speak with the living vocally. 

She reached and held my hand gently as a single tear rolled down her soft cheek.





A tear of a mother's love she spoke.

 We held each others gaze for what seemed like eternity, and with a gentle squeeze.

She was away.

Slowly disappearing back into the grey smoke filled vista's. 

She never once looked back but simply waved her hand. 

I knew in that instance, I would hold her hand again. 

Hold and feel complete after years in the wilderness of missing her maternal touch.

The grey smoke consumed her receding figure and then she was gone.

The bluish rain continued.





New figures appeared.

Family and friends surrounding me.

All smiling as they each held hands creating a circle around me. 

They all danced in a strange rhythmic beat, all moving in a perfect circle in unison. 

All their eyes holding me mesmerised as they danced past. 

Suddenly a warm hand enveloped mine once again, it was my beautiful mother.

A memory suddenly appeared.

I was 6 in the midst of a strange village in the African vista's, as a strange man, spoke with an ethereal voice. 

My mother said to close my eyes when the ceremony started, but I looked on. 

I was in the middle of a group holding hands, all had their eyes close except me.

I could never understand the strange language the mysterious man in garb spoke, but now revisited, he or it, simply said — "I see you and with that seeing, we are connected and dually protected."





As he or it stared deep within my young eyes with a spiritual determination, the vision disappeared and my mother's beautiful face returned. 

Through our eyes she spoke in her so familiar voice, 

"By looking, our ancestors now see and guide you. 

You have been protected from that look until you finally return here, forever to dance and sing with us.

To celebrate life and all its majestic memories. 

Never be afraid of life for we are all here, sending a beam of wondrous light to lift up your weary heart in your dire times and your wondrous light lifts us in your happiest moments of elation. 

It makes the dancing joyous. 

Oh my son."

With a kiss to my cheek, she suddenly appeared within the circle surrounding me. 

Silent but joyously dancing around, holding my gaze as she and the many others danced past.

My sister, my father and beloved friends.

Quickly rolls of grey smoke surrounded me as I was transferred back to my sleeping form.

I awoke instantly. 

Is this why I am open to the miracles of the unseen? 

A look at youth opening the portals?





Strange as it now seems in a moment of clarity. 

I have survived 8 major car crashes and more accidents. 

I am seemingly blessed with a divine lucky streak.

Who can say it's just a dream or just messages from elsewhere. 

I believe and with that belief, may it's power continue. 

May they all dance and await my joyous return but until then — may they all choose to visit me in dreams within surreal landscapes. 

Jan 6 2017 

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