Destiny: The Beginning- Chapter One



-Part One: Jadeite- Chapter One- Patience and Harmony                                  &...

-Part One: Jadeite-

Chapter One- Patience and Harmony


It was a calm, quiet day. As a light breeze rustled through the trees, the only other sound that could be heard was the cry of a newborn baby. The new mother smiled down at her child as she wrapped him snugly into a blanket, then cradled him into her chest. She brushed a strand of blond hair from her face and looked over at her husband, who hadn’t spoken for several minutes.

            “Is everything alright?” she asked. He sighed, then managed a small smile.

            “Yes” he finally said, standing up and walking over to where his wife and new son were. “I couldn’t be better. Can I hold him?” The woman nodded and carefully handed the baby to him.

            “He looks so tiny in your arms” she giggled, watching the two of them.

            “Yes, he does. But someday, he’s going to grow up and be—“he was cut off by his wife, who giggled before finishing his sentence.

            “Strong and brave, just like you” she said softly.

            “That’s right” he agreed, smiling down at the tiny baby. A moment later, the mother’s midwife entered the room, followed by a young man the parents didn’t recognize at first. After a moment, the mother gasped.

            “You’re…” The man nodded, stepping forward.

            “Yes. I am Helios, ruler of the kingdom of Elysion.”

            “What brings you here?” the father asked, confused.

            “I have come to congratulate you on the birth of your son, and to tell you of his purpose.”

            “His purpose?” the parents asked. Helios nodded, then continued explaining.

            “Your son will one day serve as one of the four guardians of the future Prince Endymion.”

            “How is this possible?” the father asked. Helios evaded his question. A short moment later, a small green stone appeared in Helios’ hand. He presented it to the mother, and proceeded to explain what it was.

            “This is the Jadeite stone. It symbolizes patience and harmony, which are also the meanings of your names, respectively.”

            “I know what we have to do” the mother said, gazing down at the stone, and then looking at her newborn son. She then looked at her husband and spoke once more. “His name has to be Jadeite.” Helios smiled softly, nodding in agreement.

            “That’s exactly right.” The father sat in silence, a confused look on his face. Finally, he was able to speak.

            “Our son is named after a stone?” he scoffed.

            “I know it seems strange, but one day you will understand. Phoebe and Frederick, I wish you all the best.” Helios stepped forward and softly kissed the baby’s forehead. “Jadeite, I will see you again.” Helios then stepped back and bid them farewell once more, before vanishing completely. Phoebe and Frederick sat in silence, gazing down at Jadeite for several moments, before one of them finally spoke.

            “Our son is going to serve a prince? How can this be?” Frederick murmured as he looked at their surroundings. They weren’t exactly rich. Their tiny cottage had barely enough space to accommodate the two of them, and now they had a third person to worry about.

            “Don’t worry” Phoebe assured him, placing her hand over his. “Everything is going to be fine.” As much as Frederick wanted to believe her, something inside him still felt unsure.



-Three years later--           

            “Mama?” Jadeite called out, running through the small house.

            “I’m out here” Phoebe replied, poking her head in the door. Jadeite ran out and sat on the step next to her, laying his head in her lap. She stroked his hair softly as she gazed up at the sky.

            “What are you looking at?” Jadeite wondered. Phoebe looked down at him and smiled.

            “I’m just looking at the stars” she sighed. Jadeite sat up and looked up at the sky, pointing excitedly.

            “Look! It’s the Big Dipper!” he said, looking up at Phoebe and grinning.

            “That’s right” she said softly. “And there’s Aries, and Leo…” Phoebe continued, pointing at each one.

            “What’s that red star?” Jadeite asked.

            “That’s Mars” Phoebe told him. “You know, there’s a legend that a beautiful princess with magical fire powers lives there” she said with a soft smile. Jadeite wrinkled his nose and looked up at her.

            “Do you think that’s true?” he asked.

            “I don’t know” Phoebe chuckled. “But, what I do know is, I love you” she said, gathering Jadeite into her arms and holding him close.

            “I love you too” he replied, sighing contentedly. After a moment of silence, he looked up at her and spoke again. “Mama? Is daddy ever going to come back?” A single tear rolled down Phoebe’s cheek and she wiped it away, looking down at Jadeite and trying to smile.

            “I don’t know. I can’t promise that he will, but it doesn’t matter. You have me, and nothing will ever change that” she said, kissing the top of his head.

            Shortly after Helios had told Phoebe and Frederick what their son’s destiny was, Frederick’s whole demeanor changed. He became cold, distant and one morning, just before Jadeite’s first birthday, Phoebe awoke to find that Frederick was gone. Phoebe held on to the hope that one day he would come back, but it soon became clear that that wasn’t the case. Through it all, Phoebe kept calm and vowed to raise her son to be more of a man than Frederick ever was.

            After looking at the stars a while longer, Jadeite fell asleep in Phoebe’s arms. She carried him inside and tucked him into bed, kissing him on the forehead before she left the room.

            “Good night” she whispered, then turned to walk out of the bedroom. She went into her bedroom and changed into her nightgown, then climbed into bed. She laid there in the stillness, staring at the ceiling and thinking about what she and Jadeite had been through.

            “Please…” she whispered into the nothingness. “Please don’t let my sweet boy grow up to be like Frederick.” A single tear rolled down her cheek, and its wetness was the last thing she remembered before she drifted off to sleep.


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