The Three Gummy Bears



This was written on the 2/6/12. This I wrote after I was talking to my boyfriend, while I was sorting out my daughters books. I had found Goldilocks an The Three Bears.... I had laughed, which I had to explain to him. after more jokes, I sat down an wrote my idea I had for this story.

Once upon a time, there lived in a little house in the forest three Gummy Bears. There was a huge Papa Gummy, a Mommy Gummy and the wee Baby Gummy.

At the edge of the woods lived a cunning thief, Mr Fox, with his wife and his son Nick. Now one day the Gummy Bear family had gone for a walk to let their yummy oats cool down. Little did they know that their movements were being watched?

Nick watched the family walk away from the house, before he made his way onto their landing and slipped in through their door. As he closed the door behind him to conceal his mischief, a wonderful smell reached his nose. He followed it, and found three bowls with yummy oats in each. He tried the large bowl first, but it was way too salty. Then he tried the middle sized one, but it was way too sweet. Finally he tried the small bowl and it was so yummy that he ate the lot.

Now, with his tummy full, Nick went looking through the house. His eyes opened wide with delight when he saw all the nice things the Gummy Bears had, like the TV, DVD, PS3 and laptop. Nick grabbed them all and put them in his sack. Now because his tummy was full, he started to feel sleepy. He headed up the stairs to the bedroom.

He lay on the first bed, but it was way too flat. Then he lay on the second bed, but it was too lumpy. Then he lay on the small bed and, well, it was so comfortable he feel right to sleep.

Now, in the meantime, the Gummy family returned. To their shock they found that someone had been eating their breakfast while they were gone. Papa Gummy was first to ask,

“Who has taken a spoonful of my oats?”

“Who has taken a spoonful of my oats?” Mommy asked next.

“Who has eaten all of my oats?” asked Baby Gummy.

Now Papa Gummy was not happy and went into the front room to cool down, when he let out a loud roar and said,

“Who has taken my TV and DVD?”

Mommy followed and felt faint as she asked “Who has stolen my laptop?”

Baby Gummy ran in and started to cry as he said “Someone has taken my PS3, Mommy and Papa!”

This made Papa really mad, he stomped to the bedroom to see if there was anything else missing. As soon as he walked into the room he noticed his bed was not neat and tidy like he left it, but messy.

“Who has laid in my bed?” Papa Gummy asked.

“Someone has been lying in my bed too.” Said Mommy Gummy, standing at the foot of her bed.

“Hey, someone is sleeping in my bed! Now I have nowhere to sleep!” cried Baby Gummy.

Papa and Mommy Gummy saw who it was sleeping in the bed. Slowly, Papa Gummy went to Mr Fox’s house, knocked on the door, and told him that his son had eaten their breakfast and had a sack full of their belongings and was at present sleeping in Baby Gummy’s bed.

This made Mr Fox very mad, he went straight to Mr Gummy’s house and upstairs where he pulled his young son out of bed, and gave him a scolding. Nick ran home crying. Mr Fox apologized before following his son.

Now the Gummy Bear family never leave their door unlocked when they go out, and Nick never goes near the Gummy house.




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