The Time Traveller



A fiction story about the Great Harold Houdini famous magician and escape artist and debunker of spiritualist mediums... and a sinister time travel hole.

Harry Houdini was the world’s most renowned magician and escape artist in history who later became a psychic investigator. However, the most striking thing about Houdini was his love and adoration for his mother. Her death focused his attention on spirit mediumship, whose businesses thrived as they contacted the dead. In his grief he turned to Spiritualism with the hope that they could contact his mother beyond the grave. He had to know what her last words were. The magician made a pact with his friends that when he died, if it were possible he would contact them from the other side, but then in the height of his career, his student discovered a time travel dimension, which would change history as we know it!

An excerpt from the Book...

This time travel tunnel method employed by the evil occupants of the invisible spiritual world, with the voluntary but ignorant co-operation of man, has enabled and empowered them to be history makers and history changers.

As the puppet masters of the universe, through their calculated perverted influence and corrupted manipulations, they have continually manoeuvred and cleverly steered humanity in a wayward direction, which has fulfilled their depraved and reprobate purposes among the human race.
Through their intentional engineered designs, Mankind’s history as we know it today from the historical records and accounts in our safely guarded archives, may be an altered reality, an adjusted unauthenticated chronicle, but how could we know with certainty, just how drastically our historical annals has been changed, if indeed they were?

As subjected and subservient puppets dominated by the supreme reigning puppeteers from the supernatural dimension, we could be clinging to a false, modified history regarding humankind and we’re holding onto it, desperately embracing it because it’s the only one we have, until it gets amended again by an uninformed occult driven human being, who couldn’t resist being drawn to the mystics of a paranormal realm and it’s maliciously immoral controlling inhabitants.

Perhaps our “current history” preserved in our museums is by far the grandest, the most elaborate and the most superior illusion of all time, superseding and transcending even the mastership of the greatest earthly illusionist, The Great Harold Houdini.

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