Darren-John:Stories Untold Day 3



Keeping up!!!

Monday 17/10/2016 20:44

I am in a tired groggy mood today didn't have the best nights sleep and as soon as i got out of bed i just wanted to get back in it again we all have them days don't we. I am hanging on because if i go to bed to early i'll be up at two or three in the morning. I walked up to church today but it was closed it's open between nine and twelve so i'll get a good nights sleep tonight and be up bright anf early at seven well thats the plan anyway i am confused i thought scriggler posted these submits to twitter they have before but the haven't psoted the first two anybody who reads if you have any idea post a comment please let me know. So i came back from church disapointed that it was closed but i see these thing's as tests these days i've got to get back up and go again tomorrow. I want to ask the priest or father or vicar about why people struggle to believe i think it might have something to do with the book of revelation it tells us all the end of the story who wants to watch or live through a movie if they know how it's all going to end it seems to me that people thrive on being able to change the future but according to the bible we've had the messiah's Moses and Jesus anybody else who claims to have a message from God is a false prophet or an anti-christ. I'm not dismissing the bible or religion these are the question's i have for people why do you not believe? what do you believe in? what is it that makes you feel that calm sense of happiness and satisfaction? i won't judge there answers i'll take there answers and add them to the bag. I haven't got it in me to do a flashback today yesterday's took a lot out of me but i will be back tomorrow i'll go to church and see what happens and let you know. Until tomorrow be good, be well, be kind and be positive.




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