Future Shocked



The story of 5 young girls that must go from the present to the future to save one of their own. This is my original work and is not to be copied nor altered in any ways.

Future Shocked








By DisneyFanGilr27












About The Author:

DisneyFanGirl27 has been an active Fan fiction writer since 2003 after being introduced to Fan fiction by her High School Best Friend, she first started with Lizzie McGuire and One Tree Hill. In 2006 she changed her name from Sophi20 to DisneyFanGirl27 where she then started writing for Hanna Montana and Sailor Moon prolifically, she since then has also written other stories for other fandoms like, Yuru Yuri, Love Live School Idol Project, Batman Vs Superman, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 2015, Puella Madoka Magica and more are coming on the way.

Her passion for writing came at an early age but due to her Learning Disabilities and English being her second language she got discouraged a lot during her years of writing Fan fiction, however her poetry always made her happy. She was born in Puerto Rico, she lives now with her Boyfriend of 4 years, her Calico cat named Lily and some Bettas, she loves Sailor Moon, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and her favorite movie of all time is The Lion King. Her love for Walt E. Disney is incredible she loves all there is to do with him and his works save for one movie but we won't get into that.

Now here she is publishing her very first original story with original character's and her own original plot. She hope that when you read this you may immerse yourself in her world and enjoy the journey.


No actual Copyright but it is her story so © 2017 no part of this story can be edited, reproduced nor copied anywhere.



Marina for her help in guidance. Antoinette for being the first to read the story and encouraging her to go forward with it. Nancy for helping her understand the pros and cons of actually selling or not selling her book. Her boyfriend Charlie for his love and continued support throughout the 3 years of working on this story.


It was 3 am and Bailey was with Mary in bed snuggled up. Amanda was in her room with Sara

and Rosie. Sara was Rosie’s sister but due to their mother being sick all the time they decided to

go live with Amanda and her sister Bailey and her girlfriend Mary. Bailey had grown up with

Mary since her parents had adopted her and Amanda when she was 14 and 6 years old

respectively, but Mary’s parents died in a car accident and so they left their 2 million dollars

apartment to the girls. In time Mary and Bailey fell for each other while taking care of

themselves and Amanda , later Sara and Amanda became friends and thus Sara and Rosie ended

up living with the other three girls too. This is how all five girls get together and soon set out on

an adventure that will change their lives forever.

It was 6 am and Bailey and Mary where snuggled up together in their bed. Amanda and Rosie

woke up one to go to the bathroom and the other to do her homework or really just finish it. The

home work was about what the future would be like in 100 years from now. Amanda wrote the

typical of how everything would be futuristic with flying cars, airplanes that are faster than Jets

with of course peace on earth. When Rosie came out of the bathroom she yawned and went

towards where Amanda was writing on her computer laptop. “Hey Amanda can I have some

water please” The 6 year old with hazel eyes and honey colored wavy hair with pink cheeks said

as she looked up at her with puppy eyes that none could deny. “Sure Rosie let’s go give you

some water” as Amanda and Rosie where on their way to the Kitchen that was at the entrance

small but good enough for the girls to cook and have food in, Bailey and Mary got up washed

their faces and teeth in the master bathroom and went outside ready to start the day. Bailey

looked at the living room and saw that Amanda had been working on her homework, “Aww is

good she’s responsible huh Mary so not like us.” “Yeah but hey we made it babe and we’re

doing pretty good.” Bailey gave Mary a quick peck as they went to the kitchen and found Rosie

sitting on the stool drinking water and Amanda making themselves some eggs. “My, my look at

you , cooking and all.” Bailey said crossing her arms while looking amused yet feigning surprise.

“Oh shut up sis you know I can cook small stuff since I was 10, as I remember you were too

busy with Mary in…” “Ok , ok I was just joking.” Bailey said blushing Rosie looked up with a

raised eyebrow but shrugged and went to the living room to sept up the home theater to watch

morning cartoons.

Just then Sara wakes up and sits down on the dinner table and asked for Amanda.

“Hey so did you do your homework, I just didn’t do it not that I care much about it, I mean is just

homework about a stupid question really.” Sara said eating an apple that Amanda always gives

her. Amanda sighed “You know it’s important is a 50% of our grades.”

“Yeah but I don’t care so much. “ The Brown haired girl told the blue haired girl due to a

vitamin deficiency Amanda had royal blue hair none knew why. Oddly enough so did Mrs.

Maddison their teacher that had given them such an assignment

At school each student gave in their assignment and Mrs. Maddison that also had Royal Blue

hair called Sara and Amanda to the front. “Ok students these two get the attention today for Sara

did not do her homework again! And Amanda did, she had a spectacular view of the future of

how electronic would come help us to make things organic how we will have world peace

instead of what most of you wrote destruction and famine we must think positive for what we

think is what we will bring forth to this world.” Mrs. Maddison turned to Amanda and gave her a

an A+.

“I hope to see your future one day Amanda it’s a bright one.” With that she made both girls sit

back down. The class went on to read Brave New World and at the end of it Mrs. Maddison

asked that Sara and Amanda stayed behind. Thankfully it was the last class of the day so they





Mrs. Maddison was sitting at her desk when she asked the girls to bring the front seats closer to

her desk. “Ok girls I know you both are orphans if you will and your sisters are the ones taking

care of you but Sara I want you to start studying with

Amanda and Amanda I need you to tutor her, now this weekend I want to talk to your guardians

and bring Rosie with you there’s something I must show you and it’s important and cannot

wait.” Both girls nodded and got up and left. Mrs. Maddison sighed and opened her drawer

looking in she saw the eggs she and her friends had once found long ago she knew this time

things had to be different for them she just hoped their plan would work in order to save

everything they hold dear. “Oh Rosie we just got to save you.” Mrs. Maddison said while crying.

Mrs. Maddison summoned her Eagle and he turned into a ball of air so she could

see the future. She could see her friends and sister Bailey, Sara, Mary and Rosie even if she was

evil now.’ “Don’t worry guys this will work I’ll bring them with us and together will save


Sara and Amanda got to their house and talked to Bailey about what their teacher told them.

“Hmm seems odd but ok perhaps is something very important.” Bailey said while still typing on

her computer. Mary was coming from her art room and stopped by to give Bailey a big ol kiss on

the lips. “Hmm hun we are summoned by our girls teachers all of us even Rosie.” Sara was

sitting on the couch fiddling with her hair

“Yeah she seemed very persistent but whatever I don’t give a rats ass I just want to graduate get

the fuck out of this city.” Sara simply just put her head back on the couches arm rest and plopped

herself in a huff. Both Bailey and Mary looked at her while Mary kept her arms around Bailey’s

neck. “Hmm she needs a good fuck if you ask me.” Mary said and whilst away.

Sara turned red and looked at the retreating Mary Amanda and Bailey just busted up laughing.

Making Sara huff more and go after Mary who screeched while Sara ran all around the apartment

trying to beat her up. Making the other two laugh harder, at hearing laughter Rosie came in the

room and asked what was so funny. Both Amanda and Bailey just laughed more and Rosie just

tilted her head in question.

Amanda was in her room reading a page of Brave New World when she stopped turned around in

her bed an looked at Sara sleeping with Rosie, She smiled at her best friend knowing how hard it

was for her to accept what happened to their mother going completely nuts in a mental ward

forever she knew her and Bailey never had parent but to have them and loose them in such a

devastating way was hard. Rosie still had nightmares of how Sara and her where beaten by their

mother one time Sara was literally raped by her mom and a guy she had with her. Sara vowed

never to fall in love to never have any sexual relationships but Amanda wished she would open

up at least to her but she knew she could not force her to do such a thing so she also decided not

to have anyone ever because if it was not Sara she wouldn’t want anyone else.

Her life and Bailey’s got better once they met Mary and how easily Mary’s parents took them in,

after that having no parents was the best with them as their family and Bailey and Mary got

together rather quick before the deaths of Mary’s parents in a car accident. But Mary was a free

spirit like her parents and she just moved on she missed them but everyone thinks she still cries

only Bailey knows what’s; truly there for Mary wishes happiness for all. Her art is starting to get

recognized and Amanda couldn’t be happier and her sister’s first book will be published in two

weeks’ time wow, she really looks up to them she just hopes and wishes Sara looked at things

more positively but Rosie what would they do for their youngest family member she was happy

yet sad and still cries for what has happened to her and her sister she does not trust anyone nor

has friends do to trust issues only them and it can get a bit tiring tagging along with a six year old

but then they love her and would not change it for the world.

Amanda turned off the light from behind the bed and went to sleep tomorrow would be a big day

she knew it would be life changing and she could not wait for it to start. The five girls got up ate

breakfast and went on their way to the middle school courtyard where they met Mrs. Maddison

waiting for them with a box.

“So you invited us to a picnic?” Sara had to be sarcastic.

“No Sara in here I have your future and also my own.”

All girls looked at one another wondering what all this was about., and why would she say

something like that. “Ok now I know you’re nuts.” Sara said crossing her arms. Amanda looked

at her teacher intently. “I don’t think she’s lying there’s something that tells me we should listen

to her. Mrs. Maddison smiled at her younger self and Bailey said sure lets here it and sat down

on Mary’s lap that was sitting on the grass all girls sat on the grass and Mrs. Maddison started

her story.

“As you remember I asked for an assignment on how the future would look like a few years from

now or even centuries, the thing is I’m from the future I’m Amanda Maddison, I’m you Amanda

but from the future a future in which things are horrible, she lifted her hand up to stop everyone

from speaking, let me continue and then you may ask your questions, the thing is in that future

Rosie becomes evil and putting the world in shambles she was abducted from us and brained

washed I was able to come back because of my Eagle, Future Amanda summoned her white

eagle as he became wind and an eagle once again.

“ We have animals that can control elements this is Ronan my Eagle of wind over time he

became a part of me and like the wind we can be anywhere so we can also transcend time, in our

past we found these eggs, future Amanda said opening the box and showing them five different

colored eggs, these eggs contains your animals, Amanda yours is like mine the white silver one

my eagle I came back because we need your help other wise the whole universe will suffer death

and extinction so I will train you and between my past self and I can bring all of you to the

future.” Future Amanda said in hopes the girls understood the severity of the situation.

All the girls sat there perplexed bur Sara was the first to speak “sure why not in the end is not

like will be missed by anyone.”

Amanda of the present went up to her future self-looked deep in the her eyes, and decided to

turn toward her sister and every one else, “She’s not lying and she really is my future self I

believe her and we must do what she says our future world and the safety of Rosie depends on

it.” Bailey looked at Mary and they smiled to each other and then said together “we’re in” and

Rosie just fallowed along. “Great I knew you guys would see what I mean great Amanda and

Sara I’ll start with you. Amanda like me you’ll get Ronan the Eagle of the Wind, Sara you Get

Foxy the Fox of Fire. Rosie doll face you get Rabittie he is a shape shifter he also turns into a

dolphin. Amanda handed the eggs accordingly to the girls. Bailey you get Thundress a Thunder

Tigress, and your Mary get Sere the Earth Bear, these are your animals with far superior powers

than any other animals some have shapeshifting along with their elements some can, some can

time travel others can manipulate the mind I shall train you with these animals for now take care

of the eggs and go home will talk more within a week once they have hatched.”

With that all five girls held on to their large eggs and wondered what their whole lives was

becoming too, their lives had never been ordinary but this was extraordinary and they knew that

they must fallow this new path in order to do what was expected of them and right the wrong that

was done.

The girls were sitting in their living room each contemplating what this all would mean for them.

They knew this task was not and easy one but each had their own internal battle with their past

and where they wanted to head to so to add to more insult to injury they now had to save the

world. Rosie was running her small hands over her egg wondering why she would become evil

in the future though at times she wished she could destroy everything she did not think she could

do it in the end.

Sara was just sick of everything and actually was fond of the idea of traveling to someplace else,

she hated school, hated that she had to leave her mother sick in a mental hospital for good and

just hated her whole life, Amanda and Rosie and the others where her only comfort. Bailey and

Mary where both sitting together cuddled in the sofa with their eggs between them, they figured

they needed some warmth. They simply looked at each other’s eyes running thoughts in their

heads about the girls safety, about their lives being put in jeopardy and if they survived this what

would that exactly mean for all of them. Bailey was the first to speak “Ok girls I think is best we

all get some rest tomorrow we have training and we need all the rest we can get.” With that all

the girls gathered their eggs and went to their rooms.

Sara and Amanda where changing when Rosie decided to say something that took them aback,

“I’m not surprised I’m evil I want to destroy everything for taking away my mommy to the

looney hospital.” Sara quickly took Rosie in her arms and rocked her softly back and forward on

the bed, Amanda sat next to Sara trying to calm the little girl. She thought this could be us one

day, but quickly shook that thought out and tried to focus on the situation at hand. “Look baby is

not your fault or anyone’s fault mommy got sick is ok to feel bad, I do but is going to be ok now

we have a new thing to do and it’s amazingly cool you get a shape shifter how awesome I can’t

wait to see your new powers and besides we have Amanda,

Bailey and Mary and most importantly you’ve got me , you’ll always have me Rosie.” Rosie

shook her head yes as tears ran down her cheeks and she snuggled closer to her sister’s chest.

Bailey and Mary where in bed together staring at the sealing holding hands, they knew what all

this could mean and potentially kill them all but they had to do it, they would for their Rosie so

they understood.

“So this is going to happen.” Said Mary. “Yep and you know it will be hard.”

“Hmm so how about we make love now before the shit hits the fan” Bailey looked at Mary with

a smile “I’d like that idea.” Bailey kissed Mary with much love and want and they slowly but

surely started to make love to one another. Kissing each part of their body, tasting and touching,

Bailey kissed down Mary’s stomach, licking from time to time, like she knew her girlfriend

loved, she gave little nibbles as well here and there, until she came down to her most intimate of

areas, she took a small smell of her girlfriend’s unique scent of sweetness and then she kissed

that area, slowly entering it with her tongue she licked her most sensitive of pearls and made

Mary’s toes curl, “Oooh Bailey I love you.” They went on like that all night long giving to each

other the love and passion they felt for one another.

The next morning the girls woke up to a voicemail, it was future Amanda telling them to meet up

at Providencia Castle where they would start their training. The girls decided to eat a good hefty

breakfast once done they left with their eggs in their book bags and bags. They knew today

would be easy compared to the next days and upcoming week.

The girls arrived at Providencia Castle it looked like an old Spanish Fort, with cannons and

cannon balls stacked but not in use, there was a lot of space and even small towers that you could

go in through old brick stairs. It had an open area with grass where the girls would start their

training. Each girl took out their eggs and studied it, Rosie had a grey blue one with swirls,

Mary’s was brown and had a little leaf on the front that glowed, Amanda’s was mint green,

Sara’s was red and hot pink in spirals, and Bailey’s was yellow and orange half and half.

They each just kept studying their eggs thinking and wondering till Sara broke the silence “So is

this chick going to come and train us or not?”

“Impatience was always your greatest downfall, I suggest you all stand for today we train in

running and agility.” Future Amanda said coming out of the shadows of the Castle.

Sara was speechless there stood her teacher with a long pony tail, her hands covered in white

wraps, two swords on her back, a black jacket and a long black skirt that had a cut on both sides.

“Surprised to see me like this, this is how we dress in the future everything is dark so we need to

blend, you’ll see once we’re there for now all of you stand and start running twenty laps around

here.” “Twenty!” Rosie and Sara screeched.

“Yes twenty laps now start!” Future Amanda ordered all girls looked at one another and rose to

start running. The first five laps they could do no problem by the 6th and 7th ones they were

already tired but Bailey and Mary pushed through and Sara just got angry and continued thinking

this was her way of getting out of all her past problems and Rosie was about to collapse. Future

Amanda seeing this took Rosie before she fainted. All girls stopped running their laps when they

saw this, Future Amanda turned to them “It’s ok keep running I have her.” She said tenderly to

the young girl now in her arms.”

Once the girls had ran all they could just shy of 18 laps Future Amanda told them they could

finally rest. Amanda and Sara plopped down on the floor panting with their arms spread above

their heads, Mary and Bailey where holding one another panting holding their sides, while Rosie

was fresh as a cucumber drinking and apple juice. Future Amanda gave them each a small white

towel and an apple juice. “You all did better than I expected our past selves would have quit a

long time ago, I’m impressed after this we do an agility test by going up and down stairs running

around these cannon balls and such. We will use this Castle as out base for training is that


“Yes Ma’am” All girls said in unison. Amanda was wondering to herself that the future must be

really grim for her future self to be so strict and dark. But then her future self as a Teacher was

pretty light hearted so perhaps something good happens in the future, as she thought this she

looked at Sara. “What is there something in my hair.” “No you’re fine” The girls where nor

jumping the high cannon balls tacks and running up and down stairs they really where working

their butts off and they simply hopped that their eggs would hatch soon so they could do

something other than this murdering agility and running.

After 5 hours of the same thing over and over they collapse on the grass next to their eggs,

surprisingly Mary’s and Bailey’s started cracking so then where the other ones. Future Amanda

stood looking on with a small smile of amusement. All the girls held on to their individual eggs

as they started cracking lights of their individual powers where coming out of the eggs and then

finally the creatures got out first Rosie’s a little blue gray bunny, then Sara’s a bright pink fox

with red streaks, the Amanda the eagle with green color to his feathers, then Bailey;s the tiger

with orange and yellow stripes, then Mary’s the Bear with a leaf embedded on her forehead.

They cheered and held their baby animal and knew they had a new best friend for life. “Ok now

you will go home bond and make sure they are fed usual Canned Cat food will do I suggest the

kitten formula.” With that the girls sighed and went on their way after putting their animals in

their book bags.

The girls went to the grocery store careful that none saw their new pets they left Sara and Rosie

with their new animals that where mewling and chirping in their bags. Once out and finally home

they each gave their food to their magical animals as they started eating they started growing in

size. The girls where in awe “Wow my bunny is growing!” “Yeah so is my tigress and Mary’s

Bear” Bailey said to Mary with some worry in her eyes but soon shrugged it off as her Tigress

started to purr all over her.

Foxy started to play with its tail and Sara actually laughed for the first time in a long time. Ronan

went and started flapping its wings. The other animals where just as active but soon they all got

together in a corner and fell asleep together yawning just being cute. The girls stayed up talking

on the sofa. “So we really are going to the future in a few weeks if these animals grow so quickly

it’s no surprise Amanda of the Future was so hard on us today.” Bailey said, “Yeah and really

we should be strong for this who knows what awaits us there.” Mary said as she layed her head

on Bailey’s shoulder. “Well I for one can’t wait this dump can kiss my ass really I hate this

school and I hate this world, perhaps something dark and gloomy is more suitable for me.” Sara

always the pessimist said to the girls. “Well I think you should be grateful for what we have is

not much but is enough they must be in real desperate need to come to the past to get us.”

Amanda told to Sara fed up with her attitude and just got up and went to bed. Sara was taken

aback and looked at the other girls. “Look she’s right you have been ungrateful we have done

all we can for the three of you sacrificing a lot so you three can have the best life we can give

you, and is still not enough.” Bailey said this as she took Mary’s hand pulled her up the sofa and

left to their room so Sara could think more thoroughly about what she really should be grateful


Sara was looking at the animals sleeping and wondered if all this time she really had been

ungrateful and it came to her she has been, these girls where her family hers and Rosie so what

happened in the past happened there was nothing she could do to change it but now they were

faced with a new challenge and she could not wait to get to it either way, she would think of a

way to make it up to the girls especially Amanda who seemed the most upset.


The next morning the girls where woken up by their animals. Each one of the girls laughed as

they were either licked or touched by a feather. They each gave their new friend their food and

saw once again how magically the light swirled around them and they grew some more. “At this

rate will be going to the future quicker than we thought” Bailey said as she looked in awe and

put her arms around Mary’s waist. “Hmm this is going to be something right.” Mary said softly

so only Bailey could hear. “Yeah but look at them for once they’re excited about something they

feel like they have a purpose perhaps this won’t be such a bad thing.”

As the girls continued playing with their Fox, Rabbit and Eagle they received a call from Future

Amanda to meet her at Providencia Castle again this afternoon. The girls where pumped this

time and they looked forward to see what their animals where capable of so they each took

their beloved new friend and went on their way. On their way there they saw a girl and a boy

running from the cops she had a purple streak with short auburn hair and he had a punk hairdo

they crossed path looked at each other as time went slowly but they kept running the other


The girls thought that was a shame and continued on their way once at the castle they let their

animals run around the open ground and play together. But the laughter was soon over once

Future Amanda came in, when Rosie told her about the boy and the girl they saw running from

the police she knew it was time to go, sadly with only nothing but a running and agility’s


“Ok then this means we better go now, sadly I can’t teach you everything I wanted but they

cannot get Rosie or else all fails, come. Ronan Time Warp Trail!” She shouted out loud, Roman

turned into a portal a round orb and that connected time and space, the girls were scared so

where their new acquired animals but they knew something must have spurred Future Amanda to

do this so they each took one or the others hand and Future Amanda lead them in, they walked as

a big gust of wind tried to push them back from the portal then the back of it closed, Rosie

started to cry and Rabittie tried to console her, Amanda took Sara’s hand in hers which made

Sara tense but she soon relaxed knowing it was her friend’s hand holding hers.

Each girl continued to move forward till finally they arrived in a dark city with nothing but mug

and smoke, fires in some areas and a pollution like no other they had seen. “Where are we?”All

the girls asked “ This is Providence City your home” Future Amanda said, “Come we must find

the others.” Amanda led the way quickly going through alleys and back lots, they hears the sirens

as the military was one the lookout for rebels. Future Rosie now Rose was just ruthless she

wanted to control the world and she pretty much did and wanted everyone to suffer just like she

had suffered her whole life. She was not the little girl that the girls new nor the one that Future

Amanda remembered, now that they had the young Rosie again things could either go from bad

to worse or go for the better, they found what was left of Providencia Castle and went

underground, their they found a base and at the monitor was future Bailey, she had now grown to

a full 30 something year old as did Mary, they started to have wrinkles at the side of their eyes

from years of battles, they had a son who was 2 named Marc he was about the only young face

there. “You’ve made it and I see you successful, are they trained?” “ Future Bailey said. “No I’m

afraid the other two Ally and Matt where spotted and I did not want to take any chances.” “But

you know we can’t train them.” Future Bailey tried to reason, “ Who says we can’t we will and

they are under my command now.’’ A tall red head said future Sara she had done her hair red

with the flame of her anger of how her sister her only living relative was taken from her. Her and

the Fox had become one and she now possessed his powers but she could still summon Foxy.

“Come Foxy we train these babies now!” With That Foxy came out with tail blazing Sara of the

past used her own foxy to shield Rosie, Rosie Cried and Rabittie turned to a dolphin and put out

the fires. Both girls where drenched in water and eyes blazing. “ Are you mad if you’re my

future self why the hell hurt your well my little sister you want to train fine but don’t attack in

such a stupid way” Future Sara was just passively watching her past self, how easily she could

get irritated in the past was beyond her but now she held it all in and made sure none would hurt

her like they did by taking her loved one, no she took Sara of the past by her neck the girls where

in shock and wanted to help but future Bailey stopped them with her left arm.

“Listen here you think just because mom did what she did you have the right to mope guess,

what that’s nothing compared to seeing your little sister brain washed and tortured mentally for

six weeks being powerless in a glass box, I know you went through shit but is nothing compared

to losing your only living relative so if I where you I would suck it up and start training cus this

is not a game this is war.” Future Sara let go of her past self and retreated to her room.


Each girl was waiting for Sara to say something anything but only a tear slip one eye and she

quickly removed it, she then sat down on the floor with her Foxy and just kept quiet. Amanda

was quick to go to her side, Future Bailey talked to the others of what was at hand they needed

more powers in order to defeat this Rosie and Ally and Matt they ruled this world without love or

compassion of any kind. And they needed this to bring forth the future that was meant to be from

the start.


“Well we’re here and we are willing to help Sara as well you know already.” Marys said Future

Mary chuckled and soon both were laughing hard and Sara just grunted, Future Amanda went to

check on the other Sara and saw that unlike most people thought she was crying, like she did

for her lost sister.

“Hey this will work out the girls want to do this, granted I really didn’t give them much of a

choice but will save her Sara.” Future Sara kissed Future Amanda as tears went down her cheeks

they held on to one another with kisses and hopes of a better future.

The girls were in a medium sized room, with some sofas from their old apartment and a bed.

Bailey and Mary where cuddled on the bed while Sara and Amanda opened the sofa bed. They

knew now this would be their home till everything would get solved they only had one lamp and

some blankets given to them by Future Bailey. “So this future is grim huh my love.” Mary said

to Bailey as she cuddled closer to her. “Yes but we must be able to help and save their Rosie if

anything happened to ours we would be devastated too.” Just then an alarm went off that only

they could hear. Future Mary went in with her bear Sere and told the girls to summon their

animals but the thing was they were all curled in a corner. Future Mary showed them a secret

passage way for them to escape, they each took their animal and went in the dark corridor behind

the lamp, they continued running till they found a dome where they would stay with Future Mary

just in case.

At the base Future Amanda, Future Bailey and Future Sara where trying to defend their forts

from grizzly like dogs they were the low ranking animals of Rose’s new regime. Thankfully she

did not enslave them but she did make their lives a bit hellish from time to time. “I really wish

she would not make more of these Foxy Fire Blaze” Foxy quickly blew a fire ball from its tail

whip, he then turned to fire and went at the dogs , Ronan turned to wind and spread the fire and

making it larger thus making the Grizzly Dogs run and squealing.

Future Bailey went to get the girls from the safety dome. Rosie was trembling and Sara was just

angry wanting to join the brawl and Amanda was trying to make Sara understand that it was for

the best, they would have their chance at fighting once ready. Sara just growled but then she

remembered how she had made Amanda feel before and knew she wanted to make her feel safe

and ok. “Fine you’re right Amanda” Sara said to her friend giving her a small smile. Amanda

smiled from ear to ear to see her friend actually giving her a smile, her heart skipped a beat. “Ok

girls lets go.” Both Bailey’s and Mary’s had a knowing smile of what just went on between Sara

and Amanda but they kept quiet knowing things would happen when they were supposed to.

Future Amanda and Future Sara had just finished searching the area on the super computer and

noticed they were Squad Guards not too far from them, future Sara decided to take Past Bailey

and Mary with them and left Future Mary with the rest of the girls. By now Sere had grown

significantly and was ready for a fight. They went toward the west toward the dumps and found

three Squad Guards they ambushed them as each used their animals for all they were worth

thunder, earthquakes, fires and winds combined and the Squad Guards fell one by one. Future

Sara made sure to end things by running a blade down its back. Past Mary and Bailey where in

but they knew real well this is what had to happen to survive, while they were at it they fished

some fish from the downtown river and some berries and apples from a nearby tree. Future Mary

quickly kissed Future Bailey for her safe return also thankful for the food since it had been a

weeks since they ate well except from some old cereal.

The girls hugged their friends for being back from whatever happened and Sara was giving half a

hug to Mary and Bailey. Mary and Bailey looked at one another but kept quiet passing through

that look everything they knew was going on, they were called for dinner by their future selves.

They each took a seat at the oval table they had in the far corner of their base. Rosie sat on

Mary’s lap and kissed her cheek, she blushed when Marc looked at her.

The 2 year old boy had a wolf puppy as his animal his name was Todd was the easiest thing

Marc came up with. The girls ate quickly and soon where already chatting on what was going to

happen they decided to go to the fighting dome further down the line of the girls room, they used

their animals to spur the past selves Amanda used Ronan to make a tornado Sara used Foxy and

made it merge with Ronan’s tornado, it swept the other’s animal’s quickly. “Hmm I’m

impressed we did not figure that out till much later but you need to also fight individually.”

Future Amanda said, “Yes it cannot always be a team effort sometimes you will fight alone.”

Future Bailey said, with that Future Bailey attacked Mary Sere quickly made a rock wall,

making the thunder be impenetrable, Future Bailey was impressed by the girls commands, they

knew by instinct and with their training they would be able to succeed in this mission they had

but a week so they knew they had to hurry or else past and future would merge, this was a

daunting task but it had to be done.

They continued training till late till the next morning after they told the girls to get a nap that

they would be going to Rose’s soon. The girls quickly went to bed and slept for about 5 hours.

“Do you think they are ready, is not enough time you know it, this was a bad idea.” Future Mary

said. Future Bailey looked at her love deeply in her eyes kissed her and said “You know this has

to happen or else we will never have peace they’re ready and Amanda has been working for

them to stay over a month’s time we just need to let them think only a week, she figured a way to

change the space time continuum in a way that it does not affect either time frame, by using it

like a vacuum of itself.” “Hmm I hope it works for all our sake.” With that Future Mary and

Future Bailey continued their serve lance while Future Sara and Future Amanda figured out the

way to let the girls stay for a longer time.

In the far West Ally and Matt where going towards the ruler Rose’s chamber it was red and dark,

with only a few lit candles and a fire place, it had skulls and dead animals skins. It was the

atmosphere of death itself with red Roses everywhere though but she made sure only those

where lively. “Rose your ruler-ship’’ Both Ally and Matt said “Hmmm I specifically said No

Interruptions!” “Yes your Majesty but thing is the outlaws have brought some people from the

past we think is your past selves if this is true we are in peril of losing this time only for their

maximum powers.” “Listen to me they have no powers and the past selves are not as well

developed so no worries besides I can destroy them or better yet make them join us.” Rose said

while smirking evilly with her right hand running through Rabittie and her long flowing light

blue hair flowing, it had turned light blue due to all her time shape shifting to a dolphin or other

sea creatures she liked it suited her more.

She looked out her window and laughed at what she was able to accomplished she remembered

when she took everyone by force how everyone was afraid of her and she loved it that way,

everyone should fear her just like she had been when she lost her mother in the past to live with

four pathetic girls, granted one of them was her own sister but she did not care for her, besides

who did she have but Rabittie her only friend. Ally and Matt where now her flunkies though she is

grateful they showed her the ways, of smoking being a delinquent and just loving to be bad. She

always knew deep within her, her hate for this world would come out and she was glad that it

did. “Ha like this world deserves mercy none gave me Mercy, none was there for me and for

what is worth this world deserves and iron fist, now to go to France I suppose a little crepe is

good right Rabittie” she said as she went to her helicopter up in her roof.

The girls where slowly waking up in their tiny new room, they stretched but kept quiet in hopes

of not being disturbed and get more training no such luck Future Sra came in and told them to

get up, get breakfast and to start training. They went at it all day again with a few fights this time

in the east with some Lizard man like guards with green scales, muscles, sharp teeth and they

were ruthless now they saw how things where no mercy, the mutant Lizard men went and

slashed at one of the girl Mary was with a bleeding arm, Amanda quickly blew them with Ronan

and Sere made two go underground. Future Sara blasted them with a Fire wall while Future

Amanda and Bailey used thunder wind blows it was almost a free for all but what came next

shocked them.

Ally and Matt came with the Snake Salcar and the Coyote Broxin they too had powerful

animals given to them by their mother before she died. “Well , well if it isn’t the cowards

squad.” “You snakes we don’t tolerate you, we’ve beaten you in the past we can still do the

same.” Sara said as she made Foxy blow fire at Salcar that used electricity to defuse the fire.

Sara and Bailey had had enough and order Tigress and Foxy to use fire and electricity Foxy

form the Future joined and both Ronan’s did too they quickly overpowered Broxin and Salcar

so Matt and Ally just growled leaving the scene. The Mutants left with them vowing to get them

back soon enough.

“Yeah you see that we got them those terrible two, did we win or what!” Sara said excited . “No

I’m afraid things have only begun to get worse before they get any better.” Future Amanda said.

With that they all went back to the base quickly on top of their animals this time since they all

had grown more. Once at the Providencia Castle Base they went to see Future Mary. “Ok so we

definitely think they are now in trouble but thankfully don’t know Rosie from the past is here,

Future Sara said. “Yes so they are our secret weapon in the end Rose won’t hurt herself so we

can go up to her then.” Future Amanda tried to put up the plan for them. “We should move

swiftly and cautiously we should do this tomorrow night, so get some rest you five and tomorrow

we train some more then call for action if all fails we will all be doomed.”

With that the girls went to bed with a sense of hope yet dread. This time they were tossing and

turning and Sara looked over at Amanda. “So you think we will make it.” Amanda seeing how

unsure Sara was at something for the first time threw her arms around her. “Yes and if not will

blow up together, but I think if our Future selves brought us here is for a reason and we must

trust our future guts.” Sara laughed and kissed Amanda quickly, both girls stopped laughing just

blushing at each other.

Mary and Bailey knew well enough what had just happened but kept quiet they wanted the

relationship to bloom into the blooming one they saw in the future selves of the girls, it was

undertones of looks, touches half smiles they could see it just because they were younger than

their future selves did not mean they were blind. Rosie woke up asking for water, the girls got up

and went toward the right corridor to see if they could find a kitchen, they stumbled upon future

Bailey and Mary being a bit intimate in the watch room. The girls blushed and kept walking

thinking to themselves hey at least they would always be together even if things got bad. Mary

and Bailey found a small kitchen and gave Rosie some water. “What are you three doing up, you

must sleep besides tomorrow we will do some more training we not ready to take on Rose, she

has upped her forces, we will need allies we know of five that can help us in our battle to take

her down and bring her back.” Future Amanda let the girls know. They gulped but went quickly

back to bed.

As they kept walking quietly they saw Future Sara go the way they had come from, she grunted

and kept walking, “You know this is no game for us if it is for you will send you back and have

you deal with this future yourselves.”

With that Mary and Bailey had, had had enough, “Listen we agreed to help you not only because

you’re our future selves but because we love OUR Rosie just as much quite frankly we see you

need more help bring it, we train and done then we can go home, besides if anything we should

change stuff in the past thus changing the future.” Mary said to Future Sara. “Well, we just

might.” With that Future Sara kept walking and left the girls in the dark corridor once more. The

girls reached their room to find Sara and Amanda in a tight lip lock, Rosie blushed and the other

two smirked. “Ehem” Bailey had to interrupt. The girls jumped and hit their heads and butts as

they fell from the bed. Mary and Rosie laughed and Bailey smirked as a she chuckled. “Umm

nothing happened and besides you two kiss all the time.” Sara and Amanda told the other three.

“It’s alright besides we have bigger fish to fry and we must figure out ways to make them more

powerful thus making us more powerful, why don’t we go to the training dome and do some

training?” Mary said to everyone. “Hmm sounds like a good plan to me; honestly I’m too hyped

for sleeping.” Sara said to the rest while changing back to her clothes. They all changed and went

to the training dome. Sara used Foxy to make Fire Wall, Fire Blaze and Unite, she was one with

Foxy by two minute. Ronan was next Tornado, Gust of Wind, Time Warp and Time Stop, Winds

of One where Amanda and Roman became one she had his wings and speedy flight.. Then

Amanda and Sara decided to battle it out together Amanda was quick but Sara was sneaky. They

continued firing at each other with guts of winds and fire. Bailey helped Rosie with Rabittie but

she soon made a Water wall with a Typhoon , Mary made a an Earthquake and rock ledges she

made mountains walls and became one with Sere growing huge and making the earth tremble.

With all the commotion the future selves of the girls came in to the training dome and were

surprised to see all their progress, they thought it would take much longer but these girls of the

past where nothing like they were, these girls had spunk in them.

Future Sara was pleased and with crossed arms she let them fight on, she decided to instead let

them continue while the other three kept an eye on them from the control room. Each girl grew

stronger with their Powers Bailey now becoming one with Tigress could shoot electricity off her

hands and with Amanda could fly and do a thunder cloud, they continued fighting honing their

powers and skills till they heard Future Sara saying “ Enough we can continue tomorrow for now

go rest, you must rest that way you’ll be stronger” Sara showed her muscles and pumped her

hand in a punch.”

Each girl smiled at the other and did yawn from them being tired, they went to their bedroom to

now take a well deserve rest of only four hours.

The girls continued sleeping for a couple extra hours while the future version of themselves

continued to work on strategies and ways to stop Rose for rom further damage. They knew

where she was their old school and how she had made that her lair. In the end all they wanted

was for her to be back but this proved too troublesome so they thought of ways to bring her out,

to lore her to outside in order to trap her and change her back, Mary and Bailey of the future had

been doing a d-brainwashed machine that was put on by a hat that would send electricity from

Thundress and that would jolt her memory back.

“So what if we lure her out but we can’t catch her you know she may trick us like before” Future

Sara said. “True but we must try with her outside if anything we bring her to the past we face her

then that way there’s no escape. I just know this has to work you’ll see.” Future Amanda said as

she continued to work on her computer. Future Sara continued to work on hers as they found

ways to bring Rose back to Rosie. Throughout the years they had gotten closer much closer but

ultimately Future Sara was still pessimistic after losing Rosie she had gotten worse for three

years she would destroy everything firing up Foxy and not giving mercy to anything in her way

Future Sara had leveled out but her fire still burned within her, to prove it her hair had turned

fiery red. They battled together throughout their lives without hardly any rest, long hours of

bleeding and sweating all for this moment to save her little sister their friend the one that was

stolen from them. In the end that is all that mattered. She still remembered when it happened, it

was the last year of school Rosie was finally in the 5th Grade but she had turned bitter and angry,

much like she had been two punks named Ally and Matt befriended her, she started to get into

trouble, smoking, making herself a bully with other little kids and big kids, she vandalized and

then they took her to Seraton the place where they brainwashed her, when she came back she

was Rose and she closed herself up in her room till finally she confronted them, threw them out

of their apartment and that was the last they saw her. She still couldn’t believe they did not fight

harder just because it was Rosie all this could have been avoided.

Now here they were years later in an Apocalyptic world created by her little sister now a grown

woman and was ruling the world in a bad way. The city was dark, grey with smoke, musky smell

and death was everywhere. Everything had been destroyed and nothing was the same, the Lizard

men ate the dead corpse, children went missing and some went so hungry they were just skin and

bones, they had been lucky to eat from time to time and find good food where they might, but if

this kept on going they would be doomed too, Future Amanda finally found a way, the back door

to the school, they would ambush Rose and take her to the past to un brainwash her. She called

the other two and while the future selves of Amanda, Sara, Bailey and Mary talked things over

the other girls where getting up and ready to fight.

Each girl changed to something like dark jeans and dark long sleeve shirts they got from their

future selves they all put on pony tails, plus dark sneakers. They were ready so they all fallowed

the grownups, they all went this time, going dark back alleys jumping through roofs and

continued running towards the school. They were just about to get to the school when Matt and

Ally met them with the swarm, of Grizzly Dogs and Lizard Men then they attacked , each girl

fought with their new found powers and in sync with their future selves, one hit, two hits and

soon little by little they started to diminish the oposers but more came out of the school and got

them surrounded then in the mist Rose came out, laughing,

“Ahh if it isn’t my sister and her friends, well, well I let you live long enough in peace but you

refuse to join me and rule the world together.” “This isn’t ruling the world in peace we want a

grander world , a better world, Rosie please…” “I’m not Rosie, I’m ROSE and let me tell you

something sissy, I cannot rule a peaceful world when the world was always so cruel to me!, Or

don’t you remember how everyone laughed , taunted us for being orphans, for being raised by

two lesbians and you turned to one, I on the other hand have a male strong and well, right

Matty,” Rose to emphasize her point gave Matt a smearing kiss with tongue and all. “Look if you

want to be straight that’s fine but this is madness Rosie.” “I said stop calling me that!” With that

last burst Rabittie became a drowning ball of water and submersed all of them and once they

woke up they were locked in a glass cell. They could see Rose talking to the other two flunkies,

and now they knew their efforts had been in vain but what was worse Rosie and Marc where not

with them they were with Rose, Rose was trying to convince Rosie to come with her but Rosie

would not have it instead Marc and her used their powers and tried to stop her they ran out but

Ally and Matt stopped them and put them in the Glass Cell next to the group of girls. Three

different cells, each containing the group of girls of different times, now they knew they would

never be free, never to save Rosie in the end.

Each girl paced back and forward they knew some way they had to save her, but how if they

were trapped. Sara was sulking while Amanda was thinking of ways to get out when finally it hit

her Sere could use her claws, she told Mary what to do but the thing was when to do it and how,

they would have to wait to be left alone for now they all acted miserably, though Sara was really

distressed both where past and future Sara where the most distressed of all but both Amanda’s

tried to console them. This task would not be easy they knew this from the start so they had a

minor setback but if anything this was closer than before now they would have to wait for their

best opportunity to escape. Rose was plotting of ways to control China and Japan with the other

two they had been resisting the most, she had conquered Russia, Canada and England and of

course France. But she wanted the whole world to be under her rule and she was going to get

what she wanted. Now that she had the past selves of her sister and her sister’s friends she could

do that she would brain wash them and make them her new slaves She started with Mary by

bringing her forth , Mary was resilient and said no but too late the helmet was put on her and

boom both Mary’s where taken to her, soon both Amanda’s were brain washed with the

electromagnetic helmet and soon so was Bailey’s she left her sister to suffer from seeing their

friends fallow her every command.

Both Sara’s were horrified and they were both pounding on the glass Rosie was crying as was

Marc. Rose continued walking but Amanda from the past winked at Sara giving her hop, the

truth the past selves could not have been brain washed but the future selves were. So now it was

up to them to save everyone. Once in the helicopter Future Amanda started it up, past Mary

closed the door and then they trapped Rose, they flew in different directions, and soon brought

her to Providencia Castle.

Past Sara and Future Sara thought of ways to escape when they saw a way, a leveler in their cell,

Matt sure was dumb when he did this cell, so they pulled it and were out, all this time this was

there and they knew they had been too worried to see it but now they thought they were really

stupid. They took Rosie and Marc and ran, they took off as quickly as possible, for some reason

none saw them, but that’s when they figured Marc had the invisibility ability with Todd and now

they could easily hide in the shadows or anywhere for that matter. Once they had arrived at

Providencia Castle they found Rose resisting the change, Mary and Amanda were quickly

working on the main computer as they tried to reverse all the damaged done to their friend.

They had now gone back in time in Rose brain enough to change what had been done,. Future

Sara was now talking to rose trying to grasp if the girl they once knew was still there, she was in

tears begging her to come back to here to be the little sister she had sworn to protect and love for


Rose was turning all sorts of colors tears running down her eyes, as she struggled to fight

the restoration but soon it ended. Mary and Bailey of the past were holding each other crying

thinking if this happened to them what would they do for their friend, soon Future Rosie came

back to life. “Where am I?” “Rosie?” Future Sara asked. “Sara hey how come everything is so

dark, you ok you’re crying?” With that Future Sara hugged her long lost sister but the reunion

was cut short Matt and Ally came in as they saw what really had cost this their mother’s spirit

evaporating soon they fought each girl but this time, the five women destroyed them by cutting

their necks and decapitating them. With that done Future Amanda told the girls how to use

Ronan to go back in time, “You will meet Matt and Ally in your time but please stay clear Rosie

now you know what could happen we have much to fix, but you can make a better future I know

you will.”

With that they disappeared as this alternate time was now eradicated and soon the girls woke up

in their old beds and in their bed rooms. They had their animals with them though they felt like

they had a gone through a train wreck each girl quickly hugged the other and talked about how

now they could build a better future, though they still had their own daemons to fight and deal

paintings of her diseased parents and how her life had changed, Bailey wrote about their

adventures in the future and was able to sell enough books to upgrade their home, Sara became

VP and Amanda became President of their classes for the next four years of high school their

start to become presidents of the Providence Capital. Rosie was just an ordinary little girl; she

instead made friends with Susie and Tommy a good little boy and girl from her grades she soon

became popular in her class and made more friends while Ally and Matt went to juvie hall.

Things were slowly changing to the better and they knew what they had experienced was a

warning and now they could make things right.



The End




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