In this Age Of The Honest Deceivers Are Leaders



In this age of the honest deceivers are leaders. This publication i would like to begin without more comments regarding the next video — Sometimes looking at animals come idea of not an excellence of...

In this age of the honest deceivers are leaders.

This publication i would like to begin without more comments regarding the next video — Sometimes looking at animals come idea of not an excellence of the not developed animal`s mind which controls behavior and action but degradation of human`s.

            Absence of the compassion that`s one of distinguishing features between human and animals that eat each other visually demonstrates absence humanity, civility, morality, legality and jurisprudence in the society and country.

            Indeed, there`s any human who think that somewhere exists a heaven?

            Also in the USA, in the country that press and human right organizations value their democracy as the most developed and criticize other countries a lot of undemocratic appearances, cases and accidents.

            Although this publication isn`t scientific but you can check up mentioned in it techniques (methods) of investigation for the scientific novelty (uniqueness) of value before and after it`s promulgation in this media and scientific press.        

            Despite i think i can scientifically prove compassion of elephant it’s remembering empirical feelings of the pain or witnessing such cases but in this study i would like make juridical.

In the country where exists death penalty, cases without jurical review (appeal) for instance cases with consular who doesn`t feel legal responsibility (liability) for resolutions and treated disrespectfully and its law enforcement workers without any accusation and legal grounding arrests people, low level of democracy is evident and confirmed.

            After the first meeting with the legend of the human righting – Elena Urlaeva, leader of social movement “Alliance Advocacy Of Uzbekistan”, group activist of “Fearless” and winner of many international awards, with phone number 0,  i was uner the impression during the rest of the day. Mrs. Urlaeva without consideration of the case and investigation began tried to help me. One day i called one of my lawyers a lion. As it known tigers are bigger than lion. Therefore i call Elena Urlaeva a tiger. When i saw an apartment of the mrs. Urlaeva there was almost nothing valuable and moreover she is always ready to finance by herself trips and rallies. When i proposed money or to buy equipment for having Elena Urlaeva`s business time she offered me money for a taxi or find place to sleep.

When mr. Urlaeva was ready for picket defending not only my rights but anуone regardless of hunger, cold and real threat of arrest including moral and physical damage moreover absolutely free she became my real hero who`s braver than even a men.         

It`s difficult to understand but this people who really not entrepreneur who makes money on people`s problem, has misunderstanding and conflicts with governments with high level of social support and democracy.

            Taking into mentioned above Elena Urlaeva`s new fight not only undemocratic regimes as considers countries estimating themselves as democratic but against one which spend million USD for spreading democracy considering as the stronghold of democracy that is the USA.                    

Mrs. Urlaeva`s native brother  Vasily Mikhailovich Evstegneev born in 17 of March 1964, in Tashkent, citizen of RU, got refugee status with family in the USA in 2010 due political repressions in RU conjugated with illegal arrests, violations, disparagement and tortures due of incorrect qualifications of crimes and its damage.

I and any legists physically can`t give juridical assessment of mr. Evstegneev`s crimes because of absence being aware of materials of the case but revoking claim by applicant and absence of physical and moral damage to him and termination of criminal factually confirms absence of severity of the crime.

To begin investigate this exact case i suggest from the last minutes before arresting because according reality and documentary not only accusation but Vasily Evstegneev wasn`t felt, thought or consider any legal fault.

In 19 of July 2015 mr. Evstegneev has been swimming at the beach of Sandy Point State park in the city of Annapolis of the Maryland State where he was illegally arrested with registration prisoner number: 14049 and court case number: C — 02 CR — 15 000 097 Maryland.

Our investigation and at the same time scientific research (i think this will be good for not only scientific but educative purposes for educative institutions) i propose to begin with not valuable words but information (facts).

Vasily Evstegneev was captured from the water. Consequently it was legally according not only american but            international charter and regulation arrest with obligatory indictment and protocol (record-keeping), and the most important with a translator for foreigner who doesn`t speak fluent in english language.

Let`s use a thought experiment putting yourself in mr. Evstegneev place. Imagine how men even in uniform captures you without explaining, demonstrating documents and moreover translating claims which to turn into accusations it need confirmation and reaffirmation. I don`t know about Vasily Evstegneev`s defense but it can be found witnesses including park workers who saw how he get a strike in stomach that he lost consciousness which could be proved by medical examination after arriving in jail.

Although i`m not a attorney but i think indeed at beach of Sandy Point State park wasn`t video surveillance or witnesses recording in a camera, telephone, device or car ADR or just have been seeing this situation, worker including rescuers, divers or visitors which could be factually confirm absence of guilty of mr. Evstegneev.     

            One of most important facts and the same time evidence of really severity of the crime not of  Vasily Evstegneev but law enforcement workers which also reasons for though if not about criminal regime in the USA but about a criminal network in the law enforcement organizations. Witnesses say that there were a lot of witnesses who capture on telephones and other devices criminal scene but pay serious attention none of them were demanded for the witnessing and their videos haven`t been attached to the case. Modern technologies allow requesting for providers of mobile network to define by IMEI the concrete visitors of that place and time. One of witnesses was mr. Evstegneev`s daughter Vasilisa who watched how her father have been beaten by policemen.

            Another prologue (prelude) which in this situation can shed light is occurred several years ago.

            In the USA Vasily Evstegneev was born 2 girl, one of them was called Michel for Michel Obama. When Michel was 1 year old girl she was taken from parents due to underweight.

            Mr. Evstegneev with family had to leave from the State Maine seeking a job. In December in Washington Vasily Evstegneev were sheltered managers of 0 church with the following legal address – District Of Columbia, Washington City, 0 index, 0 street and official website — 0.

Managers provided housing and shelter with maintenance instead mr. Evstegneev`s and his family passport and documents without any contracts that are one of primary signs of a cheater. Not only Vasily Evstegneev but his family with daughter work for managers from morning to evening fulfilling any task which is also witnessed by parishioners. Tell me what reminds this conditions of not only work but live? Thoughts came about slavery. Elena Urlaeva with mother sends money for mr. Evstegneev but he spent it planting flowers.

            In 19 July 2015 managers asked Vasily Evstegneev go to the beach where he was imprisoned at a psychiatric hospital.

            Although mrs. Urlaeva says that don`t know about reasons of this accident underscoring that mr. Evstegneev was loved and respected by managers, parishioners, neighbors and other around people without any claims for human qualities.        

            Except of unconditional and explicit fraudulence of managers and criminal activity of law enforcement workers the story continued.

            23 February 2016 to Elena Urlaeva called Vasily Evstegneev and reported enlightened that managers organized his detention because of fraudulent scheme and other illegal actions (offences, law violations) and worried on spouse and children who were illegally captured by them.          

After arresting of mr. Evstegneev it become known location of wife — Alfia and children under the guardianship of managers. There`s a possibility that children haven`t access to the health care. Alfia haven`t been allowed to talk and contact with mrs. Urlaeva. Managers demand Alfia to divorce and dissociate legally from Vasily Evstegneev by protective order regardless of absence apparent and real reasons good relationship and seized his car.   

The connection between Elena Urlaeva and Alfia is supported by Internet`s social network – according that it was known about Alfia`s depression, doesn`t have documents and social maintenance and her forcing to work.

            While being of mr. Evstegneev with Inmate ID: 1476263, at the Detention Center, to February 2016, in the State Maryland, City Annapolis, Jennifer Road, House 131, Zip Code 21401 he was illegally and immorally put to torture by workers of the prison with the following identification numbers 0,0, bound in chains hands and legs, during 7 months from August 2015. Vasily Evstegneev was afraid that he will not die by his (natural) death. Mr. Evstegneev was closed access to the health care and his physical condition was bad after beating by policemen. In protest Vasily Evstegneev conducted a hunger strike. Another one of strange and at the same time evident crimes of policemen that confirmed their illegal actions was ban of visitation and callings and moreover juridical investigation was indoor without witnesses.

            After sometime mr. Evstegneev was qualified as mentally inadequate and convoyed to the Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center in the State Maryland, Jessup City, 8450 Dorsey Run Road, House 1W, Zip Code 207941 where doctors 0 and 0 with following legal address 0 and phone numbers 0 and 0, illegally and immorally applied punitive measures to defend themselves from service (internal) and criminal investigation and to stop him, from the February to November of 2016.

In the clinics Vasily Evstegneev was tortured in the form of psychotropic drugs from taking which swelled hands and legs and aching head with heart.

            Doctors falsified, fantastic and unrealistic false accusations incriminating the escape and smuggling with case number — 06 К 160 47 298, that`s impossible in that conditions.

            American doctors as illegal uzbek consider that mr. Evstegneev`s disease is hereditary like sister mrs. Urlaeva who was illegally and immorally and without legal grounds and the most important without confirmation, got compulsory treatment in RU due of her human rights activity. It`s hard to understand but to free Elena Urlaeva assist diplomatic embassies and international organizations among which is american.

            Vasily Evstegneev worked in the airport of the State Maine, City Portland where he drove car and underwent compulsory medical tests whereby was admitted as healthy person. Surely the most important proof of inconsistency of charges on mr. Evstegneev was qualifying adequacy after 7 months.

The situation around Vasily Evstegneev speak volumes showing this all as comedy or mare nest if it wasn`t so sad. Public defender 0 with phone number 0, of mr. Evstegneev assigned because of financial problem from the City Westminster, State Maryland with Zip Code 21157, instead defense accused him considering him as psychologically inadequate, malformed of his conditions of detention. Perhaps, attorney tried to conceal crimes of law enforcement workers, didn`t inform whereabouts of mr. Evstegneev and didn`t professionally and in details worked with witness and even didn`t invite them which forced abandon him by Vasily Evstegneev considering violation by him the Amendment “6” of the USA Constitution.     

            Nowadays the exact location of mr. Evstegneev is unknown. After documentary protocoling and practical based on medical tests reaffirmation of the psychological adequacy of Vasily Evstegneev on December 2016 he had been transported to the unknown destination. Because of mr. Evstegneev`s adequate mental conditions for 2 days he have been moved to the Anne Arundel Country Detention Center Facility Springfield Hospital Center, in the State Maryland, City Annapolis, Sykesville Road, House 6655,  Zip Code 21784, from where he was called by phone number 0 to mrs. Urlaeva in November 2016 and told about his transportation in the unknown way.

Any direct and indirect communication, contact and access to Vasily Evstegneev is prohibited. Indirect connection could be make with assistance of any representatives among which are attorneys, ambassador or other worker of diplomatic corps, lawyers (corporative), assignee (commissioner, authorized personnel, proctor without delegation of powers and interests), humanrighter (human rights activists), ombudsman, senators, deputies and others. Furthermore mr. Evstegneev`s new advocate doesn`t get in touch with any channels of connections among which is video connection, Voip, written (postal, electronic mail) connection and audio via landline and mobile telephones.

Despite evident, visual and factual confirmed evidences of the crimes: fraudulent, compulsion, slavery, captivity content, professional mismatch, tortures, cruel and inhuman degrading of human dignity treatment and punishment, exceeding service duties, neglect duties and other corpus delicti and crimes related with the case of Vasily Evstegneev by church managers, law enforcement workers, doctors and lawyers, and their action`s misunderstandings (weirdness) which is very important to make logical (true) scene of crime, they incriminate to mr. Evstegneev guilt disobedience to authorities, attack on policemen and arrest resistance. This illegal criminal system undermines the foundations of not only american but human (world) society violating the USA, RU, and international legal system.  

Vasily Evstegneev ask to qualify action of suspects according american and internatonal legislation under violated articles “10, 11, 12, 13” of the “Convention Against Torture”, “7, 10”, paragraph 1 of the “International Covenant On Civil And Political Rights” and under others. 

Written Agreement, General Power Of Attorney, Power Of Attorney To Represent Interests, and any claims directly from mr. Evstegneev can`t be not only received but to procedure and process due of restriction any access to him and from him. Respectively any complaints and claims from Vasily Evstegneev are banned.       

It needs to initiate an investigation of this criminal system (chain) of law enforcement organizations to stop and prevent crimes which is also discredit esprit de corps. Please take into account unwillingness of suspects to help investigative actions; concealing of evidences or inclusion fabricated, testification or of untrue (false) or its inconsistence (changing); non-appearance or departure outside of the US signs of guilt. In turn of Vasily Evstegneev he`s obliged testificate true and veritably, present truthful and reliable proofs, declare honest and reliable witnesses and in everyway participate and assist in investigation. Mr. Evstegneev is ready testificate with confrontation, cross-examination by reason of purity of consciousness.      

            Elena Urlaeva addressed to many international and american supervisory, regulatory (relevant) and authorized organizations and authorized (entitled) and responsible personnel among which is “USA Immigration And Customs Enforcement Organization”, Ambassador Of Head Of Delegation Of The European Union To The Republic Uzbekistan, UNHCR Of Refugee Agency, UN Special Raporteur and others but till present days there`s no not only registration of the case or claim or processing but no factual and practical actions and solutions (decisions).

            Life is full of paradoxes and novel despite of developing of science and new technologies which allows almost finding rational explanation to everything. I reckon the USA not only as most undemocratic but as democratic. That happens like with the best chess players play a lot and consequently has not only many plays with victories but losses by force of probability theory and in virtue of time getting the best shape and further time, physiological regress. One of the most visual and real examples of democracy was the situation taking place in January 2017 when Ministry Of Justice refused obey  to the president relying on legal right of non-discrimination of belligerent countries.       


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