The Orphan Girls Ending



Two different endings... I prefer the first ending over the second. I welcome other opinions on the endings. :)

Ending One:

            “I’m sorry, but who are you?” Said the woman who looked like my mom.

            “Mom, it’s me, Tara!” I exclaimed, suddenly taken aback. “Tell her dad.”

            “I don’t know who you’re talking about, we’re here to pick up Chelsea.” answered the man who very closely resembled my father.  I was so nervous, that I went to Mrs. Proctor immediately.

            “Mrs. Proctor, where are my parents?”

            “I’m sorry my dear, it turns out that your parents were…” Sighed Mrs. Proctor.

            “Were what?” I asked.

            “They were in an accident on the way here.”

            “Oh no!”

            “It looks like you are with us until we find you some new parents.” Mrs. Proctor managed to say in response.

            “Mrs. Proctor, may I have a word with you?” It was one of the teachers.  Scared out of my wits about what was to happen next, I ran out of the orphanage and into the woods.  I didn’t look back because I knew that my future there was basically death.  When I ran quite a ways away, I noticed a tree that looked good enough to climb. I climbed the tree, and looked back at the window where I stayed at the orphanage. To my surprise, Abby was looking right back at me. There was absolutely no way she could’ve survived what I had just done to her.  I swore she was dead. Now I understand why all the other girls were scared of her.
            Later, I noticed some shadows of adults running out probably trying to look for me. When the coast was clear, I quietly, yet quickly, climbed down the tree and ran as far as I could from the orphanage.

            “Hello Tara.” Oh my God it was Abby!

            “Um- hi.” I responded.

            “Do you really think you could get away with this that easily?” and before I could answer, she continued, “You know, I’ve worked real hard to make sure that I can keep people around who love me. My parents left me here because they didn’t love me enough to keep me around. I’m surprised they didn’t try to kill me. Oh wait, they did. Ever since you wrote in your journal, I sensed that you disliked me and; therefore, I have to kill you. Do you realize that no matter what, you’re dead?” She started walking towards me as I slowly backed away. “Either the adults will kill you, or I will.”

            “Abby, is that you?” asked Mrs. Proctor.  “Oh my God, we all thought you were killed by Tara, how are you even still alive?”

            “Oh that’s simple Mrs. Proctor,” Abby began “see the fact of the matter is is that I’m a ghost or a figment of your imagination if you don’t believe in ghosts.”

            “How are you able to cause physical harm to people and also appear as though you are real?” I asked.

            “That’s because I’ve had years of practice. Ever seen the movie, Ghost? But now that you know my secret, I guess nobody here is safe.” Then, she vanished into thin air.

            “Mrs. Proctor?”

            “I can’t help you Tara, you are on your own. You’ve killed someone and somehow we all have to suffer the consequences.”


Ending Two:

            I was driven home by my parents and that’s how I survived my temporary stay at the orphanage.

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