Are You One of the Chosen?



Adventures in the pharmacy...

Are you one of the chosen?

Are you one of a self-appointed group that was put here on the earth specifically so that those of us not in your group can serve you?

Are you special? Are you entitled? Are you a bitch?

Are you a special entitled bitch?

A woman comes into the pharmacy to pick up her prescription. It isn’t ready.

“Well,” she says. “Why didn’t you do it yet? I left the doctor’s office 20 minutes ago.”

Turns out she has never been to our pharmacy before. We need her address, phone number, allergies, and insurance information just to add her into the system.

Muttering under her breath, she parts with the personal information we need, enabling us to fill her prescription.

“Well,” she say, tapping her foot in frustration. “How long is that going to take anyways? All you have to do is put a label on it. Oh my god. Twenty minutes? Give it back, I will go somewhere else. Y’all are a bunch of fucking incompetent idiots!”

Never mind the other 100 or 200 prescriptions we have to work on for patients before her or patients in acute distress. Nope. Never mind the other people in line waiting to get their prescriptions. Nope. Never mind that we have to answer the phones, wait on customers, enter information into the computer, count pills… Nope.

She is the reason the sun rises. She is the reason the sun sets. She is “the” customer.
She believes herself to be entitled. She believes we are her slaves, her serfs, her servants, her minions — put on the earth to serve her. The rules do not apply to her. Not her. Remember the mantra “the customer is always right.”

I got news for you. You, the customer, you are not always right. Not even close. You are not special. You are just like the rest of us, a human being consisting of 60% +/- water and 40% +/- other stuff.

The world was not created to enable all of us to serve you.

Sit and wait like the rest of the humans who were there before you. Be happy you can walk into our building and get medicine for whatever ails you. Be happy that you have the money to pay for the medicine, or money to pay for the insurance which allows you to get the medicine. Be happy that, despite your ranting and raving and screaming and belittling us, we are still going to provide you with your drugs.

Listen to the instructions given so that you don’t go home and harm or kill yourself.

Quit being the special entitled bitch that you are.

Be one of us, a member of the human race.

Say thank you, and mean it.

Pay it forward.


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