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Chapter Six

Surprise Visit

Part One -

      Amber clearly wasn't in, Victoria concluded after banging on Amber's door for almost five minutes, maybe ten. She felt like her next choice was impossible to do, but walking to Gareth's place was the only option. Hopefully they, or he, were there.

Her phone battery was now dead, meaning she couldn't even call to find them. It wouldn't turn on not even long enough to send a text. She was stuck walking to Gareth's, wondering if any more of those things were lurking about tonight.

It took longer than she expected and when she finally arrived, to add to her misery, Gareth wasn't in either.

'Where could they be?' She said out loud, realizing soon after that no one was around to answer her. She sat on the doorstep and decided to just wait for him to get back.

But Gareth was at Eli's apartment at this point and had learned all about what may have taken her, and why...

Amber felt sick with worry and had turned very pale. 'What if that thing hurts her? Or worse?!' She sobbed a little, but suddenly straightened up. 'Maybe we should go. I'll go home and wait for her at my place, you go to yours.' She said turning to Gareth. 'She might turn up.'

Gareth nodded and drove Amber home. As she was about to get out of the truck, Gareth said, 'I'm sure she's all right. Call me if she shows up, and I'll call you if I find her.'

'OK.' She sighed. ' I'm really worried, Gareth.' She admitted. 'I'm so confused by all of this and it all started at my party.'

'It's not your fault, so don't start blaming yourself.' Gareth comforted her.

'I can't help but think it is my fault.' She looked down at her hands in her lap, her freckled cheeks damp with tears.

'It is not your fault. Call me if you need anything... Or to talk.' He smiled at her and she nodded. Finally she was in her own place, and felt much safer.

Now, she'd make a coffee and wait for Victoria to show up.

She will show up, Amber thought to herself, she just has to...

Part Two -

     Gareth was startled when he drove up to his house and his headlights showed up someone sat hunched over on the doorstep. He soon realized it was Victoria. He jumped out of his truck and ran over to her. 'Are you all right?' He asked.

'I'm all right... I'm fine. Where were you?' Victoria asked.

'At Eli's with Amber. We thought that she might be able to tell us what that thing was, and where it took you.' Gareth explained.

'Come in, I'll make you a drink and then I'll call Amber. I promised her I would let her know if I found you.'

Amber was quietly sipping a mug of coffee when her phone started buzzing and made her jump, causing her to spill hot coffee on the thigh of her dark skinny jeans.
'You found her?' She asked, impatiently. Soon, she was getting on her jacket and heading out the door to Gareth's place.

Once there, she didn't knock, or even announce her presence until she burst into the living room, making Victoria jump, and Gareth shriek.

'Big girl.' Amber spat at him, then turned to Victoria. 'What the hell was that thing?!' She almost shouted as she walked into the room towards the sofa, to sit down next to Victoria, who shrugged and sighed.

'I don't even know. But I woke up, unable to move and it said it was a spell to stop me moving, running away. It told me to stay out of all this stuff with Jason, or it'll kill me; and it knows exactly what Jason told me... It knows Jason. I need to speak to him.' A sudden urgency taking over in her voice.

'Don't you listen?! It said to stay out of it. And I think you should listen to it.' Amber said, finally sitting down.

'But what if Jason is in some kind of danger?' Victoria sounded worried.

'Look, I know he's "hot", but there's no need to go looking for him. You know damn well he can look after himself, just like he did in that alleyway.' Amber pointed out more calmly now.

     'She's just going to get in the way, Jase.' Drake said. 'She doesn't have a clue what is going on. Our world is much more different than the world she lives in, been brought up in.'

'But its in her blood, dude. It's running through her veins right now as we speak. But she doesn't know it. She doesn't even know the truth about her own life.' Jason argued. 'She saw those demons when no one else could... What does that tell you?' Drake stayed silent. 'Exactly. She might be in danger, no one knows where that thing took her.'

'I'm telling you Jason, she's going to be fine.' Drake said bluntly, almost annoyed.

'How can you be so sure, Drake?' Jason asked, raising an eyebrow.

Drake stuttered a little, and then said, 'I just know it, OK, Jason?' Jason just looked at Drake, who then sighed and carried on, 'Fine, if you want to go look for her, then go for it if you must... Just be careful, Jase.'

'What made you think I was going alone?'

Drake stared and made a strange sound, almost a whimper which he then disguised as a 'Huh?'

'You guys are coming with me. Lets started getting ready, we'll need to leave as soon as possible.' Jason planned.

Jason waited, somewhat impatiently, for the others getting ready and having a snack before leaving. Jaymica and Lushina seemed more happy and willing to help than Drake certainly did, but no one questioned why.

After two hours, finally, they were ready. This whole place had been eerily quiet all afternoon and they were just about to head for the main doors.

'Let's go.' Jason said.

'I don't think you need to go anywhere.' Hagan's deep, husky voice startled them all from behind. The four stopped in their tracks and spun around, in Hagan's shadow, was Victoria...

Bloodied and bruised.

Part Three -

The last bloodied tissue was thrown away into the grey steel bin. Jaymica looked pleased with how well she'd cleaned Victoria up. Even though Victoria was still to explain what had happened, and how were Amber and Gareth?

'How's your head?' Jaymica asked.

'It's all right now.' Victoria answered politely, with a painful smile.

'So... You gonna explain?' Lushina asked, appearing in the doorway.

'I think I need to speak to Hagan... And Jason.' Victoria said.

Lushina and Jaymica paused and looked at each other until Lushina decided, 'I'll go look for them.' And she left the kitchen just as soundlessly as she came in.

'It was a demon wasn't it?' Jaymica asked, she'd had that "feeling."

Victoria nodded slowly. 'Why do they want me? What the hell have I done?' She asked, worried, scared and angry, all at the same time. Angry that she'd never known the truth about this world, her life... And other worlds.

Victoria was thinking about all the possible things her family could be hiding from her. Worried about what little Dylan might really be. Slowly she shook her head and lowered it, as if to look at the floor.

Jaymica was unsure of what to tell Victoria. 'She didn't want to worry her more. 'All I think I can tell you is that your Aunt Krissi is bad news for our people... Well not her personally but, you know... her kind...' Jaymica knew well that Victoria knew what she was talking about, and that she meant "demons"... Victoria nodded.

A small, thin, brown haired lady stormed angrily through the cobblestone streets in the small town in the city where she lived. The Damned City.

She lived here with her Nephew, who was nearing the age of six, and her brother who had lived with them, was now no where to be seen. He'd been gone for weeks.

She was angry with herself. How could she have let her last victim get away so easily? Why didn't she just attack?!

For a Demon Vampire it was unusual not to strike when the urge is that great.

She sighed and shook her head. Turning into a small alleyway she was happy to realize she was almost home.

Only a few more minutes. Up the foggy, surprisingly empty street from the end of the alleyway was the end of her journey.

She turned the cold brass doorknob on the dark wooden door of her cottage-like house on the end of the dimly lit street.

This estate was located just outside the city center and it wasn't a long way to walk at all. She always came back here after seeing to a victim. Here, she wouldn't be found, or suspected.

She walked quietly inside, her nephew's babysitter turned and smiled to greet her. It was almost seven p.m and her nephew was about to be bathed before getting ready for bed.

'Nice day, Krissintha?' The pretty blonde babysitter asked.

'Yes, thank you Samia. Wasn't a bad day at all. Did he behave?' The woman, who's name was Krissintha, asked about her nephew.

'Drynlak had been fine.' Samia smiled. 'I'll make you a drink while you get yourself settled in.'

Krissintha and Drynlak had lived here, The Damned City, for several years, after moving from their old town Forest-Gate.

After Krissintha was settled with a drink and her nephew was playing on the living area floor with his toys, she started to mutter.

'That Victoria will get what's coming to her... She should have stayed out of it, She's just gone and made it worse...' She realized Drynlak was listening.

She leaned forward to him. 'It's because of her that we've had to come back here so suddenly. We needed to hide out, she made me turn. I couldn't risk being seen like that... Soon, people... Humans... will learn about our world...'

Drynlak just nodded. Krissintha was unsure as to whether he even understood what she was talking about but she decided to leave it at that.

'We'll get her... Don't worry.' She told him, and grinned.

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Chapter Seven:

Wars and Weapons.

Part One-

             It was late evening, around eight p.m, and Victoria was just taking a look around this massive Gothic mansion. It was old, you could tell, and the place seemed filled with memories.

The walls in almost each and every corridor were decorated evenly with photographs of who Victoria guessed were all the important leaders and hunters, like this Hagan guy. His picture and name was up there too, with a little paragraph under the photo detailing all of his accomplishments in his life.        

As she stopped to admire his younger, brighter smile, she heard a loud thump, coming from a room across the corridor. She'd wandered up a flight of stairs and down several hallways, turning this way and that, before finally ending up here. From the room, she heard an 'Ouch!' And she knew she recognized that voice... 


She knocked, lightly, and a confused stuttered, 'Come in?'
Victoria opened the door carefully, and popped her head around the door first. Once she'd located him, standing by his bed, she smiled.

'Can I talk to you?' She asked as she walked in.
She walked over to him, looking him in the eye. 'How on earth did I get here? How did he know to come and get me before you did?'

'I was too late... We're not all as good as Hagan, you know?' Jason said, not looking up at Victoria, after breaking the eye contact when she'd started asking questions.

'Well, either way... I'm glad I'm here, where I'm safe.' Victoria admitted, 'Despite how they sometimes act, the girls are quite all right. They... well, Jaymica did a great job at patching me up. They were both lovely.'

Jason chuckled slightly. 'They're not like that with me. They make me patch myself up... "Like a man".' He said, using air quotes and smiling.

'Anyway,' Victoria interrupted. 'Why have I got to stay here? And what the hell did my Aunt turn into?!'

'Always has been a demon. Not "turned into". And as for why you're here, its because here you are protected, safe... And we know you're safe. Nothing can get in here to attack or take you. We can protect you if you have to I'm back. Obviously we would have to take you... I'm sorry.'

'What for?' Victoria asked after a few seconds of confused silence.

'Taking you away from home, your family, your friends... Oh, don't get settled in here.' Jason told her.

'Huh? Why not?' Victoria asked, puzzled. 'Am I not staying here?'

There was a pause of about five seconds long, before Jason plainly said, 'We're taking you somewhere else in two days.'

Part Two -

             'You won't be able to get to her.' Krissintha's friend, Orson, told her that cold night. It was nine P.M and pitch black outside.

'Why is that?' Krissintha asked.

'She's with Hagan. She's staying there with him then they're taking her somewhere else. They've been quite quiet as to where they're taking her.'

'How do you know?'

'Never you mind. But think about it, they'll portal her there. So all we need to do is somehow get close enough to their portal to take the energy and divert it somewhere else while she is on her way through. Hopefully, only Victoria falls through before we put it back to normal.' Orson paused.

He looked up at Krissintha who was nodding along understandingly.

Orson continued.

'They'll get there without her and not have a clue how to get her back, or where she is.' He smiled at his plan. 'How's Drynlak?'

'All right.' Krissintha sighed. 'He's been a little quiet though. Maybe he wanted to stay there, with goody-two-shoes Katalina, living the "normal life." Your plan, though...'

Krissintha paused. Mainly to cough and splutter, but also to have one final think about Orson's grand plan.

'Yes?...' Orson encouraged her to speak.

Krissintha continued, 'Sounds good. I guess it's worth a shot. What chance has she got defending herself against us? And our kind? She's had no training at all.'  Krissintha and Orson chuckled together.


Part Three -

                'For the last time, I don't know yet!' Jason answered Victoria's question for the hundredth time...
Well, it certainly felt like it.

'I'm sure he'll tell you as soon as he knows.' Drake tried to assure her. But all Victoria did was sigh.

Where the hell were they going to take her? Will she be alone? Will all these guys be coming with her? Will they be staying with her?

Neither Jason nor Drake seemed able or willing to answer her right now. Maybe she would just have to ask Hagan... Surely he would tell her.

After Jason randomly springing it on her last night that they would be taking her somewhere different in two days, she was finding it hard to sleep. 

All these questions and worries floating around in her mind, almost screaming at her, stopping her from sleeping.

She hoped it would be one of these fancy cities with the strange, somewhat enchanting, names.

Names that sounded like a safe place to be. Somewhere where she would be safe.  Somewhere where they would train me, just like they keep saying, Victoria thought willfully to herself.

She was starting to warm up to the idea of this training thing.

It was almost midday and Victoria was going to go and explain all she knew to Amber and Gareth, even though she was unsure as to whether she should or not. 

Everyone here seemed to be quite secretive... Maybe she shouldn't tell them everything, just in case.

After all this, Victoria thought, God knows when I'll see Amber and Gareth again. 

The depressing thought washed over her like a tidal wave of sadness and a few tears escaped her sparkling eyes. 

She was now realizing that her old life had completely been destroyed now. Victoria felt lost. Right back to square one...

Wherever "square one" is...

        Orson's plan almost seemed foolproof. Krissintha thought it sounded too easy, and that something had to go wrong.

She was cautious, but only because of how important it was that they get to Victoria, and fast.

The more she hung around Jason and Hagan, the more powerful and knowledgeable she'd become. They couldn't risk that. 

Leader Onyschaki wanted her in one piece, and willing to battle with them, instead of against them.

Hagan couldn't train Victoria, she'd be too powerful. Her heritage, and willpower, she could be one if the Darkworld's best fighters.

Especially if she put her mind to it. 

Anyway, once they'd diverted the portal, Orson, Krissintha and Drynlak were to take her to Onyschaki,

There, Leader Onyschaki would calm her, and make her communicate with them... Tell them all of Hagan's plans.

Little did they know that Victoria didn't actually know any of Hagan's plans. She wouldn't know a thing until he did it...

Part Four -


         Jared was confused. 'I knew I shouldn't have told you to tell me...' He started.

Gareth's friend Jared had turned up unexpectedly, hoping to help out Amber and his friend. Unfortunately, Jared didn't have a clue where to start.

Or whether to believe their story.

'If she's been taken to some "other world" or something, the only thing I can suggest is to wait until she comes back. If any of this is even true, then it's obviously too dangerous for you guys to go chasing after her like that. You could end up dead.' Jared argued.

Jared had always been blunt, because he knew that sometimes the only way to make people realize what's good for them, is to scare them into realizing it.

Go over and over all the worst case scenarios, to squash any hope that there might be something good to come from it all.

It wasn't as if he didn't want Victoria to be safe, but he was trying to be realistic about it. He had to be if no one else was going to be.

Gareth and Amber, for some reason, had it in their heads that they could just chase her into the other world and bring her back.

Unfortunately, that wasn't how it worked, Only Victoria can bring herself back, or be brought back by them. Jared knew this, that's why Gareth asked for his help.

Amber had gone over and over it in her head for hours and eventually drove herself a little insane.

Gareth suggested she slept on it for a little bit, while he waited for Jared to arrive. But Amber insisted on staying up.

She looked awful; So tired and worried.

Pale, almost white, and shaking. Her whole body shaking. Was she getting ill? Or just that worried about Victoria? Now though, she had eventually got too tired to stay up,

'I am going to take that nap you suggested now.' She said to Gareth. 'Wake me in a few hours. Don't leave it too long.'

She began to walk out, to go to bed, when she turned back around, 'And wake me if you find her or anything....' She trailed off, knowing that finding her best friend anytime soon was very unlikely.

 She closed her bedroom door and headed for the bed. She took out the pajamas's that were folded up under her pillow and changed into them.

She then climbed into bed. She was still shaking but she wasn't cold, she ached all over.

The rest should do me good, she thought. Then I can get back to finding my best friend. 

Soon she drifted off, leaving Jared and Gareth to chat in the front room, over a few beers knowing Gareth.

Gareth handed Jared a bottle of beer and sat down on the sofa, opposite the chair where Jared was sitting. The coffee table separating them.

'I really want to help.' Jared said. 'But there really isn't much you guys can do. I could maybe try and locate her, so you know she's all right, but as for bringing her back-' He paused. 'I highly doubt it.'

'Eli knows something. I'm sure of it.' Gareth started. 'She was trying to help, but I just get the feeling there is something she isn't telling us.'

Gareth looked up at Jared, who looked blankly back at him sipping his beer.

'That's where I start then.'

'We.' Gareth corrected him. Then, with a determined look on his face, started to say, 'That's where we start. I'm doing this with you. I promised Amber I would do all I could, and sitting here isn't proving I'm sticking by my word. She's my sister, and she wants her best friend back. I have to find Victoria.'

Part Five -

       Working together, Jason and Hagan made the portal, normally only a one man job, but these guys were in training, so Hagan helped him.

Only two can pass at a time, but once the portal is open, it stays open until whoever made it, closes it.

It was a strange sensation. 

At first, when you step through, it's almost like walking through a thin layer of water, only getting slightly damp and a little cold for a couple seconds. 

Then, as you're being pulled through, it's almost like gravity knows, and wants to show that he has no mercy.

Being tossed this way and that until you reach your destination isn't comfortable and sometimes you can end up landing in a heap, sometimes injuring yourself. Mainly, though, it's a smooth ride.

Jaymica and Drake disappeared through easily first. Then Lushina, who had a bit of a rocky start, went second.

Lastly, Jason, Hagan and Victoria stepped through a few seconds later, after Victoria was told that no matter how much she is tossed around in the portal, to stay calm. 

Which luckily for her, she did. It was not a smooth ride at all. And towards the end, there was a blistering cold breeze and a horrible rotten smell, and Jason knew something somewhere had gone wrong.

Then; thump!

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Chapter Eight.


Part One -

        Jaymica's head hurt, and every time she tried to focus her eyes, she ended up feeling even dizzier. She could feel something warm on her face. Something trickling. She reached up to touch it, and pulled her hand away to find out she was bleeding quite badly.

But, Jaymica couldn't remember anything. Why was she bleeding? And where was she? She must have fallen and bumped her head. As she pulled herself up into the sitting position, she noticed that she wasn't alone...

Lushina lay face-down near an old fashioned stone-featured water fountain, her clothes drenched from the splash-backs of water and the puddles she lay in.

Drake was just getting to his feet when Jaymica spotted him. He leaned against a tall black metal gate. Gently rubbing his head, and dusting off his trousers, he said, 'What the hell just happened?'

Jaymica didn't answer him. Instead, she said, 'Lushina... She isn't moving.' She stared at Lushina's petite frame lying on the ground.

Drake dashed over, trying hard to ignore the pain from the bloody gash across his left knee, He bent down next to Lushina and said, 'We need to get back to Hagan.' He turned to look at Jaymica. 'Fast.'

Together they picked up Lushina, and carried her to shelter, while they tried to make a portal to get back to the Hall. Drake tried and tried but he wasn't able to make one. Jaymica tried. Still nothing.
'Is your wand broke?' Drake asked.

'I bloody well hope not!' Jaymica said. 'Lets try Lushina's.' They searched her pockets for it but they couldn't find it.

'Maybe she dropped it. I'll go look where she fell.'

Drake rushed off to look for Lushina's wand, leaving Jaymica alone with an unconscious Lushina. She was cold, scared, and just wanted to get back, or at least find Hagan.

Part Two -

     'Victoria?' She could hear someone shouting in the distance. She wanted to shout back, but her throat was too dry and only a husky whisper came out.
Where am I? She thought.

She hoped Hagan — or Jason — wasn't far, and that the fog would clear. The voice she could hear shouting her name wasn't Hagan's. But she didn't think it was Jason either. She tried to navigate her way through the fog towards the voice, but kept tripping and slipping on frost and ice. She stopped.
'Hello?' She shouted.

Then Jason's voice came clear. 'Victoria, stay where you are. I'll find you.' As he spoke he sounded as if he was getting further away. Victoria started to panic, thinking he wasn't going to find her.

'Where is Hagan?' She shouted into the fog. She waited for what seemed like a whole minute but was only a few seconds for Jason to reply.

'I don't know. I can't see him.' Jason began to shout for Hagan. But after a few minutes he gave up as he was getting no reply.
They carried on talking to try and find each other by using their voices. They knew they were getting closer to each other but they still couldn't see more than two feet in front of them.

Suddenly a cold hand grasped Victoria's shoulder and she shrieked.
'Sorry.' Jason said. 'Let's try and find the way to Hagan.'

'Where is he?'

'I don't know.' Jason said slowly. 'He must be around here somewhere though.'

They both started shouting Hagan's name but got no reply. Jason could hear Victoria breathing heavily and quick, and knew she was panicking. 'Don't worry. Everything will be OK. Hagan will find us.'

'So we just stand here and wait?' Victoria asked.

Jason nodded. 'I guess so.'

They both sighed and managed to find their way to a bench, next to a grassy patch of land with upturned dirt, the off began to lift unusually quickly.

A stone wall nearby had crumbled down, or been broken down, and out the former of his eye, Jason noticed something thin and long glistening in the rubble. Cautiously he approached and picked it up.

He turned back to Victoria looking bewildered. 'What's the matter?' She asked.

'This...' He held it up. 'Its Lushina's...'

Part Three -

     'Well separating her from Hagan worked but she's still not alone.' Orson said.

'Who is she with?' Krissintha asked as she watched Drynlak dart out of the room after hearing the door open then slam shut. He walked back on with a woman in a red knee-length coat and jet black hair.

'That young Jason.' Orson replied. He turned to see Drynlak and the lady approaching them across the room. 'Ah, Marriane. What brings you here.'

'It's about your separation spell. While it worked, it left my niece severely injured. She's unconscious.' Marriane said with no expression to her face or voice.

'And...' Orson said.

'I thought you were with is on this?' Krissintha said just as emotionless as she felt about Marriane's news.

'And I thought your aim was to get to Victoria. Not try and kill my niece!' Marriane shouted, and Drynlak backed off.

'It's alright sweetie, just wait upstairs in your room.' Krissintha told him.

'I'm sorry but what happened to Lushina isn't our fault. You know its dangerous to interfere with a travelling portal. Someone is bound to get hurt. If they don't, they're extremely lucky... Or clumsy.' Orson said.

Krissintha stood up from her armchair. 'Are you with us or not?'

'Yes, just leave my niece out of it.' Marriane turned on her heel and walked out.

'Well that went better than I thought it would.' Orson shrugged just after the door slammed shut.

'Who's Lushina?' Drynlak had snook back into the room. 'And what did she mean when she said you had hurt her?'

Krissintha explained that Marriane's niece had recently been injured and because she was upset about it,  she was blaming it on everyone else.

Krissintha could tell by the look on Drynlak's face that he didn't believe her, but she smiled and patted his shoulder. He walked away back to the stairs doorway and slowly walked up to his bedroom.

'What do we do then?' Orson asked.

'What do you mean?'

'About Victoria...'

'We can send them to try, but that Jason is quite good at defending himself, and people he cares about.' Krissintha admitted.

'He won't miss her that much, he's only just met her.' Orson said.

'I have a good eye for these types off things... Trust me, he will miss her.' Krissintha was trying to imply something but Orson obviously missed her point, because he shook his head.

'I don't think I get your point.'

'You never do...' She sighed. 'I just suspect he has a "thing" for her.'

'Aw, bless.' Orson said blankly, almost sarcastically. 'I'll go get the gang together and send them to Victoria. Do you know where they are?'


'Jason and Victoria.'

'Just outside Stonewalk Town near the graveyard. How they ended up there I'll never know.' She shook her head. 'As for Lushina, Drake and Jaymica, they are in the churchyard in sacred city.'

Orson left to gather the demons needed to track down Victoria and bring her to them. Once they were onto her, it wouldn't be long before she is found.

Krissintha sat down and rubbed her hands together happily and smiled grimly, eventually Victoria will be out of the way.

Part Four -

     Jason was pacing back and forth with Lushina's wand in his hand. 'I knew something wasn't right.'

'What?' Victoria asked.

'Towards the end of the portal did you notice a horrible smell, like something rotting?''

'I guess but I thought that might have been normal and so I...'

'Normal? Far from it. That smell, that's the aftermath of a demon battle. I knew I recognised that smell... I've caused that smell before. That doesn't explain why Lushina's wand is here. She's been wit us all day, she hasn't been in battle...'

Jason suddenly stopped pacing and looked up open mouthed.

'What's up?'

'This is her old one... A few months ago, we had a battle here, and Lushina lost it. One of our team died here, but that still doesn't explain the smell.'

'I know I don't have any idea what I'm talking about and feel free to tell me to shut up at any time but maybe that demon-y smell means a demon interfered with the portal. Is that possible?' Victoria suggested, feeling a little scared.

'I don't know. Its never happened before, not to me anyway. Maybe... We need to find Hagan, he will definitely know.' Now Jason was worried too. 'It might be that they're trying to separate you from us to either take you or... kill you.'

Victoria's eyes widened. She swiftly stood up and said, 'let's go.'


'Anywhere. Let's just get out of here. Is trying to track me down, maybe it will help us to keep moving, away from here.'

For someone new to all of this, she had a good point, Jason realised. He nodded and they made their way out of what they soon realised was a graveyard.

Some graves had been partially dug up, and tombs smashed open and clearly empty, a eery sight for Victoria. Jason was obviously used to this kind of thing as he didn't seem phased by it at all.

They walked down a cobbled sidewalk, the fog all gone now bit that didn't make them feel any better. There was still an uneasy feeling to the atmosphere. Suddenly from around a corner emerged a tall bearded man. Thankfully it was Hagan.

'I am so glad to see you.' Jason said.

'No time to waste.' He pulled out a wand and made a portal. 'Let's get out of here. We needed to find the others. I feel something bad has happened.'

A portal opened, they stepped in and a second later it closed. The street looked normal again, as if they were never there at all.


     Across the road on the south-side of the churchyard, Lushina was still unconscious, and bleeding heavily...

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Chapter 9:

The Demons Attack.

Part One -

    'Did you see that?' Drake asked.

'See what?' Jaymica didn't know what it was that Drake was supposed to have just seen.

'A flash...' He was breathing heavily. 'Either someone just left or have just arrived.'

'What do you mean?'

'A portal. I'm sure it was a portal.' Drake said.

'Well let's go check it out.'

'We can't leave her here alone.' Drake looked down at Lushina, motionless and bleeding on a churchyard. If they didn't get help soon, she wouldn't make it. 'You wait here, I'll go.' Jaymica nodded and sat on the floor next to Lushina.

'It's OK, we'll get help soon. You'll be fine.' She said even though she knew she wasn't going to be heard.

A few minutes later, Drake came back shaking his head.  'No one around. I wonder what it was.' He said looking back in the direction he saw the flash.

They were stood in silence for a while until they heard a voice shouting their names.  'That's Hagan!' Jaymica smiled.

They shouted back and about two minutes later they saw Hagan walking onto the churchyard.

'Our portal got intercepted. Where are Victoria and Jason?'

Part Two -

      Krissintha was sitting talking to Orson and one of his friends Jay about their plan to take Victoria from Hagan and the others.

'As far as I know, the portal block worked and she has been separated, but she's not alone. She's with that Jason lad. I'm waiting to hear if they managed to get to her yet.'

This time they were gathered in Orson's small home, not far from Krissintha's house. It was on the same cobbled street that always seemed dark.

Walking down that street was a man and a woman, disguised demons, who were on their way to update Krissintha on Victoria's whereabouts.

They approached the front door to Orson's house, and noticed that only one room in there was lit up. 'Someone must be here.' The man said. He knocked loudly on the plain brown wooden door.

A moment later Orson opened door and invited them in. He took them into the sitting room and Krissintha and jay kindly moved to stand so the visitors could take a seat. 'Malie and Jonah, what do you have to tell us?' Orson asked.

Malie was an elderly looking demon but her age didn't bother her. She was as fit now as she was when when was a teenager in training for battles.

Jonah was Malie's husband. They used to live a normal life in the human world, until they heard that the sword and shield had been stolen.

Jonah was even older and only had one arm. He didn't battle anymore, unless he really needed to. He tended to plan battles and attacks then pass on the news to others.

He had known Krissintha for all her life, and her sister Katalina who didn't have much to do with them anymore. Katalina didn't approve of their "violent" lifestyle.

Katalina would rather be on Hagan's side and fight against them. Krissintha and Katalina were the demon version of Victoria's aunts but in this world, that didn't matter. Krissintha knew that the only way of getting the shield and sword back were to destroy Victoria...

'Those kids are so naive.' Malie said shaking her head. 'i would have thought Jason would have know better than to go off with someone in a portal, even if they did look like Hagan.'

'He does know us demons can take the form of other people. Matoki disguised as Hagan was fantastic idea. They didn't think twice about jumping through that portal.' Jonah said.

'So where are they now?' Orson asked.

Part Three -

     'Hagan? Where are we?' Jason said. He turned to Hagan who was standing with his back to them. 'Where have you taken us? Don't tell me this portal got intercepted too.'

Hagan's voice had changed. He had always had a deep, husky voice, but never like this. This voice sounded just like Jason's uncles old friend, Matoki.

But it couldn't be. He was dead. Or so he thought.

Jason and Victoria thought they were imagining things at first when Hagan turned round. His face wasn't Hagan's, the voice wasn't Hagan's. As the face morphed, they watched in silence.

Jason was mentally cursing himself for being so stupid for not questioning the man, even though he did look just like Hagan and sound like him.

'Where are we, you ask?' The man said. 'Well to put it simply, we are somewhere no one will find you. No one will hear you scream. And no one will find your disgusting rotten body when I'm done with you.'

Now the man had stepped into the light and now Jason had heard him speak properly, he knew his first instinct was right. 'Matoki.' He breathed. 'I was told you were dead.'

Jason had forgotten about the ability to morph into other people. Other creatures. It was the only thing they had no defence for.

'Yeah, a lot of people think that. See, that was all a plan. Everyone knows it would be easier for me to get to the bottom of this mess. And find the shield. All I have to do is get rid of you and your pathetic army of vile creatures. Then no one can stop me getting to the one person who can help me find it.'

Jason realised Matoki had his eyes fixed on Victoria.

'Me?' Victoria said quietly.

'All will be revealed, my sweet.' Matoki said, but Jason cut in.

Suddenly his weapon was drawn and a lightening bolt, or that's what it looked like, shot out from the end of it and struck the old man in the chest.

Matoki flew backwards and dropped his weapon, which Victoria had the sudden urge to grab. Which she did. Jason took it from her and used both to send another bone-crunching attack hurtling towards Matoki.

Jason knew he couldn't defeat this man alone. He wished Hagan, or someone, would find them. Fast.

Part Four -

     'We have to find them.' Hagan said, marching backwards and forwards. He had taken Drake, Jaymica and Lushina back to the Gothic mansion that was their temporary home.

'We know that.' Lushina said. Since Hagan had brought her rounds, and healed her wounds in the blink of an eye, they hadn't been able to keep quiet.

'She's making up for the few hours she was unconscious for.' Drake had joked.

'But how? Wee haven't got a clue where that creep would have taken them. Or if they're still alive.'

'Positive thoughts Lushina. Positive. Don't worry, I can get to them, but you must stay here. You can't go getting injured again. Jaymica, you stay here. Drake, you're coming with me.'

'And where are we going?' Drake asked following Hagan out of the room.

Lushina sighed. 'What exactly happened? How did my head get almost bust open?'

'When we were portalling, someone, or something, interfered with it. When we landed you must have hit your head.' Jaymica briefly explained.

'Do you think Jason and Victoria will be OK?' Lushina assumed, sounding uncertain.

'I hope so.'

Hagan was busy looking through a big book. It was old, worn out, crumbling at the spine and faded. Looking at it, Drake estimated it must have had at least a thousand pages. Hagan stood up and said, 'I think I might know who interfered with our portal.'

Hagan was collecting what he needs of his desk. A weapon, his spectacles and a strange lilac coloured stone that Drake had never seen before.

'We're going now?' Drake asked.

Hagan nodded. 'Got everything?'

'Sure have.' Drake replied. One of Hagan's spiral spinning turquoise portals opened up in front of him. And he waited for Hagan to step inside, then he followed.

Lushina and Jaymica were left alone in the huge castle-like mansion. This was the quietest it had ever been in here. They could hear every floor board creak, so silent it was almost scary. 'They can't get in here.' Jaymica reassured herself, unable to admit she was scared.

'And if they do, we can portal to where Hagan just went... Where did they go?' Lushina said.

'He didn't say.'

'Maybe we can't then...' Lushina looked down at the floor and sighed. 'I do wish we weren't alone though.'

'You should eat something. Get your strength back up.' Jaymica told Lushina. 'Trying to keep busy to keep my mind off everything.'

'Just toast will do.' Lushina said as Jaymica started searching the cupboards for something to cook for Lushina. Jaymica nodded and just made a few slices of toast, and some for herself.

Suddenly there was a huge bang, and the whole place shook. The two girls screamed and huddled together and waited for the shaking to stop before venturing out of the kitchen to investigate. They walked slowly and as quietly as they could, even though if a demon was here, they would be able to sense them before heading or seeing them. 'What if there is someone here?' Jaymica said, her voice trembling slightly but she tried to disguise it with a cough.

'Then we try our best to defend ourselves.' Lushina said, but that didn't help. There was only two of them, and normally places like this get attacked by at least five demons. Both girls were shivering and had goosebumps.

They jumped at the slightest noise, and tried to come up with logical explanations for them: floorboards creaking, doors being moved slowly by a craft from somewhere.. Their only other explanation was a demon was present. 'I knew I should have convinced Hagan to stay.' Lushina said.

They had reached the staircase and looked upstairs. The sounds were coming from up there. It was an eery sight, all dark and gloomy, they couldn't see much upstairs so anything could jump out at them before they had chance to get their weapons out to defend themselves. That thought must have been in both their heads as they both drew a steel silver wand looking weapon and walked cautiously upstairs.

The stairs creaked and squeaked, which made them both feel even more uneasy. They looked at each other and began to think they should go back downstairs and try and portal somewhere else. Somewhere safe. Before they could turn around, something pushed Jaymica against the wall with an unimaginable force. She shrieked which made Lushina scream. At the same time, something grabbed Lushina around the throat from behind...

'You're not going anywhere.' A woman's voice said. The voice was blank and expressionless, much like her face was. She was old, and had shoulder-length grey hair with a hint of brown still remaining at the tips. Jaymica and Lushina were still pinned, and could not move. Both of them had dropped their weapons and had no way of defending themselves. What the heck are we going to do? Jaymica thought.

'Matoki told us you were here alone. A perfect time to strike.' The woman smiled, which looked like an unnatural thing for her to do. It looked so forced. 'Without Hagan or drake and Jason here to help you, against us you're pretty much already dead.' She pulled out a wand like Jason's, jagged like a lightening bolt with a lilac tip. Both girls knew that if that touched them, the pain would be unbearable. And they would die.

'Don't worry, your friends are being taken care of. They are so stupid. So naïve. Jason led Victoria right into our trap. He put her in danger.' The woman must have noticed that her two victims looked confused, so she explained, 'our friend Matoki has them. He decided that disguising as Hagan would work to get them alone. And it did! Soon, Jason will be dead and Victoria will be coming to Etron with us.' She chuckled evilly. 

'You won't succeed.' Lushina said, suddenly feeling brave. 'Hagan will come back to us. He knows when we need him. Until then, we can put up a could enough fight to survive... Besides, I've heard you're not even that powerful...' Lushina said, smirking at the woman, trying to annoy her enough to make the first move and fight. It worked.

The woman lunger forward with a weapon similar to Jason's jagged blade. This one was emerald green and was shining a pinkish purple colour at the tip. A bolt of dark purple light hissed its way towards Jaymica's chest and she fell hard against the wall, knocking down several pictures and paintings.
The two demons pinning Jaymica and Lushina let go and sprung into battle.

Red, blue and purple bolts started flying around, and blue explosions and loud bangs filled the corridor. Pained shrieks and groans followed the attacks and soon enough Jaymica had reduced one demon to black dust. Lushina had done the same to another of the male demons.

From out of nowhere, two more demons, at least seven foot in height jumped in front of the two girls knocking them over. Lushina took a blow of red light to the stomach and lay there motionless for a minute. Jaymica attacked the demon with her weapon from the floor and that one disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke. Only the woman left to go.

Jaymica was unsure if she could carry on, she was in incredible pain and cold barely move her arms. Her chest and stomach were bleeding and she felt dizzy. The woman demon knocked Lushina's weapon from her hand and started to back her up against the wall.

But Lushina had hidden a blade in the waistband of her trousers, so she secretly reached for it and stabbed the woman in the throat with it. Black blood squirted out from the hole but more damage would need to be done to kill her. She. Was about to strike again, when there was a bright blue flash and the woman disappeared.

Part Five.

     Drake and Hagan landed in front of Matoki, leaving Jason and Victoria speechless. How did he find us? Jason thought.

'Your lad here puts up a good fight. You've trained him well.' Matoki said.

'Thank you, Matoki, but now is not the time for your so-called compliments. Now is the time for you to finally die.' Hagan said.

Hagan might not be as nimble and quick as he used to be, but he was still the wrong person to mess with.

He had a blade in one hand and a wand in the other, his was glowing a gold colour and shot out a green bolt of, what looked like, lightening. It exploded against Matoki's head, which then emitted a green gunge that Victoria later learned was meant to be blood.

Drake darted behind Matoki, and Jason followed and they both plunged their blades into his back. Matoki fell forward towards Hagan who them stabbed him in the chest with his blade.

Matoki let out a awfully high pitched squeal, much like that demon boy had in the alleyway on the night of Amber's party. Again, Victoria had to cover her ears and when she released, she had a high pitched tone running through her ears for several minutes. She couldn't hear anything else.

Hagan, Drake and Jason didn't even flinch at the noise this demon made. Instead they looked incredibly satisfied with themselves.

Matoki crumbled down to the ground, and his body began smoking. After several minutes, the body turned to dust, and Hagan simply kicked it away. 'Scum.' He muttered.

He then turned to Victoria, who was shaking and open mouthed. 'That... Was amazing.' She breathed.

'Yes, now let's go. Lushina and Jaymica need me.' Hagan said.
How does he know this stuff? Victoria wondered, as Hagan waved a third wand in the air, making patterns and shapes and muttering some kind of chant under his breath.
A portal appeared.

Jason grabbed Victoria and jumped through and did not let go until they landed. 'No way are we getting separated again.' He said. Then he looked up and noticed that Lushina was against the wall, and a demon stood on front of her. He froze.

Hagan appeared and shot a bolt of gold light at her. It all happened within a split second.

The woman disappeared with a blue flash and a cloud of grey dust, and everything settled down, and the building was quiet again, the only sounds were the heavy breathing of Lushina and the pained groans from Jaymica.

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Is it Drake? Lushina? Eli? Jaymica? Or Gareth? Find out in Chapter 10!


Chapter 10.

Explanations and Truths.

Part One -

     The next day with everyone safe, and patched up, and before they headed off to the Sacred City, Jason, Jaymica, Lushina and Drake sat Victoria down in their tiny kitchen and decided to ask her a few questions.

Lushina wanted to know what had made Victoria want to follow them that night into the alleyway, why she felt so drawn to them. Victoria couldn't answer that. She just told them that she genuinely didn't know what it was, but she felt she had to find out for herself what was going on, so followed them.

'So are you going to explain why Hagan brought you back here all covered in blood the other day? What happened? I thought that demon let you go without hurting you.' Jason asked.

'Maybe she doesn't want to talk about it.' Drake said.

'But it might be something we need to be aware of.' Jaymica said. 'Why did you tell us it didn't hurt you.'

'It didn't hurt me... After it let me go, I woke up near the Swan Pond, and...'

'You don't have to tell us Victoria.' Drake said.

'No, its OK... Well I tried to get to Amber but she wasn't in at hers, so I walked to Gareth's. Amber's brother. He wasn't in either so I waited on his doorstep for him. Eventually he got back and let me in. He called Amber and she came right over, and I ended up staying there for a while until Gareth ran out of milk, so like an idiot I offered to go to the shop for him. And something attacked me. It was just violent. None of this magical stuff, wands and lightening, it just kept hitting me and throwing me around...' Victoria lifted her shirt and revealed a huge black and purple bruise that covered her ribs. 'I don't know what made it stop, but I'm glad it did. I would be dead by now, I know it.'

'Hagan would have frightened it off.' Jason said.

'I didn't see him there until a few minutes after this thing left.'

'You wouldn't have. He would have been waiting, making sure nothing else was coming to get you.' Lushina said.

'And you're sure it wasn't the same thing that threatened you?' Jaymica asked.

Victoria nodded. 'That thing that threatened me didn't have any eyes, white skin and unbelievably skinny. This thing was... Ugly. Dull boring eyes, grey skin and long thin fingers, with really sharp nails.' She showed them the scratches the thing left on her back. 'What was it?'

'Some kind of demon. From how you described it, it sounds like the one who threatened you was a Demon Angel. They're kind of in between.' Lushina said.

'What do you mean?'

'You shouldn't be explaining this to her. Someone else should, when she's more settled in and familiar with everything.' Drake said. Something made Victoria think that drake didn't want her. To know something. But she didn't know what.

'I'd like to know, thanks.' Victoria said sharply. Drake got up and walked out of the room. 'What's his problem?'

'Probably just jealous because there's someone new here. He's a bit childish like that. And no offence but he thought that you were just going to get in the way... I see what he means because no one would have got attacked if you hadn't seen what you saw in the alleyway, and if you weren't here but its safer for you to be here than out there. You're protected here.' Lushina explained.

Victoria nodded understandably and said, 'I get that. So what do you mean by in-between?'

'The mean well, they're on our side, but they go about it the wrong way. They're arrogant, obnoxious, loud and threatening sometimes. The reason it didn't hurt you is because it would have wanted everyone to be safe and everything to go back to normal. And thought the only way to do that is by threatening you away from here. I'm glad it didn't work.' Jaymica said.

'Wonder who it was then?' Lushina said.

'Demon Angels look like demons when they present themselves to someone, but any other time they look completely normal, like us. Its hard to tell sometimes who it is. The only way to find out would be force someone to admit its them.' Jason explained. Somehow, even in this strange, confusing world, Jason seemed to make everything make sense. Strangely, she understood.

Part Two -

     For the past day and a half, Gareth and Amber had been frantically trying to fond Victoria. Her phone kept going straight to voicemail. 'Why did I let her go out alone the other night?' Gareth cursed himself.

'Its not your fault. I bet that Jason guy is with her... I don't know why she was so obsessed with those lot. If she'd have just stayed at the club, none of this would have happened.' Amber reassured him.

'I know that. But still, after what happened, how could I let her walk around alone at night?!' Gareth was so angry with himself, but Amber was beginning to understand more about Jason...

She had been going to see Eli and Ella, her two cousins who seem to know all about Jason, Hagan and their kind. They had explained that Victoria would be safe, and for them not to worry about her. But how can they be so sure? Amber had wondered. She knew there was something her cousins weren't telling her, and she vowed to find out what it was.

They were in their uncles Volkswagen, driving to Eli's flat, where Amber was intent on getting the truth.  They pulled up, rather noisily, outside the block of flats, and saw Eli peeking through the curtain. 'She's in,' Amber said. A few minutes later they were knocking on Eli's door.

Eli let them in. In the front room there was the strange brown haired boy that Amber had met briefly before, and Ella. Gareth and Amber sat down. Amber knew what she wanted to ask, but didn't know where to start, so she simply came out with it. 'How do you know so much about those guys? And I want the truth. I know when you're lying to me.'

Eli and Ella looked at each other. The kind of look that implied that they were contemplating telling the truth. Amber looked at Ella, ten back to Eli, 'well?'

'OK, I'll tell you. But don't get mad, and don't keep butting in. Its a long story.' Eli said, and waited for Amber to nod before continuing. 'Right so, remember last year when in went to stay with my half sister Samia for a week? Well the reason for that was because I witnessed something similar to what Victoria saw. That Jason guy was worried about the fact that I could see the demons but claimed i knew nothing about them. So like he has with Victoria, he took me to their world, to meet Hagan and his father. They trained me up and taught me about why the demons are after them.'

'And?...' Gareth said.

'And what?' Ella asked.

'Well one week? I think it would have took longer than that.'

'I keep going back. Like Victoria probably will. When I go to visit, I go to Sacred City, for more training.' Eli said. 'And so does Ella.'

'Did they explain why you could see the demons?' Amber asked.

'Because I'm one of them. And so is Ella.'

'While we were there, we ended up getting taken by the demons and found out that some shield is the reason they're all fighting. The, let's say, bad demons want it, but Hagan's lot have it. Apparently that's where it should be. It belonged to their leader, but it has some magical power to it and that's why the demons want it.'

'So Victoria is one of them too?' Amber asked, shocked.

'Seems that way.' Ella said.


'Her dad. Caleb. He was one of the ones who wanted the shield. And recently Sacred City has been attacked, and a few people died, including Jason's best friend. I know all to well that he will be on the warpath and want to battle anyone to get revenge. Its a dangerous world, but she will be trained by the best. I can go and see her, make sure she's all right for you I guess.'

Amber nodded eagerly. 'Please. And tell her I miss her.'

Part Three —

     Krissintha was eagerly awaiting information on Victoria's whereabouts. Orson had stayed with her while Malie and her husband went off to "take care of some business".

When Jonah came running intro Orson's home, he was clearly upset.

'What's the matter?' Krissintha asked.

'Its Malie, that stupid Hagan killed her. They are more powerful than I thought.' Jonah stressed and sat down. He pit his head in his hands. 'The raven demons are gone too, the four she took with her. I don't know how they managed it.'

'So Victoria isn't with Matoki. He failed?' Krissintha asked, clearly only bothered about getting to Victoria.

'Matoki is dead too. Where was the portal heading when you intercepted it?'

'Looked like they were heading to Sacred City.' Orson said.

'Damn. We can't get in there. They've recently put up more stronger defense charms. Matoki already tried breaking them but couldn't, and there is no way we can do it.'

'No way we can get to Victoria?' Krissintha was obviously getting angry now. And Jonah shook his head. 'Well what are you going to do about it?'

'Me? Why is this my fault? Its not my fault that Jason, Drake and Hagan killed Matoki, or Malie.'

'You know what to do.'

'But you wanted to do this, so you fix it.' Jonah left, rather angrily.

'We are still no closer to her or the shield.' Orson said.

'Don't you think I know that? We will have to give up for now, and wait till they're vulnerable.' Krissintha left it at that. 'I know they aren't in Sacred City yet, but they'll be prepared for more attacks. Better wait until they least expect it.'

Outside, there was a huge storm brewing, Krissintha loved them. Her and Drynlak were always at the windows watching the lightening.

A storm was usually the best time to strike, Krissintha thought. Most people were too busy being distracted by the noise of the storm to realise what was really happening. And sometimes, she had been told, it interfered with their cities defenses.

Hopefully the storm would hold off until Hagan decided to try and take Victoria to Sacred City again. Maybe this time if she blocked the portal, then the storm came, they wouldn't be able to portal back to each other, like they did before.

She just needed to get Jonah back on her side. Only he knew if they were portalling again. He was the only person who had that ability. The only others were Malie and Matoki, and now they were both dead. She left the house.

He can't be that far away, she thought. Besides, she knew his home was only five minutes away. She found him after ten minutes of knocking on his front door.

He had been sat on a stone bench in a graveyard. It was foggy outside, and she could see his breath in the air. She sat down beside him but didn't say anything. She could feel him shivering and snuffling.

After a  moments of silence, she said, 'come back. I'll make you a warm drink.' But he didn't answer. 'And we need to talk.'

    Once back in the warmth of Krissintha's home, she told him why she needed him. 'Am I right on thinking that you don't really care about what's just happened? All you want is to get to that girl.' He sounded hurt and upset.

'Of course I care. Me and Malie were close... Once upon a time.' She smiled. 'But the real importance here is to get that shield before their lot get to it and wipe us out. Do you want to die, Jonah? No, I don't think so. And neither do I. So will you help us?'

Jonah sighed, 'fine. But after I help you, I'm staying out of it all. Its too dangerous.'

Krissintha nodded. 'OK, that's fine. Thank you.'

Part Four -

     Lushina was confused. What on earth has gotten into him?! She had been talking to Drake about Victoria. He was adamant that there was something she was hiding, but Lushina thought it was him who wasn't telling the whole truth.

She had asked him why he got upset when Victoria wanted to know about the demons, why he stormed out.  'I was just a bit, uneasy about it. I thought she was just going to get in the way. Since she arrived here, people and places keep getting getting attacked. And its because of her. But now I know why.'

Hagan had told him why it is important to keep Victoria safe. 'I know she's one of us, but i didn't realise she was Caleb's daughter. I didn't know we need her to get the shield. I guess in was just...'

'Jealous?' Lushina had cut in.

'Jealous? Of what?'

'The fact that she is important, she will be the main focus now. Training, teaching her the differences of demons, bringing her powers and skills to the surface. For eighteen years she has been brought up as a human, she knows nothing other than what we've told her about our world. I remember all my training...' She paused. 'About telling the differences. Sometimes there is no way we can sense them, we have to guess by taking note of their characteristics, the way they are...' She looked up at him. 'You are hiding something, Drakey,' her nickname for him.

'Hiding what then? You think you're so clever, you explain to me what I'm hiding because I don't know.' Drake was getting upset.

'You know damn well what I'm talking about.' Lushina said, and that was when Drake walked out.

She would get the truth.
Before someone got hurt.

She got startled by Jaymica bursting in. 'Everything all right? Just got blanked by Drake. You two had an argument?'

'You should sit down.' Lushina said. Now Jaymica knew something was wrong.

     Drake was in his room, when Hagan came in, uninvited. 'Do we have chance to talk?' He asked.

Drake shrugged. 'Guess so.'

'When I went to get Victoria the other day...'

'Why is it all about her? Victoria this, Victoria that. Victoria, Victoria, Victoria. Will everyone just shut up about...'

'Sit down Drake. This isn't about her, its about you. And I don't believe its us who are obsessed with her, is it? Its you.' Hagan said, seemingly speaking in riddles.

'Get to it.'

'Do you have any idea what it was that threatened her?' Hagan asked.

'Ask Jason. He's the "expert".' Drake had a serious attitude about him.

'Come on, Drake. Just be honest. Be honest with the people who already know the truth.'

'What?' Drake asked.

'Me and Lushina. We aren't stupid, you know? And neither are you. You know what I'm talking about. So some on, talk.' Hagan said. 'And once you've admitted it to me, you can tell the others, including Victoria.'

A few hours later, after Victoria had been for a meeting with Tria to discuss her training, they were all gathered in the living area of the mansion, with a big open fire burning and a large antique looking lamp on in the corner.

Jason was sat chatting to Lushina while Victoria sat with Jaymica talking about the meeting with Tria. 'I still can't get my head around this. All this stuff is like from a film it book, not real life. I'm half-expecting to wake up and it all be a dream.'

'Well you're not going to wake up, and its not a dream... This is real life, and you're going to have to start getting your head round it and quick. Before we go to the city.'

'When are we leaving again?'

'Tomorrow, at noon.' Jaymica said.

'So I have tonight to get used to it all?'

'Yup, pretty much.' Jaymica laughed. 'We are all here to help you.'

Drake was quiet, just staring out of the window. 'What's the matter with you."' Jason had come over and spoke to him, making him jump.

'Nothing.' Drake paused. 'Well there is something. But... I- It's nothing.'

'Its definitely something.' Jason said, but walked away. Jason didn't want to pressure Drake into telling him anything, but he knew something wasn't right.

Hagan came in with a thick book and pulled off his spectacles. 'Everything OK?' He asked, looking at Drake, who nodded.

Hagan walked over to Drake who was still sitting by the window. 'You need to tell them. Or Victoria at least. She thinks she can first us, and she can. But if you carry on lying to her, she won't be able to trust us anymore. I'm not willing to risk everything because you can't tell the truth.'

'I will. I can't just blurt it out! It has to come up in conversation, I'm not just going to come out with it.'

'Well I'll give you a hand then.' Hagan stood up. 'Victoria, may I have a word?'

'Of course.' Victoria walked over to where Drake and Hagan were standing.

'I'd like to talk to you about that demon that took you.' Hagan said. He saw the look of shock on Victoria's face, so added, 'it's nothing for you to worry about, dear. But there is something you should know. When Jason was explaining to you what kind of demon it was, he was wrong. It was what we call a Angline.'

'Which is...' Victoria waited for Hagan to elaborate, but it was Drake that spoke next.

'A Demon Angel.' Drake sighed. 'Angline Demons are not really evil. Not the kind we normally fight. They're like a warning sign. They will carry out their threats if they feel it's necessary. But they are here to protect us. Make sure no nasty creatures and demons make their way to our cities or homes.'

'What did it want with me then? I'm not a weird demon.'

'No but it thought that because you are here, we would get attacked. Which we did. And that's because you are here. It knows that now the demons can easily get to you in our world, and that the shield can be found now,' by this point Hagan had walked away, leaving Drake to his confession. 'It wanted you out of the way, selfishly, because we are in danger now.'

'Wait. How do you know what it was thinking?' Victoria asked.

'Because it was me... I'm sorry.' Drake felt much better that she knew the truth.

'What?! It was you? You made me think I was going to die! You selfish arse... So everyone knew but me?' Victoria had rose her voice and now everyone had turned to look at her.

'No, actually only Hagan and Lushina know, but they've only just figured it out.'

Jason was walking over slowly. 'It was you all along? Why didn't you ever tell us? We trusted you, and now we all know you've lied to us all these years!' Jason was close to Drake. So close their foreheads nearly touched.

'I said I'm sorry. This is the first time its happened. When it happens I normally can't control it. Its like something just comes over me and then don't realise I've changed into... That... Until I change back. I just wanted you guys to be safe.'

'What does Hagan think of this?' Jason asked.

'He made me come clean. He said I have to make sure if it happens again I tell him right away.'

'That's it? You're some kind of demon!' Victoria raged.

'But on different. Not like the others. I promise I'm not here to hurt anyone. If I was, I would have done it by now.'

Victoria sighed and turned to Jason. 'What time is it?'

'Nearly nine p.m.'

'I need to sleep. I'm going to bed. Wake me tomorrow when we are ready to leave.' Victoria walked out and up the stairs. Along the narrow corridor, she still wasn't sure if that really just happened.

As the hallway got darker, she became more and more engrossed in thinking about what Drake just told her that she stumbled into a table up against the wall, knocking over a picture in a frame and a glass vase, empty. She put it back how she thought it had been, and opened the door to her little room, with just a bed and a desk in there.

She closed the door, drew the curtains and sat on the end of her bed for a moment before getting into her night clothes. It didn't take long at all to fall asleep, but everyone else was still too wide awake to even think about going to bed yet.

Downstairs Jaymica was furious that she found out from Lushina about Drake, instead of him being honest when they all first met. It was Drake who left to go to bed early, but before he did, he stopped in at Hagan's office. 'Now everyone hates me.'

'They'll come around.' Hagan said, clearly not happy still.

'How did you never know?' Drake asked him.

'I always knew. But you'd never had an episode, but now you have, it might start happening more, so its best for everyone to be aware. Now I have a question. Why didn't you ever tell us?'

'Thought you might disown me or something.'

'Don't be silly, boy. You lied, big deal. You're not evil. Now, leave me be kidda, I've got something I need to be cracking on with. Be ready at noon to leave.' Hagan smiled.

Drake nodded and smiled back, 'OK, thank you Hagan.' He quietly closed Hagan's office door and walked almost silently to his room, cursing himself every step of the way for not being honest.

Now he's got to make it up to them all. They'll come around, Hagan had said, and Drake was sure that they would. After all, he was only looking out for them all.

Next: Chapter 11- Moving To Sacred City.




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