Aftermath. Chapter sixteen...



The thought of Shaun being in my life took the sting out of giving up my home...

  The thought of Shaun coming into my life took the sting out of giving up my home and twenty-eight years of marriage.

  We began to text each other every time I was at work. And when he asked me when we could meet up I had backed out, saying I wanted to wait till the house was sold. I was terrified the kids would find out that their mother was already seeing another man and still terrified Dan would find out, even though he was in touch with another woman.

   I wanted to wait for us to be together, and shout it from the rooftops if I wanted to. I had been patient for all those long years: surely we could wait another few months? And it wasn't long before we did sell the house. While packing, that was the day it truly hit me.

  August 2010...Closing the front door behind me, I never looked back... With a black plastic bin liner, I walked away with the last of my clothes. There was no going back. With my head held high I knocked on my friend's door determined to be strong ... but once I saw her I collapsed into her arms sobbing.

  "I can't believe you've actually done it ... that beautiful house you've left. My God you're a stronger woman than me." she said, with her arms around my shoulders.

  Following her into the back bedroom I had visions of the new owners admiring the views, standing on the decking with their glasses of wine just like I had ... and here I was homeless and dossing down for a few nights at my friend's house.

  But it wasn't just that. I hadn't heard from Shaun for a while, not since I said I couldn't meet him.  I think he thought I never had the intentions of leaving my marital home. He had heard it all before. To be cont...

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