The Demon Hunters Shield (chapters 1 to 5)



Victoria Hyde unexpectedly had to leave behind her old life when she witnessed something otherworldly and strange, and also horrifying, at her best friends birthday party. She is led to a different world where demons, vampires and magic actually exist...

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Chapter One:

The Birthday Bash.

Part One

     As coffee was brewing and breakfast cooked, Victoria Hyde woke up to her Aunt Kathline shouting her name up the stairs. She groaned and climbed lazily out of bed. She checked her cell phone for the time.

Why on earth am I being woken up at half past eight in the morning, on a Monday?! Victoria thought.

After throwing on a dressing gown, she headed downstairs to her aunt. 'What's wrong?' she asked as she stumbled sleepily into the kitchen.

'I've been called into work. One of the other carers has called in sick so they've asked me to go in. I need you to watch Dylan until my sister arrives to have him for the afternoon.' Victoria's Aunt Kathline said.
Aunt Kathline had taken Victoria in when she was three years old, when her parents died. Kathline's brother Caleb, was Victoria's father. She had been living with her Aunt and uncle, with her cousin Dylan for almost 15 years.

Dylan was Victoria's five year old cousin, who, as much as he was a pain in her ass sometimes, he was also adorable. 'OK.' Victoria agreed to watch Dylan for a few hours. 'What time is Aunt Krissi coming over?' She asked.

'Around Mid-day.' Kathline answered as she finished off buttering four slices of toast and put them on a plate in the middle of the kitchen table for Victoria and Dylan. 'If you want anything else, you'll have to do it yourself, because I'm almost late.'

'OK, I'll get Dylan up.' Victoria said. 'You get going to work.' She added as her Aunt Kathline picked up her car keys to leave for work.
Victoria helped herself to a slice of toast while she walked back upstairs to wake Dylan. But he was already awake. Sitting upright on the edge of his bed. Still in his pyjamas though.

'You only just woke up?' Victoria asked softly. Dylan nodded. 'Well, your mom had to leave for work urgently, she made toast for you, it's on the table downstairs. Aunt Krissi is coming over later, around twelve to look after you for the day.'
Dylan had started dressing by this point, and after he'd slipped on his Spiderman slippers, he passed Victoria at the doorway, not saying a word. What's wrong with him? Victoria wondered.

Probably just still tired.

Victoria went into her room to change out of her dressing gown and pyjamas. She chose to wear a plain black vest top, and a pair of dark coloured baggy denim jeans. She pulled her long — almost waist length, curly — black hair into a pony tail and went back downstairs.
Dylan had clearly claimed the last three slices of toast, so Victoria made herself more. It's too early to be doing anything else... Apart from coffee.

So Victoria made herself a coffee and sat at the kitchen table eating her toast. In the background, from the living room where Dylan was, she could hear the morning cartoons he was watching, but he, himself, was absolutely silent. He hadn't even dropped or broken anything yet. Victoria decided to get up, walk to the living room doorway and see if he was all right. He was sat on the edge of the sofa, staring silently at the television. 'Are you all right, Dylan?' She asked. He turned and nodded.

'Yes. I'm fine, why?' He asked.

'Nothing, you just seemed a little quiet, maybe upset. That's all.' Victoria replied.

'No. I'm OK.' He said. He turned back to watching the TV. Now he seems fine... Maybe he was just tired after all.

Victoria checked her phone. It was 9.20a.m and she'd already had a missed call. It was from her best friend Amber. Today was Amber's eighteenth birthday and Victoria had completely forgotten to call her in the morning like she'd promised.
Never mind, I never specified what time in the morning I'd call. Victoria thought.
She finished her coffee and toast before calling Amber back. As Amber answered the phone, Victoria said, 'Happy Birthday, Freckle-face!' She grinned widely and chuckled.

Amber and Victoria had grown up together, and since they could even remember, Amber had always been covered with freckles. 'They're a sign of beauty.' She always protested. Just as she did on the phone to Victoria this morning. 'But thanks!' She laughed.

'So have you decided exactly what's happening tonight?' Victoria asked.

'I'll come over and explain.' Amber said, quickly. 'Give me forty-five minutes and I'll be there.'

'OK see you soon.' Victoria replied and hung up. At least she wouldn't be stuck on her own with Dylan now.
At quarter past ten on the dot, Amber pulled up outside Victoria's home and slammed the door of her uncle's white Volkswagen. A few seconds later, the doorbell rang. Victoria was already on her way to answer the door to Amber and when she did, she huddled her inside. Victoria was anxious to know where the party would be, Amber had been waiting till today to surprise her.

Turns out, Amber's brother had booked her party at the best nightclub in town. 'Awesome! Sounds fun!' She said after Amber explained about the party. 'What time?'

'I'm thinking be ready for half past eight. Me and Gareth will come pick you up and we'll be there for nine. I think that's what time everyone else is arriving.' Amber explained to Victoria.

'OK, I hope I can still made it.' Victoria said. her friends face faded from a smile to a look that said she was almost about to cry.

'What? Why wouldn't you be able to come still?' Amber asked, worried.

'I'm kidding! I'll be there!' Victoria smiled.

After almost two hours of trying to decide what to wear for the party, drinking coffee, and talking about which boys will be there, mainly Amber, they were interrupted by the doorbell. They had been sat at the top of the living room at the small table, so she could still keep and eye on Dylan as they chatted. The living room and dining room were pretty much the same room. It was just a big room. As Victoria opened the door, her aunt Krissi beamed a flashing white smile at the two girls. 'Hello!' She said, almost sang. 'Amber, I got a card for you.' She smiled.

'Oh... Thanks! You didn't have to.' Amber smiled as she thanked the woman.

'Don't be silly! Why wouldn't I get one?! Anyway, how and where is the little man?' Aunt Krissi asked, turning back to Victoria.

'In the living room watching the Spiderman films... Again.' Victoria told her.

'Oh, dear. Not again. He'll know the script soon enough!' Krissi went into the front room to see her nephew, who hadn't even realized she'd arrived. Amber and Victoria then went up to Victoria's room, while her Aunt made Dylan some dinner and settled down on the sofa with him.

'Max is coming tonight!' Amber said excitedly as soon as the door had closed behind Victoria.

'Really? How did that happen?' Victoria asked. ' thought you were too shy to talk to him.' She teased her best friend about her shyness.

'Gareth mentioned something to him at college.' Amber said. 'Apparently he agreed to come, and he'd bring a few friends.' She smiled. Gareth was Amber's brother.

He was two years older than the girls and Max but they both studied music in college. Amber had a crush on Max since she first saw him at school in her English Literature class. She'd never spoken to him, but tonight she had a chance.

'Maybe I should just get really drunk and talk to him.' Amber suggested after a few minutes of silence.

'If you wanna talk to him, I don't think getting drunk is the best way to go about it.' Victoria advised. 'A drunken slur is not going to sway him if you're gonna try and ask him out.' She laughed. 'Just suck it up and talk to him... Sober.'

'Do you have a date to bring with you?' Amber asked.

'Course not! As if! Since when do I get dates?' Victoria said.

'You're bound to find someone. Hey, maybe Max has some hot friends from college that he'll bring tonight. If not, maybe my brother has...' Amber said, smirking at her friend.

Two p.m came and Amber was leaving to go for a birthday meal with her family, then a shower before getting ready for her party. Victoria stayed at home and got herself ready. She showered, changed and waited for Gareth to pick her up.

Part Two -


Gareth drove Amber carefully to Victoria's house, and waited in the car while Amber went to get Victoria. She soon came outside, in her long dress and no coat, even though it was going to be a chilly evening. As they pulled up outside the nightclub, Gareth decided to go park his car outside his friends house, just up the road. He would come back in the morning to get it. Tonight though, they were walking home. No way was he driving drunk!

The bouncers standing outside let the birthday girl and Victoria in with no problem, almost everyone else had to prove their age, luckily a lot of them looked old enough anyway.

As Amber and Victoria entered the room where the dance-floor was, blue, red, green and orange flashing lights blinded them. Bright strobe lights flashed, and the DJ tested out his smoke machine. He was standing in his own little booth at the far end of the dance-floor. Amber chocked and spluttered and they moved away from the smoke for a while.

Gareth came back around the same time as everyone else was let in. Victoria looked around at all the happy, soon to be drunken, faces in the room, and Amber was looking for this Max guy. Max stood silently in the corner near the DJ booth. Victoria was the one to notice him, so she pointed him out to Amber, she then blushed a rich red colour. 'He's over there!' Victoria had had to shout over the deafening club music.

'Shall I go over?' She asked her friend.

'That's your choice.' Victoria said, hoping Amber would just get it over and done with. She'd been banging on about this guy for years! Amber quickly hugged Victoria before darting off to talk to Max.

Victoria was left standing with Gareth, who then offered to go to the bar and get a drink for her. She accepted his offer and waited there for him to return. After he did, they had a drink and a friendly dance, until Gareth saw his friends from college show up. 'Hold on. I'll be back in a bit.' He said to her.

Victoria had once again been left to dance alone. until she spotted Jayanne, a girl from school that Victoria used to be good friends with. They never fell out, they just grew apart after school. Victoria decided to go over and say hello.
'Hey!' Jayanne smiled as she turned to see who had tapped her shoulder. 'Vicky, how are you?' She asked.

'I'm fine, how are you?' Victoria replied politely.

'I'm great!' Jayanne turned around to pay the barman, and picked up her drink. 'Wanna come dance?' She asked Victoria, gesturing towards the dance-floor.

Victoria nodded and followed Jayanne through the crowd of dancing people. Jayanne turned to her. 'How's the birthday girl?'

'Nervous.' Victoria said. Seeing Jayanne's confusion, she decided to explain. 'Well there's this guy she liked for years and she's gone to talk to him.' She looked around to find them. 'Over there.' She pointed.

Jayanne followed Victoria's finger till she spotted Amber and Max.

'Other than that, she's fine.' Victoria said.

Victoria glanced back to the dance-floor, wondering why they'd stopped. 'Come on, we're meant to be dancing.' She said happily.

As they stumbled further across the dance-floor, a boy with spiky black hair, accidentally, elbowed Jayanne, right in the ribs.

He quickly turned to see who he'd hit and said, 'I'm so sorry. I didn't hurt you did I?' He asked, putting a hand on Jayanne's shoulder.

'No, it's OK.' Jayanne smiled. 'I'm fine.' Victoria and Jayanne continued on their way to a space in the dance-floor, just a gap large enough for them to dance in. They put their drinks down on a nearby table. Amber joined them a few minutes later, seeming pleased with herself.

'I got his number! I got Max's freaking number!' Amber squealed.

'That's awesome!' Victoria said. 'You dancing with us?' She asked amber.

'Of course.' Amber joined their little group and danced her eighteenth birthday away with her friends. Victoria looked around the room again, there were a lot of people here she didn't recognize.

Must be people Amber's family knows... Or Gareth's friends of friends from college. She spotted Amber's two cousins, Ella and Eli, who were twins.

Dancing with the spiky haired boy who had accidentally elbowed Jayanne was two girls, one blonde and one with dark purple hair.
With them was another boy with dirty blond hair, which he wore in a windswept, surfer-guy kind of style.

The blonde girl, Victoria recognized as Jaymee Swift, a girl who had been in her Science classes at school. The others, though, she did not recognize. They must be her friends.

'Nope. Not a clue.' Said Amber after Victoria had asked if she knew any of them. 'But never mind, they're not causing any harm to anyone.'

Victoria kept her eyes on this crowd all night, something about them gripped her attention. It could have been the outstanding beauty of the blonde haired girl, or the gorgeousness of the blond haired boy. Jaymee had fair skin, a pale complexion but dark eyes. They were a murky green colour. The blond surfer-looking guy was also fair skinned, with barely any blemishes whatsoever. According to Jayanne, she looked like the son of the Gods.
Both girls stared intently at him, but both for different reasons.

Jayanne was quickly distracted when Amber waved her hands in front of the other girls' faces. Victoria, however, didn't even blink. When Jayanne and Amber finally got her attention she said, 'Sorry. I was in my own little world.' She laughed.

'We noticed.' Said Jayanne. 'Want a drink?' She asked Victoria and Amber, who nodded.

Jayanne went to buy the round of drinks, and as she was doing so, Amber went to speak with one of her friends from her childhood, and Victoria decided she'd go over to the group of angel faced teenagers.
All four of them had brilliantly fair skin, eyes that sparkled like diamonds and the guys were exceptionally toned.

The two girls were beautiful, in their long flowing dresses. The blonde girl was wearing a white dress decorated with black butterflies.
The other girl was wearing a black dress, the top in the style of a corset. Laced up and tight. The guy with black hair had piercing green eyes and was wearing a black leather jacket and black denim jeans.

As she looked at them, Victoria found herself moving closer towards them. Until she found herself standing nearby them.
She danced alone, but pretended to be with another group of drunken dancers, while she listened to their conversation.

...'But Hagan can't help us with this one. I already asked him, he's still in Vortrux still. We have to do this one alone.' The black haired guy said. 'Besides, they don't know we're here... We can easily ambush them...'

'Ambush?' Laughed the blonde girl, Jaymee.

'You know what I mean.' The boy replied. 'Either way, we can take them. There's four of us and only two of them.'

'And I was clever enough to disguise our Weapons as we came in.' The purple haired girl said, gesturing towards her handbag. Victoria had heard enough.

Clearly these people were up to something, so Victoria went to find Jayanne and Amber.

Jayanne was still at the bar, waiting to be served, but Amber was nowhere to be seen. She couldn't still be in the toilet, could she? It's been easily 10 minutes since she left.
Appearing out of nowhere, Gareth tapped her shoulder, and as she spun around, Victoria dropped her phone. As she bent down to pick it up, she saw the boots of the blonde girl in between all the other dancing feet on the dance-floor.

She looked like she was running.
Victoria quickly stood up, a little disorientated, and found the group again.

They were running. Well, the two guys were walking quickly behind the two girls who had broken into a run. 'Sorry I gotta go.' Victoria said to Gareth as she set off to follow them.

Gareth saw Victoria follow the group out of the side fire exit of the club. He also wanted to know what was going on, so he followed too, after the door had slammed shut. He said goodbye to his friend and set off after Victoria.

She might end up in trouble... After all, no one here really knows those guys...
Gareth dodged hands and arms flying out in every direction as people danced. He tripped on bottles, beakers and glasses that people had just thrown on the floor, slipped on spilled drinks and, after he'd regained his balance and thought he was free, Amber and Jayanne ran over to him.

'Where's Vicky gone?' Jayanne asked, possibly the only person to call Victoria "Vicky".

Gareth replied with, 'She followed those weird guys outside. You two stay here, I'll go check it out.' He told them, concerned for his sisters' and her friends' safety. He quickly made his way over to the side door, and pushed down on the metal bar to open it.

But it wouldn't budge. It's locked? I don't understand... They just went through this door. Gareth thought, confused. He turned around and started making his way to the main exit.

Part Three -


    Victoria sat crouched behind a dumpster in a dimly lit alleyway about 5 minutes away from the club. She watched silently as the four teenagers shouted over two other guys who they must ave followed down here from the party.

They must be the "only two of them" she heard the black haired boy talking about on the dance-floor. As the two guys turned around, Victoria thought she was seeing things at first but...

Did one of them have a sword?

She blinked, but the image remained. The sword was still there, glowing and shimmering slightly, but Victoria put that down to the reflection of the streetlights and the moon on the cold metal blade, and also the fact she was a little drunk.

But she knew what she saw. And she also knew what she heard:

'Is that it?' Jaymee extended out her arm, pointing a slim finger at the boys' sword.

'No. This one is my own.' The boy with the sword said blankly, showing no expression in his face or voice.

'So where is it then. And where's the shield?' She asked. But the two boys stayed silent.

'OK.' The blond "son of god" stepped forward. 'Let's try again. Does that arrogant bastard master of yours, have the Hunters Relics?' He asked.

One of the boys stepped forward to this guy and said, 'Whether he has or not, isn't the problem though,' He said coolly, 'Is it, Jason?'

The blond guy, Jason, stepped forward too. 'No. It's where you lot are hiding them that is the problem. But it's OK, because either you two are gonna tell me, or I drive this straight through your black shallow hearts.'

Jason pulled out a jagged blade. So jagged the blade almost resembled a lightening bolt.

Jason looked from the blade, back to his two opponents, who were smirking, 'So what's it gonna be, boys?'

Part Four -


     'What do you mean it's locked?' Amber was freaking out. 'They just went through it!'

'I know they did.' Gareth said rather sarcastically, 'But someone locked it behind them, either Victoria or one of those guys.'

Gareth was, at this point, charging through the quieter corridor of the club, where staff passed through from the bar, and where loved up couples came for a 'smooch' as Amber would often say.

Amber and Jayanne were racing to keep up with him. 'I told you two. Stay here, I'll come back.' He told them as he turned around to find them catching up with him.

Gareth opened the red-framed door and stepped outside. Once the fresh air had hit him and he'd stumbled slightly, he straightened himself up and set off to find Victoria.

He had no idea which way they might have gone, but anywhere was a start seeing as they'd all completely vanished.

He dreaded to think about what might have happened if they found Victoria following them.

Amber's cousin Eli came bounding over to Amber and Jayanne in the corridor. 'Have you seen Lucia and Jaymee?' She asked.

'Lu-shia?' Amber repeated, copying how Eli pronounced the name.

She wasn't sure if she'd ever heard or met either of the girls she'd just been asked about, but she thought she might be able to get a description, she might be able to help.

'Purple hair, black dress... Unbelievably pretty...' Eli waited for an answer.

Amber shook her head. 'No sorry... But if I see anyone matching that description I'll tell her you're looking for her.' She smiled. Eli sighed but thanked her cousin anyway.

'Everything OK?' Amber asked Eli before she went running off back to the dance-floor where her sister Ella was waiting with their friend.

'Yeah... No... It's just...' Eli stuttered and paused, 'A long story.' She quickly turned on her heel and left. Amber and Jayanne were left, once again, standing alone in the corridor.

'Wonder what's going on?' Jayanne said, thoughtfully.

'Yeah...' Amber said, 'Me too.'

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Chapter Two:

If you Seek Truth...

Part One -

     They had begun talking quieter, which made it harder for Victoria to hear what they were saying, but judging by what Jason said afterwards, whatever it was that he said, it wasn't the right answer.
'Shut up! You're just a sick piece of Darkerland trash!' He hissed at the boy with the sword, lunging forward.

The weaponless boy lunged forward at the same time, protecting his friend with the sword, but also getting knocked to the ground. He pulled out his own weapon from inside his long brown-grey coat.

This one looked like the one Jason had, but much straighter, and this one didn't glow. Instead it seemed almost black in colour. Despite his efforts though, the boy whose name turned out to be Regan — Victoria had heard the sword yielding boy scream his name as he fell- dropped his blade and ended up with Jason sitting on top of him, jagged blade in hand.

He raised it up high, above his head, then quickly brought it down and drove it straight into the boys chest. He coughed and spluttered and thick black-ish blood burst from the wound. Jason's blade seemed to glow more, the more he drove it into Regan's chest.

Smoke started rising from the body, and in a puff of dark grey smoke, he vanished, and so did his blade. His friend, with the sword, was left speechless. His mouth slightly open, he pulled out the sword, the blade glinting and glowing. He gave Jason a competitive stare. Jason lunged forward again, but this time he missed his target.

The purple haired girl was standing nearby ready to help. She pushed the boy with almost magical force. He slammed against the wall and fell down, his sword falling next to him, just out of reach. The girl walked over and picked him up by his collar. She had produced her own weapon from her handbag while Jason and Regan were fighting on the ground.

This was, what looked like, a long metal rod, with a glowing end. It was glowing at the end, Victoria was certain of it. It was glowing a pale purple colour, almost Lilac. She touched the blunt tip onto the boys skin and he screeched as it burnt. Victoria had to cover her ears, the sound was so intense. But the girl, who was standing right in front of him, didn't even flinch at the noise.

The purple haired girl then jammed the glowing rod into the boys chest and he too disappeared in a cloud of smoke, this time of purple. His sword had vanished too by the time Victoria thought to check.


     Gareth was running from alleyway to alleyway in search of Victoria. Looking down each one he passed wondering what could have happened to her.
Where would they have gone?

Gareth felt a sudden wave of fear overcome him and he realised he might be too late to save his sisters best friend. For all he knew though, she could be fine, she may turn out to even know these people...

But Amber said that Victoria didn't know who they were... He suddenly remembered. His heart skipped again, when he heard a scream nearby.
It was a girl.

He ran in the direction of which the sound came, hoping she hadn't been hurt.
Hoping it wasn't Victoria who had screamed.


     The blond haired boy, Jason, picked up his blade and whipped his head around, as he heard a piercing scream break their momentary silence. He looked up the alleyway behind them.

Looking down at them from the top of the alleyway was a girl, long curly black hair, wearing a tight ripped-effect grey dress and black high heeled boots. 'The girl from the party.' The black haired boy said. 'I bumped into her friend earlier.'

'You know her?' The blonde girl, Jaymee, asked. He shook his head.

The girl at the top of the alleyway was frantically messing about with her phone, but before she could even make a call, the black haired boy appeared in front of her in the blink of an eye. The girl jumped and dropped her phone, trembling.
'What are you doing here?' He asked her.

'Well, I was calling the police! I just saw you kill someo-'

'You saw nothing of the sort.' He cut her off. 'The fact you saw them is what's bothering me right now. So what are you?' He raised an eyebrow.

'What am I?!' She asked, shocked. 'What are you, more like! You just murdered someone!' Victoria was so panicked and scared she hadn't realised that even though she'd just witnessed it, there was no proof. All the evidence, their bodies, their weapons, had completely vanished.

'Your kind aren't supposed to be able to see them.' Jaymee said, stepping over.

'My kind?!' Victoria almost shouted at her. There was a pause while Jason and the purple haired girl walked over together. He stood in front of Victoria, looking at her from head to toe, then back up.

'What's your name then?' He asked, smiling. Why is he smiling at me?

'Victoria.' She stammered a little.

'Well Victoria,' Jason said to her, 'It looks like we need to talk.'


     Gareth was shouting Victoria's name over and over. He'd tried ringing her cell phone, but she wasn't answering. He'd heard no more screams, but she didn't reply when he shouted her either.
Panic making his heart almost jump out of his chest, made his desire to find Victoria stronger. Something was wrong, different.
He could feel it.

Actually, what he could feel was his phone vibrating in his jeans pocket. He saw who it was calling. Amber. He answered immediately. Maybe they found her.
'Still no sign of her out here.' He told her.

'Then find her! The people she followed... They're dangerous, Gaz. They're killers!' His sister sounded frantic on the phone. 'My cells almost dead, please Gaz find her, bring her back!'

'OK.' He hung up.

'He hasn't found her.' Amber said turning to Jayanne and Eli and Ella. They were now sat outside at a table on the beer garden trying to contact Victoria. 'How do you even know those guys, Eli?' Amber asked.

'I just know them. That's all.' Eli said. Amber had known her cousin was always a little dark, different.

She wore a lot of black, even had black lipstick on most days, chokers with spikes, piercings here, there and everywhere, but she was family so Amber saw past it all, even though everyone called her a "freak." Eli's tone was flat. And she was very closed off, almost as if she wasn't willing to speak of those people.
'What have they done to y-' Amber was cut off by Eli's quick rant.

'That doesn't matter. What matters is, your friend has gone walkabouts with them!' Eli shouted. Not long after, she stormed off inside.

'What the hell is wrong with her?' Jayanne asked. 'Bit short tempered...'

'That's just Eli for you.' Ella said, once again calling Victoria's phone.

'I don't know why I'm trying to call her,' Ella started smiling, 'She doesn't even know me really, she won't answer a number doesn't know would she?' She laughed a little.

'She would. Possibly. If she realizes it might be important she'll answer. If she was in trouble she would have called for help.' Amber said, every possibility of what might have happened running through her head at once.

'If she even had chance to call for help.' Ella said. 'Not trying to scare you.' She added.

The three girls left outside sighed. Amber tried calling Gareth to see if there was any news. When he'd answered, he was still searching, he'd told her, 'I'm just near the-', then her phone battery went dead.

'Shit!' Amber hissed. 'My phone died.'

'And I don't have Gareth's number... But I do have Victoria's now, at least we can still try contacting her. And at least we know Gareth is OK.' Ella said.

'True...' Amber said. Jayanne caught the shadow the crossed over Amber's eyes, knowing she was thinking about the fact that Eli told her those guys were killers... What if Victoria's dead?

'Don't worry, I'm sure everything's gonna be alright.' Jayanne said.

It was nearing half past 11 at night, it was now completely dark, and town was deserted apart from the odd drunken partier walking from one pub or club to another. If anyone had seen Victoria, they'd be too drunk to realize, and most likely wouldn't have even paid attention to her. Amber was tempted to leave her party to find Victoria, but remembered that Gareth had warned her to stay there.
'What exactly is it with those guys? Are they really killers?' Amber asked Ella.

'I don't know what to say myself. I wouldn't say they're killers, but I wouldn't say they're not, either.' Ella knew this would confuse Amber, but she wasn't sure she should go through the rest. Her and Eli knew about those people. They'd known since they were 15 about their kind of people. Now at age 22, Eli was still wanting to stay away, so what made them so scary?

'They probably wouldn't hurt Victoria.' Ella said finally.

'Probably?' Jayanne asked.

'Well, unless there's something she's not telling us, she isn't the kind they go for.' Ella said. 'That's all I can tell you. I do suggest we go find Gareth and help him find her.'
The three girls got up quickly out of their seats and walked out the back way of the club, down the alleyway, and out into the street. Where the hell do we even start?

Part Two -

     Jason had just killed someone right in front of her, yet he was standing talking to Victoria as if they were friends. 'So that girl was the birthday kid?' He asked.

Victoria nodded. 'That's not what we should be talking about though is it?' She said flatly.

'Have patience.' Jason smirked. 'I will explain... Yes, what you saw must have been a little... Weird. I admit that, but you seriously have no idea.' He looked down towards the bottom of the alleyway, 'Those two guys back there... You could see them, I take it.'

'And that sword.' Victoria added. 'How did he even hide that at the party? The bouncers would have checked-'

'The "bouncers" wouldn't have seen either us, or them two. We were, lets say, hidden. Until we got inside. But you could see them... No one else there could, they wouldn't be able to. So why did you?' Jason asked.

Victoria was so confused. So what were these people? Ghosts? Magicians?
'I don't know.' She said. 'I don't even understand why you keep saying I shouldn't be able to see them. I'm not blind, of course I can see!'

'You don't understand. You know damn well what I'm talking about, girl. So why don't you ju-' Jason was cut off.

'Jason leave her!' It was the purple haired girl who spoke. 'Maybe she just doesn't know. Maybe we should just leave now and get her to never speak of it again. In fact, we can get Hagan to erase her memo-'

'Don't be stupid!' The black haired boy piped up. 'You can't do that! She saw them! She's obviously one of us but just doesn't realize it.'

One of them? What is he talking about? 'One of you? What exactly are you, then maybe I'll be able to tell you if I am or not...'

'It's a difficult one to explain. And to be honest, I don't think now is the right time. We need to go, Hagan needs to speak with us.' Jaymee said.

'How do you know?' Victoria asked.

'I know these things. He's back now, we should leave.' Jason looked at Victoria and said, 'Tomorrow. You busy? If not, be at the Swan pond at noon. I'll explain then.

Before Victoria could answer, the four turned around. So far she'd learned his name, Jason, and the blonde girl was from school. But that's all she knew, her head was so messed up. It hurt.

It hurt even more when Gareth ran into her, knocking her over and falling on top of her.

'Victoria!' He beamed. 'Oh thank god!' He stood up and helped Victoria off the floor. 'Where did you go? Are you alright?'

Victoria said nothing, but nodded. 'You sure?' Gareth asked.

This time she spoke, after clearing he throat. 'Yeah, that was just a little freaky... Don't ask what happened, even I don't know. I just think I need to say goodnight to Amber and head home.'

'OK, I'll walk you back to the club.' He smiled.

Part Three -

     When Victoria woke the next morning, at 9am, she made breakfast for herself and Dylan. Her aunt Kathline was showering before taking Dylan to his father's before heading off to work. At least Victoria could have a few hours alone to think about what happened last night.

She remembered the glow of those weapons, and the darkness that surrounded the other boys blade. She also remembers their bodies completely disappearing... And Jason said to meet him at the Swan pond at noon.
At noon? Who the hell talks like that these days?! Victoria thought, sarcastically, to herself.

'Dylan?!' She shouted. He sauntered out of the living room and into the kitchen for his breakfast. Upstairs, Kathline was banging around in the bathroom.

'Sounds like you'll be off to your dad's soon.' Victoria said as she passed Dylan a bowl of cereal and a carton of milk. Dylan nodded.

'You've been awfully quiet the last two days, Dylan. Are you alright? Not feeling poorly are you?' Victoria asked, concerned about her younger cousin.

He shook his head, 'I'm fine.' He said rather quickly and quietly, as he was pouring milk on his Corn Flakes. 'Quit bugging me.'
Well fine, I won't worry about you. Victoria thought sourly.

Her aunt Kathline walked into the kitchen at 9.45am ready to leave, with her car keys in her hand she said, 'Come on Dylan, time to go now.' She smiled, then looked to Victoria. 'If you go out, don't forget to lock the door this time.' She laughed.

'OK.' Victoria said. 'See you later.' And Kathline left with Dylan. Left alone in the kitchen, she sat down and thought about what Jason, and the others had said last night. My kind aren't supposed to be able to see them? What does that even mean?
She'd most likely find out later when she meets Jason. Until then, she'd relax, drink coffee and make some dinner before setting off. In the meantime, she thought, I should call Amber and Gareth and explain.

Gareth drove towards Victoria's house after they had got her call. She'd said she needed to talk about the night before so Amber, hungover and groggy, and Gareth had set off almost immediately, arriving there at 10.05am.
Victoria greeted them on the doorstep, brought them inside and made them both coffee. Amber certainly looked like she needed it. Then she said down and took in a deep breath.
'What's wrong, Victoria? What did you see last night?' Amber asked.

Victoria looked up at her best friend and said, 'Well those guys... I saw them kill someone.' Amber gasped and Gareth choked on his coffee.

'What?! Did you call the police?!' Gareth interrogated while wiping coffee from his face.

'But that's the thing. It was different... Weird.' Victoria almost didn't know how to explain, but as soon as she found the words, she found herself telling them about the glowing sword, the girls lilac coloured rod and the bodies completely disappearing.
And what did Jason call them? A piece of Darkland trash?
Darkland? What does that mean?
She didn't know what that meant, but she told them anyway.

Gareth half wanted to say she imagined it, Amber was staring open mouthed at Victoria while Victoria herself sat fiddling with the sleeves on her shirt and looking between the two of them.

'So... Are you gonna say something? I'm kinda freaking out here! What the hell did I see?'

'Gareth?' Amber said. 'Call Eli, tell her I need to speak to her now, and get her ass to my place. I'll meet her in 15 minutes.' Amber stood up and began to walk out.

'Where are you going?' Victoria asked.

'I need to talk to Eli about this. I think she knows something.' Amber said, as she turned round.

'Well at least let me come with you.' Victoria said, beginning t get up.

'No, you have to meet Jason soon right?' Amber said, 'I'll call you as soon as I'm done though, I promise.' Amber smiled.

'OK. Bye.' Victoria said. She waited until the front door closed until she said, 'What would Eli know about them?' She looked at Gareth, who was tutting at the coffee stains now on his shirt.

'I think she's friends with one of them.' He said quickly.

'How do you know?' Victoria asked.

'Amber said something about Eli saying they were dangerous. She called me frantic while I was out looking for you. She somehow knew what they were like.' Gareth explained. 'She'd gone to Amber asking if she'd seen some girl called Lucia — or something — think she was one of... Them.'

Slowly, Victoria nodded and took a sip of coffee, 'Anyway, I'm meeting one of them later, and I was wondering if you'd come along with me but hide out of sight or something? Just in case something happens.'

'Well, yeah of course, if you want me to. But, why agree to meet him in the first place? You saw him murder someone!'

'But normally when someone is killed, their bodies don't just disappear in front of your eyes! Neither does all the blood, weapons and all the evidence! It all just vanished Gareth I saw it! Haven't I already told you all this?'

'Well yeah but-'

'But, nothing. I'm meeting him, and I'm going to find out what the hell went down last night.' Victoria snapped, almost making Gareth cower back in his chair. 'Sorry.' She then added and they both laughed.

'Sure you weren't just drunk?' Gareth asked smirking.

'I'm sure.' Victoria stood to put her cup next to the sink, then turned back to Gareth, 'you done with yours?'

'Not yet why?'

'I was just gonna wash up before it was too late but it's OK. I'll be back in time to wash up before my Aunt Kathline gets back.' Victoria smiled, cheekily. 'So what is it Amber can do about this? Why did she just leave?' She asked Gareth.

Amber was banging on Eli's flat door. At first she thought she might have got the wrong door, because when it was yanked open, a young brown haired boy stood before her.

'Er, hi. Is Eli here?' The boy just nodded and held the door open for Amber to go through.
She thanked him but he seemed not to hear, or maybe he was just ignorant. Whichever it was, he's not important. She was here to find out what Eli brought to her eighteenth birthday party.

Amber stood silently in the middle of the small living area of Eli and Ella's flat and waited while this boy went to find her for Amber.

When Eli emerged out of her bedroom, Amber gave her no chance to speak. 'Where were you? I was waiting for you for ages at my place?! So where can we talk? Privately...'
Just then, she heard the front door close behind her. She looked around and the boy was gone.

'No need to go anywhere now?'

'Who was that?' Amber asked as if Eli hadn't even spoke.

'Just a friend of mine. Why?' Eli asked, frowning at her cousin.

'He seemed very ignorant. Anyway, I'm here because I want to know exactly who those people were that you brought to my party, then went and murdered a couple guys down an Alleyway, all the while Victoria was missing and ended up witnessing everything with her own two eyes... Who and what are they?' Amber raged.

'They aren't important.' Eli said, then saw the look of shock on Amber's face. 'The other two guys were the ones you should have been worrying about. That's who I was talking about.'

'Don't lie! Those other two boys weren't even at my party!'

'They were. You just can't see them. Trust me, let Victoria talk to this guy at the ponds, then I'm sure she can explain everything and you can stop hassling me.'

Eli flopped down on her purple sofa and opened up a Kerrang! magazine, 'Do you mind? I'm trying to read.'

Amber turned around and walked out. Sure enough, the brown haired boy was standing outside in the hallway. 'Bye.' She smiled at him. And this time he showed an expression on his face other than depression.

He smiled. Amber noticed a scar on his face, just below his left cheekbone. And his eyes sparkled almost an emerald green. Must have been the light. No one's eyes are that green. Better find Victoria before she heads off to meet this murderer...

Part Four -

     Amber called Gareth's cell after trying Victoria's and she didn't answer. 'Yeah I'm still here with her.' Gareth said to her on the phone. 'Where are you?' He asked. He glanced at the clock on Victoria's living room wall. They had moved from the kitchen to watch a bit of boring, almost-midday, TV.

'Just parked outside Eli's block. She never turned up at mine so I drove here instead. Don't let Victoria leave until I've been back to talk to her. I wasn't them that were dangerous, apparently. Eli meant the two guys they killed were the dangerous ones.' Amber said.

'Oh, snap! Well just as well they're dead then ain't it.' Gareth laughed. He's always had a sick sense of humor, Amber thought as she said goodbye to him on the phone and started the car engine. She drove quickly back to Victoria's house.

When she arrived, Gareth had already explained to Victoria that the 'dangerous' people that Eli meant on the phone last night, were the two that Jason and the girl killed.

'I want to come with you.' Amber said. 'When you go to meet him.'

'I'm going too. She already asked me, just in case anything happens. But now we know they were the good guys, I'm not scared.' Gareth said happily, then his smiled faded in a split second.

'Aww, you were scared?' Amber teased her brother. 'You were!' She teased even more when he didn't answer, just turned red instead.

He knew he was never going to live this down. Admitting he was scared was one thing Gareth just doesn't do. Part of him kept telling him to be scared. He had a feeling, something wasn't right. Hopefully this guy, Jason, will be able to help them find out the truth about what Victoria claims she saw last night. She sure as hell did seem to be pretty shaken up by it, and swears blind what she said happened is the truth.

Gareth seemed skeptical, and Amber seemed... Well she was acting like it was more her problem. But then again, Amber has always been a worrier.
'So... What did Eli say?' Victoria asked, a little impatiently.

'The two that were killed. She said that was who she meant when she said they were dangerous. She says you have nothing to fear from Jason, she text me on my way here. But she said something strange...' Amber trailed off.

'What?' Gareth asked.

'She said I wouldn't have been able to see them. Those two guys. I told her they weren't even at my party and she said they were,I just can't see them... So what are they, ghosts?' Victoria took this as a joke.

'Jason said the same to me in the alleyway. He said my kind aren't supposed to see them. Our kind, I guess.' Victoria said.

'Think he meant Humans shouldn't be able to see them?' Gareth said.
Victoria glanced up at the clock, it was 11.30am, and looked back at Gareth and Amber.

'Well, that's what we're about to find out.' She swiftly moved from her chair and got her jacket and bag. 'Let's go. It's almost "noon".' She smirked and used air quotes when she said 'noon', mimicking Jason.

Next: Chapter 3- Swan Pond.


Chapter Three:

Swan Pond.

Part One -

    Victoria, Gareth and Amber, each slammed shut their car doors. They had arrived five minutes early. 'Right, I think you two should hide or something so he doesn't think anything dodgy is going on. He did say for me to meet him.' Victoria told the other two.

'That sounds reasonable.' Gareth said.

'We'll go duck down in the back of the truck.' Amber said then Gareth opened up the back door to let Amber jump in, then he followed. Victoria turned around and walked towards the pond.

It looked beautiful this time of year. The flowers were blooming around the pond, but the little wooden hut to the left looked spooky and haunted, Victoria shivered.

The two big willow trees by the pond drooped down eerily, and little birds flew happily, singing, from tree to tree.

She crossed the wooden bridge over the pond and walked to the hut, where she sat down and waited. She could still see the truck from here, and Gareth and Amber's heads poking up from behind the headrests.

With only two minutes until Jason should be here, Victoria looked around and took in the scenery. It wasn't often she came to the ponds, and she couldn't think why.

It was quiet, beautiful to look at, and no one really ever came round here, except maybe the occasional group of teens drinking... Victoria had noticed the empty beer cans and cheap bottles of alcoholic mixes.

Seems like the right place — It's really out of the way up here, lucky we were able to get the truck up here. She heard rustling in the hedges and thought Jason must be here...

Until a starling flew out in front of her, making her jump back. She looked over to the truck and saw Amber and Gareth giggling.

'Your face was a picture.' A deep voice from her left said, making her jump again. 'Sorry, didn't mean to scare you.'

'It's OK.' Victoria said, hoping he hadn't seen Amber and Gareth hiding in the truck. 'So what did you want to say?' She asked standing up to look at him.

'Well about what you saw last night. Must have been...#

'Wrong?... Murder?!' Victoria cut him off.

'It wasn't murder, they aren't dead.' Jason said with no expression or tone in his voice. He sounded quite boring compared to last night when his sarcasm really showed through.

'I saw what you did! If they aren't dead then... Then-'

'Then what?' Jason waited for a reply, but all Victoria could do was stutter. 'Exactly. You don't know. But you should.'

'Why should I?'

'Well if you were able to see those Humi Demons then you're obviously one of-'

'Those what?!' Victoria almost screeched. 'Demons? What the hell are you talking about dude?! This is real life, now get out of that fantasy world you live in an-'

Now Jason had cut her off. 'We live in. Not just me. You live in it too now.'

'Why? Because you said so?'

'Your a little feisty aren't you?' Jason said, smirking at Victoria.

'You don't know the half of it.' Victoria narrowed her eyes at him. Half of her wanted to slap him, the other half wanted to run. Then something else told her to stay and argue... 'Why don't you just explain then?' She snapped, sitting back down on the dark wood bench outside the hut.

'I was trying to. But you kept cutting me off.' Jason said, sitting down beside her. 'Right. You're right, this is real life, with my 'fantasy' life combined. There is a world humans don't know about. A different world, right here on earth. It sounds confusing but the more I tell, the more you'll understand. Those two boys last night were what we call the Humi Demons. Human Demons. They are in the form of humans to fool us Nephilim into thinking they actually are human, and then go ahead and try to kill us.'

'That's what was in my best friends party?' Victoria was shocked. 'But how come Amber couldn't see them?'

'She's not trained to.'

'Neither am I.' Victoria said, before Jason had even had chance to take a breath after his sentence.

'No. But it's in your blood Victoria.' Jason said. Victoria was taken aback. In my blood?

'But I have human blood... Because I'm a god damn human!' She said. 'Stop trying to tell me I'm in some kind of fantasy film!'

'I'm not! I'm telling you that if you were able to see those Demons, you have something in you. You're like me, and the others last night. You're the same as me, Jaymica, Lushina and Drake. Except, you've been brought up the Human way... Maybe to protect you or maybe your family just didn't know... Can I ask? Who do you live with?'

'My Aunt Kathline and cousin Dylan.'

'How old is little Dylan?' Jason asked.

'Little Dylan? I never said he was little...' Victoria was starting to get suspicious of this boy now.

'Had a hunch.' Jason shrugged his shoulders.

'He's five... If you must know.' Victoria said.

'Ah! So I was right anyway.' Jason smiled. 'Do they ever speak of otherworldly things? Any of them have a unusual fascination with anything... magical. Anything to do with demons, witchcraft or spritual things? Or... Maybe just really likes a certain Superhero... Like Spiderman?'

Victoria jumped up. 'Have you been watching my family?!' She screamed at Jason.

'No.' Jason shook his head, then looked up at Victoria.

'I just know them.'

'What's going on? Did she just shout at him?' Amber asked, trying to crane her neck over Gareth's head to get a look.

'I wouldn't say shouted... I'd say more like screamed.' Gareth said.

'Oh, well move! I can't see what's going on.'

'Well nothing's going on... They're just talking.' Gareth replied looking back at Amber. 'What do you want me to do, wind down the window so we can hear?' Gareth was clearly being sarcastic.

'Yeah!' Amber beamed.

'That was a joke... He might notice.' Gareth hissed. 'Just stay down.'

After a moment of silence in the truck, Amber asked, 'So what's happening now?'

'They're talking. She doesn't look angry... I think he's explaining something to her. He seems to be doing the talking now.' Gareth told her the information, just to shut her up.

Amber sighed and said, 'how long do you think she's gonna be?'

'How the hell should I know?!' Gareth hissed in a angry whisper.

From behind the hut, Jaymica, Lushina and Drake, — or Jaymee, Lucia and the black-haired boy, as Victoria knew them, — were standing listening, making sure Jason didn't reveal too much. They had noticed Amber and Gareth in the truck.

Amber and Gareth, however, were completely oblivious to the group watching them. They were perfectly hidden. 'Wish he'd hurry up!' Drake whispered.

'Leave him be. It's not exactly easy on the ears is it? Especially for someone so normal, human.' The purple haired girl, (Lushina or Lucia?), said. 'Besides, we've only been here ten minutes. Be patient.'

Drake sighed, and leaned against the back wall of the hut. As he did, a spider fell down onto his shoulder so Drake, having a fear of spiders, yelped...

'What was that?' Victoria asked, suddenly standing. Gareth and Amber had jumped out of the truck and were running over to Victoria after hearing the noise. 'Did someone just scream?' Gareth asked.

'Actually... It was a friend of mine...' Jason said, and he sighed. 'Guys? You might as well come out now.' The three hiding behind the hut walked around the side of the hut, to stand beside Jason.

The two girls smiled, but the boy looked bored, annoyed. So he just stared at them.

'Er, hey.' Amber said, shyly.

Gareth shot her a "shut up!" look, and Victoria just looked at Jason. 'So what's going on then?' She asked, wondering why he had his friends hide from her.

'Nothing. It's just I thought you might be less awkward if it was just me and you. But looks like we all brought a few friends along.' Jason said, looking over at Amber and Gareth. He held out his hand. 'I'm Jason.' He smiled.

Gareth wearily shook Jason's hand, and said, 'I'm Gareth. And this is my sister Amber.' He said, holding Amber back by the shoulders so Jason couldn't try to shake her hand.

Jason smiled at her and said hello.

'These are Lushina, Jaymica and Drake.' Jason said, gesturing at his friends.

'Jaymica?!' Amber said. 'Think you mean Jaymee. We know her.'

Jason looked at 'Jaymica', looking for an explanation.

'School.' She finally said. 'We never really spoke but we were in a few of the same classes.'

'You mean that time we were here searching for those Spider Demons?' Drake shuddered.

'Yeah. We had to keep a low profile so we tried to appear as normal as possible. Which meant living the life of a normal teenager while we were here.' Jaymica explained to the confused faces of Amber, Gareth and Victoria.

'Oh,' Amber said quietly. 'I guess that makes sense.'

'So what exactly do you want with Victoria?' Gareth asked.

'She saw those demons last night. She has a Gift. No normal humans can see those demons, or any of our demons. Sometimes can't even see us.' Lushina said.

'So how come I can see you now?' Gareth asked.

'Because we make it this way. We can decide whether we want you to see us or not.' Drake piped up all of a sudden. Then shivered, 'It's getting a little cold, or is it just me?'

'Think it's just you.' Amber, who was nice and warm, said flatly. 'Are we going to actually do anything other than stand here and have you guys telling me there is this fantasy world where there are demons and god only knows what else, or are you going to start telling the truth,' She was getting impatient.

'I am telling the truth.' Jason snapped.

'How else can you explain what happened last night? No one's body, blood or weapons just completely vanish do they?' Victoria said.

'Don't tell me your buying into this crap?!' Amber was shocked.

'Well she has a point... There's no other explanation for what she saw, unless he is just taking advantage of the fact Victoria was drunk and scared. She was panicked, her eyes could have played tricks on her and he's just playing on it.' Gareth said.

'Good idea, but still not the truth. What I have explained to this lady, is the truth.' Jason said calmly, to say he was being accused of, not only lying, but murder.

Now Victoria understood why Jason wanted to be alone. So Gareth and Amber couldn't stick their noses in and mess up his explanation.

But quite the opposite had happened and now Jason was becoming increasingly annoyed at the accusing looks he got from both Amber and Gareth. He sighed.

'OK, Victoria. Your friends obviously don't trust me, but you know what you saw. You can believe what you want now.' He turned around, as did his friends, and they walked off.

Amber, Gareth and Victoria stood in silence until they had disappeared out of sight, then Gareth said. 'So... What do you make of all this?'

Amber slammed the front door. 'What do you mean?! How can you believe that rubbish?' Amber was almost angry.

'I never said I believed it, just that there was no other explanation... Yet.'

'Do you plan on getting one?' Gareth asked.

'I plan on trying to get another one. Because believe it or not, I don't actually believe him. I believe wehat he's saying might be true, but I don't believe in him. The whole "I'm from a different world and we kill shit" story he gave me sounds a little too far fetched, but there has to be a reason why theose guys' bosies completely vanished... In front of my eyes!' Victoria said.

'OK... Half of that, made no sense.' Amber said.

'So what do you believe?' Gareth asked. Victoria sighed and flopped down on Amber's deep red sofa.

She shrugged her shoulders carelessly, 'I don't know. But I know what I saw. And those bodies did completely vanish, he did have a sword, and the others also had these weird glowing weapons... I don't know what they are, or what those two guys were, but there has to be an explanation.'

'Yeah, like demons and faeries...' Amber said, sarcastically.

'He didn't say anything about faeries... Or vampires, before you start.' Victoria said. 'But no, next time I'll ask him to prove it.'

'Next time? You mean you plan on there being a next time?' Amber outraged. 'You trying to get yourself killed? Or end up in a mental home? That's the way you're headed if you carry on with all this... People are gonna think you're crazy talking about demons and stuff!'

'Just give me an hour or so, let me think. I'll call you.' Victoria stood up and hugged her friends, Amber and Gareth. 'I'll see you later.' And she left Amber's place.

When she arrived home, she noticed her Aunt Krissi's car outside, must mean Aunt Kathline was at work again. Good, no interruptions. Victoria thought. Krissi will be too busy looking after Dyl...

Wait... Dylan's at his dad's today, why is Krissi here? Victoria thought to herself as she walked up the driveway towards the front door.

As she walked in, her Aunt Krissi was busy making dinner in the kitchen, and jumped when Victoria spoke. 'What's going on? I thought Dylan was at his dad's today.'

'He was supposed to be, but when Kathline got him there, his father wasn't in. Wouldn't even answer his phone. God knows where he's gone.' Krissi said.

Victoria, bewildered as to why Dylan's dad just left on the day he was meant to have Dylan, walked back through the hall towards the stairs, stopping at the doorway to the living room to check if Dylan was OK, and sure enough, he was watching Spiderman.

Victoria laughed to herself in her head, remembering what Jason had said about "little Dylan", and Spiderman. Shit... He said he knew them. How does he know my family?

Why on earth Amber and Gareth had to jump out of the truck, Victoria would never know. If they hadn't she'd have probably found out what Jason meant by that. Hopefully she'll see him again, so she can find out.

Maybe there's something my Aunt isn't telling me... Victoria thought before starting to walk up the stairs to her room. Opening her room door she realized...


Part Two -


'What the hell is wrong with her?' Amber was still confused as to why Victoria would go and believe such nonsense. Of course, Amber had used stronger words than "nonsense".

'It's absolute bullsh-'

'Just shut up will you?!' Gareth finally snapped. He'd had enough of hearing his sister raging. Her voice was starting to go through him. She seems to get higher pitched with every passing sentence.

'Excuse me?' Amber asked, raising her eyebrows at her older brother.

'You are starting to do my head in.' Gareth said almost matter-of-fact-ly. 'Since we got out the truck back there you've done nothing but use your mouth! Jason was trying to explain to Victoria abo-'

'Then why did you jump out with me?'

'I was trying to stop you!' Gareth said. 'Never mind, I'm gonna head home, I got coursework to do.' He picked up his jacket and rucksack with his college books in and walked out.

'See you later,' He said as he closed the door.

'See ya.' Amber said. Sighing, she went  to the fridge and opened the door. Guys seem to do this all the time and it works for them, she thought as she reached a beer from the back of the fridge.

Searching the drawer for a bottle opener, Amber cursed under her breath when her phone rang, making her jump and scratch her finger on a knife.

Reaching out the hiding bottle opener with the bleeding hand, she answered the phone with the other. 'Hello?' She'd said.

'Hey its me.' Victoria's voice said from the phone.

'Oh hey! Sorry I just cut my finger, can I ring you back in a few minutes?' Amber asked.

'Not really. Kinda important.' Victoria said. 'My Aunt knows something. There's something they're all hiding from me. Jason said he knew my Aunt Kathline and Dylan, possibly Krissi too!'

Standing at the bottom of the stairs, Krissi could hear Victoria frantically hissing down the phone at Amber about Jason, and how kathline could possibly know him.

What Victoria didn't know was that Krissi was quietly walking up the stairs to get a better listen on her conversation. Dylan had fallen asleep while dinner was cooking, and Krissi had it on a timer.

Outside Victoria's bedroom door, she put her ear up against the cold wood, closed shut. She overheard;

'Why would Jason say that? What could he possibly have meant by "I just know them"? Half of me wants to think he's making it up, all this was a dream, but another part of me is saying believe him... Amber, I'm so confused. Was I just drunk or did I really see that? I.. I-'

Victoria started to stutter, then stopped talking altogether. Krissi, still outside the door, assumed that Amber was talking, so victoria was listening.

Then Victoria spoke again, 'What do you mean he's hot?! They guy killed someone right in front of me, I don't need you babbling shit about him! He murdered someone Amber... Two people, I mean. He murdered two people. But he said its not really murder...'

Krissi heard Victoria sigh, and the bedsprings squeak and footsteps coming toward the door.

Krissi quickly went into the bathroom over the hall and closed the door. Victoria walked out of her room saying, 'If only he stuck around to tell me what he meant.'

There was silence for a few seconds while Victoria listened to whatever Amber was saying then said, 'Yeah, you're right. I'll see you later Amb.' She smiled and hung up the phone.

She started making her way downstairs when there was a knock at the door. As Victoria walked to answer it, Krissi pushed past her and said, 'We need to talk. Ignore the door.'

Once inside, Gareth did what he normally did on days like this — Walked to the kitchen, opened the fridge and got a beer. You could tell he and Amber were brother and sister.

Part Three -

He slumped onto his "comfy chair", which seemed to absorb him, and opened the bottle with his teeth. At least Amber had used a bottle opener.

Sipping his beer soon wasn't enough, so he gulped down the last half of the bottle in one, after he'd gone into his kitchen to make some fries.

A few bottles later, he'd just gotten tired and felt like heading off to bed. With it only being eight p.m, he decided to fight it and stay awake. His phone, which he'd left on silent, lit up. For thr third time in five minutes. He groaned, leaned over and picked it up off the arm of the huge chair.

Amber had messaged him three times, telling him to get in touch as soon as possible. He wasn't really in the mood for her seriousness right now, so instead, he changed his mind and headed to bed.

He'd just got to the door of his bedroom, when there was a frantic knocking on the door. Again he groaned, and went to answer it. As he approached the door, he noticed the keys weren't there.

'Dammit.' He mumbled, 'Hold on, need to find the keys.' He said to the person on the other side of the door.

'Okay.' He heard Victoria's muffled, upset voice say. And he hurried up his search for the keys. He jammed them into the door once finding them, and let her inside. 'What's wrong?' He asked.

'Kinda don't wanna talk just yet, I can smell the beer on your breath, you got any more?' She rushed to say.

Gareth chuckled and nodded, he then gestured towards the kitchen and she took the hint. She helped herself to a beer from his fridge then they both went to sit down.

'Hope I didn't disturb you.' She said quietly, as she opened her beer.

'Well, I was about to go to bed, but something's up with you, and you came here instead of Ambers... That's not like you.' Gareth said. 'What's happened? You're shaking.'

Victoria gulped her beer faster than Gareth did. He'd noticed and sat silently, slightly embarrassed, he smirked to himself, shook his head and said, 'Come on. You can talk to me.'

He put his hand on her shoulder, a sign of comfort.

She nodded, wiped her teary eyes and said, 'My aunt Krissi. She's kinda... Well like them.' She blinked hard, and looked up at Gareth who looked confused then understood what she meant.

That next morning when Victoria awoke on Gareth's sofa, with a thin blanket thrown over her, she groaned and said, 'Gareth? How many did you let me drink last night?'

'As many as you wanted.' Gareth laughed as he placed a steaming hot cup in front of her on his living room coffee table. 'You just kept chugging.' He smirked. 'I wasn't gonna spoil your fun.'

Victoria laughed, 'Have you-'

'Don't worry about that. I text her, she's on her way over.' Gareth said, cutting Victoria off. He knew she was about to ask if he'd spoken to Amber. Turns out he had, just before Victoria woke up. He'd received a reply saying,'Oh my God! I'm on my way!'

Victoria rose from her lying position and picked up the cup of coffee, slowly sipping at it. 'My head hurts... To much stuff going on and it's all whirling around in here.' She tapped the side of her head with her index finger while looking at Gareth, somewhat confused.

'So what exactly happened?' Gareth said. 'You got here crying, saying your aunt was "one of them".' He was holding his own cup of coffee, looking over at Victoria from the deep space of his "comfy chair".

'I was just on the phone to Amber. She must have heard me. I was talking about those guys, and what the hell happened?! My aunt must have heard because she decided to try and explain to me, but something in her changed...' She trailed off.

'What changed?'

'I couldn't quite figure it out. But she kept telling me not to get involved, they're dangerous. But when I said that I wanted to know how she knew so much about it, that's when she... Changed. Her eyes...'

'Her eyes?'

'They went a weird yellow-orange colour. She'd turned around, with her back to me, and when she turned back... she'd changed. Or it might have just been me. But she suddenly got angry, growled and threw the kitchen table across the room and headed straight for me. I ran.'

'Here? You came straight here?' Gareth asked.

'Yeah. She wouldn't have thought to look here. she'd have gone to Amber's if she was going to look for me. I guess she didn't though.' Victoria took another few sips of coffee and set the cup back down on the table. She sat up straight, sighed and rubbed her head. 'She had these long teeth...'

'OK, right. This is getting weird. You are not going home. I'll come with you later to get your things and your staying here. If she tried throwing a table across the room-'

'But what about my aunt Kathline? What's to say she isn't one too?... Krissi will be gone at five today. But my Aunt Kathline will be in.' Victoria was clearly shaken, her voice trembled.

'Don't worry. We'll go with you.' Amber said, appearing at the living room door.

'You just let yourself in now?' Gareth asked.

'Yeah, when my best friend is here, all upset, I am not waiting for slowpoke to sloth-walk to the door.' Amber said, rather sarcastically.

'Haha.' Gareth said plainly. 'Anyway... What do we do?'

'Well the police aren't gonna take this seriously are they!' Amber laughed. 'Maybe we should just try getting your things first, then we'll figure out what to do.'

'Coffee first, then we'll think about going.' Victoria said, as Amber sat down next to her on the sofa. 'Look, whatever is wrong with your aunt, don't worry, we'll keep you safe.'

Next: Chapter 4- Taking Victoria.


Chapter Four:

Taking Victoria.

Part One -

     The eight foot high metal doors squeaked shut as Jason stormed through the almost magical mansion he and the others called home. The place they were, was like their headquarters. Jason needed to report back to Hagan that someone saw, someone knew.

'She didn't seem to understand. Neither did her friends. They know I killed those demons, but I don't think they buy the story. She was about to call the police.' Jason said, blankly.

'So what's pissed you off?' Jaymica asked.

'The fact that they don't believe him, probably.' Drake said, smirking.

'This is actually quite serious.' Hagan said, and Drake's smirk faded rather quickly. 'Did you even try to explain? And how could she see them?'

'That's what I want to know. She said she saw them but has no idea what I'm talking about. I'm guessing her family have kept her from the truth all her life. Not told her about our world. I'm convinced it's in her blood. She's either one of them or one of us.'

'What was her name, Jason?' Hagan asked.


'Then find her, and bring her here. We need to talk to her.'

Jason, Jaymica and Drake all left Hagan's study, which appeared to look much like a small library.

There had been bookshelves filled with thick books, a small table lamp giving off the only light in the room, and a big oak desk which Hagan sat behind on a creaky wooden chair. 'Time for a new one I think.' He'd said.

Walking down the hallway, with smiling faces from pictures of other demon hunters, and small wall sconces, barely lighting the way, Jaymica suddenly stopped. 'How did you know about her family?' She asked Jason.

'Does it matter? The point is, I know she's got some kind of powers... Whether they will help us or be against us, I don't know. All I know is we need to find out. She could be one of them in disguise, trying to trap us.' Jason said.

'Think you're reading way too into this.' Drake said, and Lushina appeared out of a small room to the left. 'Do you have to creep up on people?' He demanded.

'Sorry,' she smirked, 'But Jay is right. We need to be careful, but at the same time, we do need to talk to her... Again. Maybe bringing her here is a good idea.'

'How do you know Hagan suggested that? You weren't even there.' Drake looked confused. But Lushina gave him that "Do I really have to tell you?" look.

'People talk.' Was all she said.

Jason pushed his blond hair back out of his eyes. 'Time to rest first. And eat.' He said as he came to the kitchen door. They sat down to dinner discussing their tactics for slaying more demons, when Hagan reappeared.

'Focus on resting tonight guys. We'll sort this out tomorrow. But for tonight, I need to go to Servil.'

'Who?' Asked Drake.

'Well, how I am to you... He is to me. You do what I say and I do what he says.' Hagan explained.

'So he's kinda your boss then?' Drake asked. Hagan nodded.

'So what does Servil want you for?' Jason asked.

'He doesn't. I need to speak with him about this whole thing. A human saw you. Well someone we thought was a human until she admitted to being able to see the demons... Just want to make sure it's wise to bring her here, or whether we should go there.' And he turned around, and left. His long brown trench coat flapping about beside him. 'See you later.' He said.

'Why didn't he just send a message?' Lushina asked quietly as they watched Hagan leave. The others shrugged. 'Must be something else...'

'Anyway.' Drake said suddenly, 'I'm gonna go change. I have a training hour tonight with Alsop and Tria.'

'Don't you have a bit of a thing for Tria?' Lushina teased.

'No!' Drake shouted, and turned red at the cheeks. 'I gotta go.' He turned and left out the side doorway.

This led to the hallway leading him through the living area and to the long winding staircase. As he was making his way upstairs he grumbled to himself, 'A thing for Tria... Idiots.'

'He totally has a thing for Tria.' Jaymica laughed after Drake had disappeared upstairs. 'But he has just reminded me. I have a session in the morning at nine...' She groaned. 'Early mornings kill me.'

'Nine isn't early! Try 6 a.m training, like I used to!' Lushina argued. 'That was hell!'

'I can imagine! Luckily mines at two p.m.' Jason laughed. 'I get it easy!' He teased.

'Just wait till it all changes.' Lushina said. 'I might convince Tria to get you out of bed at six a.m.'

'That's just harsh.'

'You're just lazy!' Lushina laughed.

'Lazy?! I don't know how you dare!' Jason decided to drop into Hagan office on the way to his room, he opened the door, but Hagan was not there.

Jason checked all over the place, the large reception hall, all the little rooms hidden behind massive wooden doors as he walked through the entrance hallway, back to the kitchen and dining room. He even knocked on Hagan's bedroom door. He must have gone out, but where?

To get Victoria?


Part Two -

     The front door was slightly open. Was Aunt Krissi here? Aunt Kathline? And what about Dylan? Victoria, closely followed by Amber and Gareth, went through the front door, with more bravery than they thought they had.

Wanting to make this quick, Victoria went straight upstairs to pack a suitcase and a few bags. Gareth insisted that she should stay at his place for a few nights a week, then stay with Amber for a few nights. 'It would make it a little harder for them to find you.' He explained.

She closed the bedroom door behind them and they all helped pack clothes, shoes and toiletries and important things, dear to Victoria, into bags. Also she took a collection of DVD's and CD's and books. On their way back down the stairs they noticed the front door was now blocked...

By a pale, thin, eyeless thing. It's skin was shiny, and it looked almost reptilian, but there it stood with two legs, and two arms looking almost human. The three of them froze in fear and shock. The thing by the front door raised a long nailed finger out towards Victoria.

'Don't go near it!' Gareth hissed.

'I wasn't planning on it.' Victoria whispered back. Amber just stood, staring at this thing in front of them.

'It looks like that something that Jason killed down that alleyway. Except those had eyes. But like he said, they can change their appearance.'

During all this time, the thing had not moved at all... until now.

It suddenly dashed for Victoria, taking her in its slimy looking arms so quickly that Gareth and Amber couldn't do anything about it. It went past them and darted into the bathroom, with Amber and Gareth only a few seconds behind, but when they opened the door, the bathroom was empty....


Part Three -

     Jason needed to explain to Victoria what he meant. The only problem was finding her. He knew where she lived, but would she be home? He pulled out a rod, metal and glowing. But unlike the girls' lilac glowing ones, this one was glowing an icy blue colour in this dark bedroom.

The light really is terrible in here. The windows are so small. He realized as his wand was lighting up the room.

He closed his eyes and drew a pattern in the air with this wand. It left a trail, pale blue, as he moved along to the next shape. After criss-crossing here and there, swirling the wand around, there appeared a blue light, darker than the glow, and after a second or two, Jason disappeared.

Arriving safely on a park not only five minutes away from where Victoria lived, Jason landed rather gracefully for such a clumsy young man. He sighed in relief. 'No accidents this time.' He breathed to himself.

I'm getting better at this, he thought. He quickly put his wand away, before anyone saw it, and started walking in the direction of Victoria's house.

As he approached, he saw Amber and Gareth on the garden of Victoria's house, looking both scared and panicked. He jogged over to them before they got back in their truck , the sense that something was terribly wrong slowly washing over him as he got closer.

'What's up?'

'She's gone...' Amber said, sobbing. 'Something took Victoria...'

'What do you mean someone took her?!' Jason stuttered.

'Not some-one... some-thing!' Gareth corrected Jason.

Next: Chapter 5- The Demon Angel


Chapter Five:

The Demon Angel.

Part One-

     A door slammed shut, making Drake jump. A few seconds later an angry looking Jason stormed into the living area where Drake and Lushina were sat going over their training time-tables.

'She's gone.' Jason simply said.

'Who?' Lushina asked.

'Victoria.' He paused wile he paced the room for somewhere to sit down. 'Her friends were round her place when i went to go find her. They said something took her... Some-thing!'

'That can only mean one of two things...' Drake started.

'Which are...?' Lushina asked.

'They're either lying...' Drake was interrupted.

'Which is unlikely.' Jason said.

'-Or,' Drake continued. 'They saw a demon. Or some kind of demon, that is.' He stood from the creaky leather sofa. ' Did they say what it looked like? Did it say anything?'

'I don't know. I didn't ask, I just wanted to get back here as soon as possible to let you guys and Hagan know what's happened and that we may have a fight on our hands.'

'Not everything has to end with a battle Jay.' Drake sighed. 'We could just find out where it took her, and go get her back, if a fight is involved then fair enough, but don't go in there all guns blazing before you know the enemy.'

'I don't have guns...' Jason said.

'You know what I mean! Besides, she's just a girl, what could they possibly want from her?' Drake said.

'She knows the truth. About us and them, the demons... The shield. She holds the answer to finding it.' Jason said, 'She's seen them, there's no getting out of this now. They know she knows, we know she knows, and so does she. We need to get her back before something happens to her.'

'That doesn't mean that whatever took her is going to kill her, might just want information.' Lushina suggested.

'Centuries have passed in our world and not once has the enemy done that! They come straight to us, always have done. They have no need for Victoria, which makes this even more worrying. They would contact Hagan'

Jason had started to calm down a bit, but he still sounded hysterical, pacing back and forth, hands clasped to his head. He stopped suddenly, 'Where is Hagan?'

A booming voice from the doorway said, 'I'm right here. And you have a visitor.'

     'What do we do?' Amber asked as they sped through the streets in the battered white Volkswagen that belonged to her uncle, back to Gareth's place to figure out a plan to save Victoria.

'How the hell should I know?!' Gareth thought for a moment, 'Call Eli and Ella, they seemed to know a thing or two about those strange people. They might know, or have an idea where that thing might have taken Victoria.

Amber fumbled for a moment with her phone then help it to her ear. After a minute she hung up. 'Eli isn't answering.' Then she tried Ella. 'Ella's phone is off.'

'Keep trying Eli. At least her phone is on.'

Amber tried three more times until finally Eli answered. 'Sorry, I was — '

'No time for explanations... I'm on my way to your place now.'

'Now? Why something wrong?'

'I'll explain when I get there.' Amber hung up.

Ten minutes later, Gareth pulled up outside the block of apartments where Eli had moved to. Amber ran inside and up the stairs to Eli's room and banged on the door. Eli appeared, now dressed from the shower she had tried to explain to Amber she was having on the phone. Her hair, still wet, hung loosely just below her shoulders, her pale face, natural and un-make-up-ed looked to almost be glowing through the gap in her long fringe, showing her rounded face. She let Amber and Gareth in and said, 'OK, so what's up?'

'You know about those people Victoria saw the other night.' Amber wasted no time. 'Well, one of them took her earlier and I thought you might be able to help. Maybe you'd know where.'

'What do you mean, "took her"?' Eli asked.

'Well one of those weird, pale things just grabbed her and disappeared. It was way too quick for us to do anything about it. It ran into the bathroom but seconds later when I opened the door, it, and Victoria, was gone.' Gareth explained.

'Oh.' Eli said.

Part Two -

     Her eyes finally flickered open and she tried to rub them, but her hands wouldn't move. She couldn't move. She looked down at her wrists that seemed glued to the ground by her hips, were not tied, or glued. Nothing was holding her down, but still, she was unable to move. She wriggled, 'Give up.' A voice startled her and she gasped but no sound came out. She tried to turn to see who spoke, but couldn't. 'I said give up trying to move. You'll just make the spell stronger.'

Victoria tried to speak, to ask who he was, where she was, what was going to happen, but no matter how she tried, she couldn't even manage a whisper. 'It should wear off soon. If you stop moving and listen to me.'

The voice got closer and closer until Victoria saw a pale face appear above her. It was an old-looking face, even though it had no eyes but wrinkles a-plenty! What on earth was this?!
Her breathing became a little erratic as she panicked, then he told her. 'You can only answer yes or no... Do you have any idea what you've ended up getting yourself involved in?'

Victoria shook her head, she knew something of course, but only what her Aunt Krissi and Jason had told her. And she still needed to see him again to know more.

'Well I advise you to stay out of it! Jason was wrong to tell you, and you were wrong to follow him that night. If you'd have kept your interfering nose out you wouldn't be here right now, fearing for your life. Look, your family caused enough chaos for us, our world and our kind, that's why you were being kept out of it. That's why you were never told... But of course, Victoria has to investigate it and get all wrapped up in a mess and in the way.'

Victoria could feel herself starting to be able to move again, breathing was becoming easier and the sense of claustrophobia began to ease. But this demon-looking thing carried on talking. 'You'll either get yourself killed, get more nephilim killed, more demons killed... Or I kill you.' Suddenly everything for Victoria went black, and that was it.

Or so it seemed. She opened her eyes again, this time to a view of a beautiful green forest. The air around her felt misty and damp and the ground where she lay felt soggy. It was a moment or two before she realized she was lying behind the hut near the Swan Pond. She began to get up.

Everything ached. Her head was pounding, and her left arm throbbing from how she'd fallen behind the hut.

Where would Amber be? There's no way I'm going home, Victoria thought to herself as she staggered to her feet and started walking in the direction of Amber's place.

Part Three -


     A tall man in thick, black clothing, which seemed to be clinging to his body it was so tight, strode in through the door. He had jet black hair and blue, piercing eyes. Muscly and athletic looking, it wasn't surprising that this man turned out to be Jason's old trainer.

'Skullen? What are you doing here?' Jason asked, surprised to see him. The last time Jason saw Skullen was back home in the Sacred City where Jason was born. He began his training there at five years old, and Skullen had been his first trainer.

Jason started spending less and less time there in Sacred City as he grew older. Exploring other places, other worlds, other nephilim and demon hunters.

His new home is back with Hagan and everyone here, but if he was to visit family, or they needed to escape for a while for any reason, the place they'd all go is Emerald City.

There, there was the Gathering Hall where the Council would have meetings. Plans for battle and defense were made there, and all the different headquarters around the world, were all connected and ran through the Council and Hagan's father, founder of this particular group of Demon Hunters.

There were others, without a ruler, who would gather there too, to help in battles, live in the towns and villages surrounding, and in the city.

The place Jason liked best there was Iron Skull River. Whenever he was there, and needed space, he would go and sit by the river in peace, away from all the talk of battle, demons and sometimes death.

'I have news from Sacred City, may I talk to you alone?' Skullen asked Jason, his voice deep but somehow soothing. Jason had always felt safe and comfortable around this man.

Jason led Skullen through to the kitchen, where he got them both a drink and sat at the table to talk. The others had been warned to not enter the kitchen while Jason and Skullen were talking. 'So... Go on, what's happened?' Jason asked, impatiently.

Jason felt in his gut that something was wrong. And when Skullen sighed, his stomach flipped even more. 'Zeke is dead.' He said bluntly in the end.

Jason, of course, was stunned. Zeke had been Jason's best friend while growing up in Sacred City. He'd always watched his back, pranked people with him, and trained together in Skullen's class.

'How?' He managed to stutter finally.

'In battle. A group of Raven Demons got him and a group of others when the City was attacked. Somehow our defenses were down, or broken, and didn't sense that the demons were around.' He paused. 'We have now put up a new Defense Charm around the City Hall and the towns surrounding. No one else should be hurt, hopefully, as long as our defense stays up.'

'What made them stop working?' Jason asked, confused as to how the charm could just stop working.

'We don't know. It either just grew weak over time, or somehow an unlocking spell could have been used to gain access to the city. We don't know who could have done that, but we will find out, and why.'

'So everyone else is OK? Marko? Aria? Grace?' These were Zeke's brother and his girlfriend, and Aria was Grace's best friend.

'Yes, they're all fine. They'd decided not to battle.' Skullen said.

After they'd finished talking, Jason went straight to his room. He felt tired, but that must just be the stress of the day. Victoria's gone, been taken somewhere, and he had no idea how to find her and bring her back.

Skullen had then showed up to tell him his best friend is dead and to top it off, he'd barely eaten today. He relaxed on his bed and only closed his eyes for what felt like five seconds, but he fell asleep.

Next: Chapter 6- Surprise Visit.


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