Journals of a Psychopath



My psychoparh is so insane.


She was distraught she had developed laryngitis and she gestured wildly with her hands.
      “Rheanna has taken Jolenson,” she croaked.
The stitches restricted Elaina’s movement and Elaina pushed the emergency button, but no sound came from it. Rhea had strolled through the hospital with my daughter.

The Farmstead

      “She is too tight to snatch a babe,” Rheanna’s father said.
      “Elaina saw it happen and Rheanna crept into the labor-unit and sallied off with Jolenson.
      “Have you any idea where she may have taken the baby?”
Jessie came in.
      “Rhea said she was thinking about taking a vacation.”
Speeding into Rheanna's room, I discovered some clothes were in short supply and two overnight bags were missing, Caldwell remembered he had bought the bags for Rheanna and he scratched his scalp.
      “We are going to search for her,” I said.
Jessie shadowed us and Smithson persuaded her to join us later.

The Journey to Blackclaw Woodlands

The weather was relentless and the wind whizzed among the Trees, she shivered in the gown. Treading by the side Smithson maintained a steady pace. I turned, every so often to see if his sex organ was engorged.
Lady Flarice was relieved when we stopped to rest. Sitting upon a stump and drinking liquor, Smithson appeared grand as he sat, I agonized she might want Smithson. Perusing me and he donated me a strange appraisal.
      “I will always be with you, the allegiance is certain, and it can never be removed,” he said.

The Timber Figures and the Archangel

Meeting us, the Purifiers and the Darkest-One shunted forward, and we pressed Lady Flarice to her knees, the Woodlanders anticipation bubbled. Lady Flarice quivered in their presence. Smithson yanked Lady Flarice to the Purifier, the Lady Flarice tumbled to the dirt, and she blubbered for clemency, the Woodlander Forms and the Archangel overjoyed she supplicated acceptably.
      “I must yield,” I said to Smithson.
      “Are you sure? It seems a strange time to be yearning for prey,” Smithson replied.

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