The adventures and misadventures of a poor heart living in the streets of a big city. You may feel touched by this metaphorical tale. Some resemblance with the real life is a mere coicidence. This little heart could be you who read their story or some related of you.

At the corner of Pain Avenue with Deception lived a little heart boy so hurt, mistreated, chased away, he suffered so much, because he starved, stayed in the dew and as it was not enough, he was despised when not ignored.

When the night fell, he got an old newspaper to warm himself and he found any corner at the old marquee that he called home. He looked at the sky and prayed, thanking by the day that ended and asked for the next day would be at least quite like the previous one, because he had survived. However, in the daybreak he observed that everyone had its own companion. He spoked with his friend:

- Gosh, so beautiful you two.

- You should find some girlfriend.

- Do you think so? I am afraid. I have suffered so much.

His friend replied:

- Of course, it will be great! Everybody has the right to pursue happiness.

- Hmmm, maybe! Exclaimed the little heart boy.

The sun went down under the old marquee and he put himself ready to sleep. He looked at the sky and prayed:

- Oh my Good Lord! You who listens to everything, knows everything, if there is deserving of me, for charity my Lord, concede me a girlfriend for who knows this time, I can make it right and be happy. – With tears in his eyes fell asleep the poor heart.

When waking up in the next morning, he went to look for food at Illusion Street, because that street was busy, with luxurious cars, well-dressed people and the trash can was always full. Suddenly he hears:

- Grab her! Grab her! Thief!

Before him stops a little heart girl who asks desperately:

- Help me! Please!

Then he hides her. As soon as the fright is gone, both go to the old marquee where she would be safe at least for a while.

- Well – he asks – What really happened to the police chase you?

- Oh, they accused me of stealing a client, as If I was dishonest. He calumniated me.

No need of more details, he said:

- Stay with me and you will be safe. Try not to find confusion. What is your name? – Asked him.

- My name is Silver. And you?

- Candid.

The time was passing by and the little heart boy fell in love as If never been in love before.

Every night, before sleeping, the little heart boy thanked the joy of the grace delivered, a girlfriend. However, a certain morning he woke up alone. Beside him, only the old newspaper sheet. The poor heart freaked out. He searched at Pain Street, Desperate Street, Tears Street, Euphoria Street and until last, Decadence Street. Nothing. There he saw Mr. Intestine. Afraid he approached, because he had a reputation of being in a bad mood.

- Mr. Intestine, please, one minute of your attention! Have you seen my twin soul, Silver?

- No my boy. For your information, I will be the last one to see her, because everyone like her ignores me, they don’t give me the real importance that I have and when they do it, sometimes there is nothing else to be done.

- Like what? – Asked the little heart boy.

- It is simple, answer me, you who walks everywhere, have you ever listened anyone says that he or she have had diarrhea by the night, that they have had whistle belly thumps? Have you observed when people go to the toilet they always go making the number one? They never say that they are going to make the number two due to the shame. When you see someone feeling sick, complaining about something, they are going to say that they have some headache, that passed all night with renal colic, etc., but I never, never took the sleep of anybody! – And smiled the intestine – But I know who knows about her.

- Who? Please! – Implores the desperate heart.

- Mr. Brain, because he is the great commander, knows everything!

- But where I find him?

- Son, at Reason Street, do you know where it is?

- Nope! But I will find it.

- I doubt it! But he will find you.

Hopeless, the heart goes away. Then he heard:

- Hey!

- Who are you?

- I am the one you look for.

- Mr. Brain?

- Exactly!

- Have you seen my twin soul, Silver?

- My naïve little heart boy, which silver gets held in the hands of anyone?  Oh, I have positively seen her. How long you think she would bear that misery? That privation?

- But she loved me so! – Replied the poor heart.

- The tongue speaks what it wants and not what it feels – Replied the brain.

- No, she loved me.

- Loved you so much uh! She passed inside a luxurious car with Mr. Stomach, fat and rich. When you will learn the truth of life? Sad I know it is, that’s why I never fell in love and If they get me sick I give them a sudden headache and they leave me in peace so quick that I don’t need to think twice. Let this be a lesson to you. Before I give you a headache go back now to your marquee.


Kátia Paes


Posted by Kátia Paes on april 29th, 2016.

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