Final Days of Class



Final Days of College classes, next another 2 more years as a transfer student. The anticipation is real.

I sat there uncaringly with a book in hand, knowing that the final days were to be summed up into one 11 inch piece of paper.
I sat and watched the clock tick and memorized the un sticking mathematical problems.

What's the use.
The coffee had helped as a means to be upward but my insides were telling me otherwise. The inside feelings encouraged and crept within me and whispered thoughts of sleep, as my bagged eyes batted accordingly.

The feeling of accomplishment had now been summarized by how well my mind could retell all I've memorized in my very own repertoire
What a hack. What a sham.
I was moving on and ready to hit the high road. Take chances as time dances

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There's more where that came from!