Reflections on Venus



Poet and author Don J Baldwin presents valid questions to the iconic statue Venus de Milo about her past, present and future.

Why now Venus are you standing?
Perhaps once graceful arms promised those beholding,
the nuance of a supple embrace.
Did your shy eyes, coy and aware of those who worshiped you
hold treasure. . . or sin?
Now fragmented,
you are older than you planned.
How time has worn with some success
your fairness and alabaster shapes
so lovingly crafted
by your creators hand.
He bestowed upon you
his greatest honor:
perfection crowned as a goddess.

You were envied and desired,
even feared lest the ultimate rejection fall from your lips
or burn in the fires of your soulless eyes.

Only now,
your limbless shoulders reveal the mystery of your weakness
a solid and stony core lifeless and unyielding.
A striking image,
and yet
a warm kiss
is met by cold marble,
And if my arms of flesh were to encircle you,
would your rigid frame be grieving
for the limbs to return my embrace?
Or would concealment
like the time and the rain
erode the dream of love?
Frozen in indignation,
statuesque and resolute,
you reply not . . . 
a stoic testimony of frailty
and monument
to beauty tragic. 

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