Ohh, you can’t reach home
slow poisoned by lullabies
half-eyed awake, in deathbed
expecting the humming gonna never end
at the darkest corner of the tent
in your silenced hours – ever sensed.
Often cough comes out with smoke
white strappings wet out red
for one more morphine push
many swore , ‘I won’t fight again’

Somewhere lies, the freedom cries
not far; waves,
 - justice for all
many mother swallowed sacrifice
brains are blood-washed
- it’s just duty call.

And , we paint them glorified,
camouflage faces for rainbow smiles
of the children , yet to be born  
to be raised safe and free
on their father’s homely ground.
oh, they are still unsworn
to the oath of hate ; tempting lies



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