It Comes



This is going to be my first go at a long ongoing horror story. An idea just popped in my head one night and I'm gonna run with it. Please, any comments or criticisms are welcome. Let me know how I am doing.

Charlie was running for what seemed like an eternity to him now. He had lost track of how long he was running but he knew he had to keep going or it would catch him. And it would kill him. He had honestly forgotten why it was chasing him or why it wanted only him. He even forgot what it was that was chasing him. Was it the fatigue? The lack of sleep? Stress? He didn't know. All he knew right now was it wanted to kill him and he had to keep running. He would stop once in a while for about an hour or two, but then it would pick up his scent again. Each time getting closer and closer. He didn't know how much longer he could keep running. His feet were bleeding and he felt like hammered shit. Maybe, he thought, he should just stop. Let it catch him. NO!!! That would mean it would win. And he can't let that happen. Wait...he just remembered something. Ahhhh yes. Now he remembers what happened be after him. It had been about six months since Charlie swindled that gypsy woman at the carnival out of 25 grand.....

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