Lust Kills Love



A premature love story full of romance with tragic end. A girl trusts a man, loves him unconditionally and gives everything without any expectations but what she gets in return — DEATH .....


     Syed Mikail Ali

Mansi is an intelligent and beautiful girl. She is very good at studies and does many household works. She is very naughty also. But she cannot fulfill all her dream as her father is a middle class farmer. Every year she passes with good marks. She passed 10th Exam with good marks. She started her higher secondary – with lot difficulties she managed to pass the exam in first division. Father was in search of a suitable groom but she informs her family that she does not want to get married at an early age rather she wants to become something by continuing her study.


      In order to pursue her higher studies she had to go to a nearby town. There she got admission in a college. Her eyes were full of dreams. She has a inner passion to mould her career. She continued her study. Father was trying his best to support his daughter. Whatever money he gathered for her marriage, he was spending the same for her education.


      Initially she was staying in hostel. But the environment of the hostel was not good – at least not a place to study. So three friends took rooms on sharing basis in a PG on rent. Everything was going fine.

      The college appointed some new teachers. Among them one was Mr Manab. He was very handsome, smart and energetic. He has passed MA English and joined the college as lecturer on contract. Manab becomes very friendly with the students and tries with his best to teach the students with a great zeal.


      So Mansi also finds Manab sir to be a good teacher. In college, classes were not arranged in proper way and nobody cares for it. All are very busy. As Mansi was in third semester, many new topics she got – infact she was not able to learn and understand them properly as other lecturers or professors do not take any care to teach the students and students also do not want to run the class smoothly. All are very busy.

      Finally she thinks of taking coaching from Manab sir as many students are going to Manab sir. Manab sir sets a different time for Mansi as there was no space in that batch. So in the evening Mansi starts going for coaching to Manab sir. From the beginning Mansi proved to be a bright student in her class – some were surprised at her, some were jealous  and some thought about her differently. She was beautiful and smart also – her way of talking, mixing with others and her personality impressed many.


      Infact Mr Manab too was impressed. Gradually a light of lusty love started growing in his mind but unable to express it. As he was a lecturer in the college, he had to keep distance from the students and many times talked to his heart not to think such things, but the light was becoming brighter. Simply he was waiting for a chance to speak out his heart. It is the month of July,’’ To His coy Mistress’’  a metaphysical poem by Andrew Marvel was going on in the class. To the young learners  the poem was quite exciting and interesting as it deals with love and sex. Manab sir explains it with more stress and becomes more specific. He notices the same eager eye in many of his students – both boys and girls.

      The chance was bright. Mansi was upset. Manab soothingly asked her why she was upset. She informed due to heavy rain and flood her father has incurred a great loss and she does not have sufficient fund to continue her study. Without thinking Manab assures her financial help. Manab already had a big space in her heart for being a meritorious teacher and now he occupies the whole heart. But they cannot express their true heart.


      It is rainy season. Mostly rain and thunder come in evening. This is the time for Mansi’s coaching. Now the teacher cannot teach in proper way and the student seems to be indifferent to learn. They have something to say to each other but cannot say.


      From the morning it is raining continuously and life seems to be still. Mansi goes to college but very few students were present. Classes were suspended and students were asked to go back. Returning room Mansi tries to do some studies but is not able to concentrate. Takes a second bath and eats some lunch and tries to sleep as others were but was not able to sleep. After passing the afternoon she gets ready for coaching. Her friends told – “ Skip coaching today, we will enjoy by arranging a party today evening.’’

      But the idea does not sounds good to her. The black clouds blacken the earth and heavy rain with thunder was not so far. But Mansi ignores everything and goes for coaching. Manab was feeling lonely and did not expect that Mansi will come. He heartily welcomed her and started teaching usually in dim light. Neither he was able to teach properly nor she was interested to learn. Suddenly it thunders heavily – Mansi hugs Manab sir tightly so does he. They expressed their heart – they speaks out their heart. Manab has no intention to leave her – they kisses each other.

 “ Don’t leave me alone and never forget me’’ sobbing Mansi speaks.

‘’ Never Mansi, never sweet heart, I will never leave you alone and never forget you … promise” replies firmed Manab. They kisses again.

      Gradually their relationship becomes deep – deeper – deepest. Manab says to Mansi –

‘’You are in 4th semester- only two semesters are left. Please don’t reveal our relationship to any third person. As soon as you complete your graduation I will marry you and we will live together happily forever. If our relationship gets exposed I may lose my job – I have to build a good career. Will you help me? Will you keep my promise?’’

 ‘’Yes dear,  be sure, How can I harm you? How can I do that? I am yours – only yours – mine everything is yours. Just don’t desert me – never leave me.”

“ You please do your study with proper care and attention – you have to pass with good marks – you have to make your own identity- work hard” advises  Manab.

      Mansi becomes late to reach her room. Friends ask what the matter – why she is late. She shows lame excuse. Mansi thinks the place is not suitable to stay – so she takes a separate room with the indirect help of Manab and stops relationship with her good friends. Manab makes her very excited frequently either by teaching or by touching. He cannot control his lust – one day he made her very excited by giving some medicine in her tea that they used to drink during coaching. She is also unable to control her excitement and ultimate gives her virgin to Manab – both enjoys a lot. With Manab’s helps and guides, she passes 5th semester with good marks. After 3 months she comes to know that she is pregnant. A darkness surrounds in her life – in their relationship.

      She informs the matter to Manab. She saw an unexpected reaction in Manab.

” You became pregnant (angrily). Have you thought about our career and future? I didn’t expect this from you.” changed Manab talked.

“ Do you think I am alone responsible for this? We will manage it together. Don’t worry.” Replied Mansi.

“ Immediately abort the baby – do it as soon as possible and I cannot go with you any hospital or anywhere – I am giving you money – you manage it yourself.” Said Manab.

“ I don’t dare to abort it – its our baby Manab – we can manage it” argued Mansi.

“ Just shut up – do as I am directing you anyhow and get out from here – don’t show your face until you do this – just get out” groaned Manab.


      This unexpected behavior of Manab made her the saddest person in the world. Now she is totally alone. How she will abort alone? Even she cannot say anything about this. A great tension erupted her body, mind and soul. She was thinking and thinking – what to do – what not to do. She stopped going collge. Two  days over no call from Manab. She is at a loss moment. She called Manab many times but no reply – she texted many messages urging his help – but no reply. She is regretting a lot on her deeds.

      She was feeling her life so bitterly that cannot be expressed in words. Now three days over no reply from Manab. She was checking the mobile madly expecting a reply from him. But nothing she got. She is planning for suicide as no door seems open to her. Being disappointed and depressed, she threw the mobile and it switches off. But she could stop herself from checking the mobile expecting a reply. This is killing for her – for this she is becoming unbearable and almost torturous. She switches on the mobile and sits on a chair. She receives a message from him! After reading the message she was confused – what kind of joke it was with her life. Was it true or daydream?


Manab messaged her that he is planning to marry her as soon as possible to solve the unwanted problem. She seems to get relief but her heart is not responding positivly – she cannot enjoy the good news heartily. Manab messages her to change her room to another part of the town and say your friends that you are going to village for a month’s leave. She changes her room to another side of the city and informs her friends and college about one month leave. Indirectly Manab arranged the room in the outskirt of the city and the house-owner did not live in the house.


      Evening time Manab comes to his sweetheart with many food items and other necessary things she was fond of. He assures her that everything will be fine and he will manage it. They eats the burger  and drinks the beer together  as they used to do and enjoys a lot and have sex. Manab promises not to leave her alone. Next day Manab comes with pizza icecream and wine.  Mansi feels that she is getting relief from the unwanted problem. She enjoys the good food and little wine and Manab’s company. Manab tries to have sex again but she does not agree – so he forces her to have sex – rapes her. He suggests her to drink more wine she will feel better and made her drink all the wine he had – she was fully drunken and was unable to move – had lost control over self. He takes her to the bathroom and forcefully drowns her in the bathtab filled with water – she tries to save herself but was not able to save as she was over drunk. Afer few minutes her body became lifeless.


      Very cleverly and coolly, Manab took her mobile and other things which could have proved her relationship with him or any other proofs that can prove that he has murdered her. He kept pizza eating plate on the table and glass in which she drank wine unclean and the wine bottle beside the bathtab. So arranged it in such a way that everybody will understand that the deceased died due to overdrinking. He closed the door from  inside properly. He left the house from a open window leaving no clue that can prove his association with this murder.


      After few days the passerby could smell something bad – but they cannot find any dead animal nearby. As days grew smell became more unbearable for passerby and neighbors and ultimately they point out from where the smell was coming. They informed the police. Police broke the door and the smell was unbearable. The rotten body was sent for postmortem. After primary investigation police concludes that the deceased was overdrunkened and drowned in the tab losing control over self.



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