7th episode of the Adventures of Nilstut the Strange

Behind his binoculars, at the window, Nilstut perscruted the other side of his street, a few houses down, facing a rank of trees. 
It was 1030 in the morning and Mr. What, or The Disgraced as Nilstut called him, left his house to work.

Nilstut waited patiently at the binoculars.
It hadn't been 10 minutes since Mr. What had been gone, the milkman appeared and knocked at the door.
Mrs. What decisively opened the door, wearing a red satin gown with golden lace, and pulled the milkman into the house, slamming the door at their backs.

It wasn't the first and it wouldn't be the last time Mrs. What pulled men indiscriminately into the house while her husband was out.

Nilstut ran out and down the street. Arriving at the designated house, he placed himself under the bedroom window, where, from within, he could clearly listen to the moans coming from. Moans of pleasure.

"I know", he thought, and tiptoed quietly to the door. 
Raising his fists, he slammed with vigor on the door, as he screamed "JOLANDA! JOLANDA!", imitating Mr. What's voice which he could do easily.

In the room, the milkman was so scared he had lost his hard-on, and frustrated, hysterical Mrs. What shoved him out the window into the garden. He recomposed himself and ran.

But Nilstut was awaiting him just down the street, leaning by a street lamp.

As the milkman passed by, Nilstut commented "Hey, one of many! One of many!"

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