Bringing Back The Dead — Chapter 2&3



The body of a dead girl has been discovered and Inspector LeRoy and his team are trying to put together how she died — chapter 1 still Available

Chapter 2

Inspector Dexter LeRoy chose to take the J train to the East river crime scene. Taking the subway may give the impression he was in no hurry to get there, but traffic in New York had become so bad that the subway was the fastest way to get around town

He wasn’t surprised to see several other members of his murder squad dotted around the carriage along with two of the CSI team and someone who Le Roy recognized from the coroners office. they all acknowledged The detective, as he walked along the train trying to find a free seat. Eventually he found a spot. He was in no mood for conversation, so he fumbled through his pockets to find his cell and began checking his messages.

the Cell was everybody's refuge. A quick glance along the carriage would have revealed long lines of bowed heads. a small pocket sized tv screen jutting out from their hands. They cell was the lifeblood that controlled people's life's. everything from bank accounts to what you would be eating for dinner Shivie Sylvester assistant crime scene DA sat in the next carriage. He was busy constructing a menu for his family he was programming the ingredients he would need, he was going through his larder and fridge inventory and remote programming his smart box cooker to prepare a family dinner whatever wasn’t available was ordered automatically and forwarded to prep central ASCO the supermarkets hot word for shopping distribution and prep meal forwarding. Taking the J meant Shivvy would have dinner ready for his wife and kids when they got home this evening.

it was also his turn to do what his wife partner liked to call the chores she was a history master and enjoyed using oldie worldly words around the house so Shivvy chores included programming the home cleaner the washer dryer and the ironer the auto air con purifier which would desensitize the house remove all bacteria and foreign bodies and the self cleaners which would diffuse and disinfect the bathrooms and toilets as well as auto clean all the externalwindows and frames. The solar chargers where set to boost for the heat and electrical storage services. He placed his daily order for cheap rate power, hopefully they'd have enough back up stored to avoid getting caught out during the surge blackouts that usually hit around the golden power hours of 4- 9. A cheap rate full charge could last around six hours and would mean a low blast bill which should help them avoid the high rate tariff for fuel and power which kicked in between these times. Shivvy was paranoid about Missing the cheap rate charge option a missed booking could mean you end up with jaw dropping weekly tariff being applied to your quarter pay.

The tabloids where always blaming the power barons for the shortages and blackouts. His wife had rold him that In the last century the black market currency was drugs and booze these days it's gaz or fuel derivatives. The power black market was so huge. The world governments introduced 'Powerbition' to try and control the demand, instead it made the problems worse. Wars were fought over fuel. The world was enslaved to the 'Powerstocracy' Those fuel rich Emirates who's corrupt new money leaders called the shots on who gets the fuel and how much they pay.

Shivvy's wife's called the multi layered business conglomerates that had gained control of the fuel markets 'The Mob' and those faceless board members were Al Capone and his pals. Shivvy didn't have clue what she was going on about sometimes but as he had to remind himself she's a history geek, who knows these things. Her job it was to teach children about the 'Future Past' This source of history teaching was based on the theory, if we can understand our past we can influence our future. Something he intended to do sometime soon. He'd like to know just how the hell we got into this mess. And more importantly who the hell was Al Capone.

Chapter 3

By the time LeRoy and the rest of team arrived at the crime screen the news crews were already set up and broadcasting. LeRoy was considered a TV face. He'd made the lower pages of the celeb magazines which was enough to make him the departments go to guy when ever their was a particularly lurid crime.

LeRoy was particularly popular on the news hour shows he'd gotten some good reviews for his previous crime scene interviews. The Mayors office focus groups had scored him highly, and few private acting classes had raised his TVAbility rating. His own office chiefs liked to have him assigned to the high profile cases Which suited him. A good TV profile meant he 'd have a lot more choices when he looked at his options after the NYPD.

His agent had told him he had film star looks and he should always play those looks up. She also told him to always dress well, you never know who will be watching. And it wasn't a bad thing when your plastered all over the nightly news. His profile meant he had over a million subscribers to his face time TV channel, The sell on promotions and tie ins he'd attached to the site helped to give him a healthy additional income.

Fo the one off crimes being the face of the NYPD wasn't a bad thing and usually the good guys got the bad guys, but as he read the prelim report on his Cell he wasn't feeling his usual confident self. He hooked up a screen conference with the on-site team who had arrived earlier and had began examining the crime scene. He'd seen the body and a layout of the area. DNA tests had not yet identified the girl, which was unusual and had started alarm
Bells ringing. The case officer in charge had asked for verification tests because of what he called some 'anomalies'

You need to see this for yourself was the message he received from the detective in charge. Officer Hobson He was LeRoy's off screen police partner, they'd worked together on a lot of cases, it was usually Hobson who did the leg work. And LeRoy who took the plaudits. Not that he minded. He was what you called 'Old School'. He just enjoyed the work.

The detectives initial on the scene report didn't sound like good news. He was already preparing for the worst when the train arrived at the station. He bustled and barged his way into the crowd of people leaving the train. He hoped to blend in with the rest of the team but as soon as he left the carriage he was spotted, then swamped by the waiting press corp.

Anything you'd like to tell us inspector shouted Lucy Vine a reporter from NYNN the syndicated worldwide news outlet. She spoke for the four or five other on the scene crime reporters, Their cameras whirring away. All pointed at him, he tried to look studious and business like. He hurried along the platform
The press posse in tow. He then stopped for effect and turned to answer the reporters question.

Nothing yet Lucy, He was aware the camera would be looking for a good shot so he deliberately gave them his best angle, aware they would be looking for a quick passing shot for the breaking news headline teaser.

Live Air time camera reports were always time sensitive. He knew he had to have something for the on the hour headlines, so he didn't waste time posing, he needed to get a few facts and a little bit of background, just enough for a few choice sound bite quotes that would then give him a bit more time to dress the story for the big news hour that came later.

I'll be back to you at 10 to the hour with a preliminary and victim details, and I hope to have something very interesting for you later. the news stations loved a good tease,They could pad out the hour with all kinds of speculation.

The tempting tit bit got the news reporters very excited — Lucy Vine turned to camera

So breaking news and you heard it here first. Inspector Dexter LeRoy expects a break through in this case imminently. More later back to the studio..

LeRoy was about to rush off but held back when he heard The reporter finish her report.

Hey Lucy come on! He shouted grumpily.

The reporter looked non Plused,

'Hey Dexter you said it yourself something interesting..., she smiled sweetly

So wanna give me the scoop?

LeRoy smiled back

Later... He shouted as he bounded off to find his team.

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