The Little Butterfly Explores Our Universe



The Little Butterfly Explores Our Universe is a book series. The first book in this series is entitled, The Oceans and The Seas. The little butterfly guides children as they explore our amazing universe. As children discover the interesting diversity in the world, they learn to appreciate these diff

My book was recently published on amazon. This is an excerpt from that book.


  Little butterfly, I see you way up there.

  Little butterfly, can you fly anywhere?

  I explore exciting places.

  I discover different spaces.

  Can I come with you?

  Can I discover them too.

  Please ask mommy or daddy

 if you can come with me?


 Today we will explore God’s

  creations in the sea.

  Hurry up and climb on my back.

  Later we will have a nectar snack.

  In the seas, live many interesting fish

   and mammals.


 Notice these special marine animals.

 I can show you a 6-inch fish, if you wish.                            

 What do you think of the Lantern fish?


This is the link to my book on Amazon.

 I would certainly appreciate your thoughts about my book.

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