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  ISSN 2371-3747 Episode 11   Lanis Episode 011, ‘Past’ By Rusty Knight   In episode 010, ‘Spell That!’:             Drake teaches Melinda to dis...


ISSN 2371-3747

Episode 11



Episode 011, ‘Past’

By Rusty Knight


In episode 010, ‘Spell That!’:

            Drake teaches Melinda to discover magic’s power and spells. Drake and Lenden discover more power. 

Now in episode 011, ‘Past’,


Spring 57 Bear

There is a sharp knock on the front door of Lenden’s manor. Drake hesitantly answers the door, not wanting the person on the other side to be Hangela.

It is more then an hour past gods-set, and Drake is ready for bed. Lenden went to bed an hour ago.

Drake is alone as she opens the front door of Lenden’s manor.

Standing in the darkness of night is a cloaked figure, bringing back flashes of memories of when Drake was Lanis the apprentice mage. The cloaked man is someone she worked with through the years. Just over half a season ago, on Spring 1 Bear, Lanis left the Mage University and this person behind.

The cloaked figure croaks through dry lips. “Gods-grace and good fate, Lanis. May I speak with you?”

Drake, not sure of the figures status, answers curtly. “Apprentice Rhysis, come in out of the darkness. You sound like you could use something to drink and eat. Come in. Follow me.”

The man sighs and enters the manor.

Drake closes the door behind him.

In the light of Drake’s lantern there is a handsome jalmal who is in his seventies. He stands over six-feet tall and looks to weigh over two-hundred-and-forty pounds. He is so handsome, he could be called beautiful, by many. Even at his advanced age he holds onto his beauty. Removing his cloak, he exposes his arms, showing the chiseled muscles defining his body strength, which matches his beauty.

Rhysis hands Drake his cloak as he says, “I am no longer a simple apprentice either, Lanis. I am on my walkabout, too. I left the university on Spring 30.”

Drake hangs the cloak on a peg, and spots Rhysis’ backpack. “Shall I place your pack here as well, Rhysis?”

The mage shakes his head and replies. “No, I’ll carry it. It has my tomes.”

Understanding his trepidation on parting with his life’s studies, Drake doesn’t press him further.

“Follow me.” She says, and she leads Rhysis to the dining room. She points to the seats and says, “Wait here, I’ll get something to drink and eat for us while we talk. When did you eat or drink last?”

Rhysis courteously sits at a seat on the side of the table. He answers Drake. “I haven’t eaten in three days. The last water I had was about seven hours ago.”

Drake tisks, and she rushes into the kitchen, filling two mugs of milk and two of apple juice, and also getting a pot of tea ready. She then makes a plate of cold meats, cheese, bread, and pickles. Putting all of this on a tray, she joins Rhysis in the dining room, finding him still seated, but with his pack now on the table.

Drake watches as Rhysis’ mouth waters, seeing the food. She places the tray in front of him and serves the in-between walkabout mage.

Rhysis eagerly drinks and eats for twenty minutes before he willingly talks.

Settling back on a chair, Drake waits.

Rhysis finally settles back and looks at Drake. He says, “Thank you Lanis. I didn’t know how hungry I had become. I owe you a lot. Thank you.”

Drake nods. She waits, watching Rhysis, knowing he came here seeking her for a reason.

Finishing the two mugs of milk and two mugs of apple juice, Rhysis is now sipping the mug of tea, while Drake is still sipping her first mug of tea. The plate of food is empty.

Rhysis belches and excuses himself, and then smiles.

The newcomer sighs. “You were always a quiet one. I think you were always watching people; you were in thought. Planning always. You wonder why I’m here. I came to see how you’re doing, Lanis. I heard you came here. So, I am wondering how you’re getting along?”

Drake observes something in Rhysis’ eyes and facial expressions as he talks. She wants to see how he behaves after sleeping and a morning meal, before she tells him her news.

Drake says after a yawn. “I’m actually quite tired. I’ve been working all day. Let me show you a room, so I can clean this up and go to bed. We can talk tomorrow, after I serve morning meal. Morning meal is at an-hour before gods-rise. You can eat with Master Lenden, if you like.”

Rhysis reacts the way Drake was expecting. His expression is one of hurt and suspicion. He says. “Sure, show me a room so I can sleep. I’ll dine with Mage Lenden in the morning. Can you wake me two-hours before gods-rise, so I can cleanup before the meal and prepare myself?”

Hearing the expected statement, Drake plays it calm and replies. “Sure, we can do that. I’ll warm up water for you in the morning, to clean up with, and I’ll supply a fresh towel.”

Drake shows Rhysis to the last spare room on the second floor. She lights a candle for him. “The privy is an outhouse in the back of the side courtyard; I can show it to you. But I put a chamber-pot in here for the use of company, to save a trip. I’ll wake you in the morning. Have a restful sleep, Rhysis.”

Drake returns to the dining-room and kitchen, cleaning and preparing the rooms for morning. Then she turns in for the night.


Spring 58 Bear


Waking to the sounds of a harrow hawk catching a hare outside somewhere, Drake looks out her window. She shivers from the cold air, as she watches the easterly god’s breath blow the scattered broken cover across the sphere.

It is to hard to tell the time by looking out her window, as she looks up into the sphere. But she estimates she slept at least six hours. ‘Not enough rest to properly memorize spells. For today, I’ll have to make due with what I have memorized already.’ She thinks sadly.

Manually lighting her hooded-lantern, to conserve cantrips, Drake dresses, and then walks down to the kitchen. As she passes the spare guest room, she notes the light from the candle seeping out from under the door.

Not using any magic to perform her daily chores, Drake gets the morning meal ready and an extra basin of hot water. Taking the basin of hot water up to the second floor, she notes there is no light coming from under the door of the guest room as she knocks. She calls, “Rhysis, morning roll call.” And she waits a moment.

Rhysis answers, “Come in.”

Drake enters the room and places the basin, and a fresh towel, on the small table. She tells their guest. “Come down and eat in an hour.”

Rhysis stays under his blanket, but says. “Thank you, Lanis.”

Drake exits, closing the door behind her. She hears Rhysis get out of bed and sees light from a candle peek out from under the door.

An hour later everyone is at the morning meal table, eating. Drake introduces Rhysis. “Master Lenden, this is apprentice Rhysis, from the Mage University. He is out on his Journeyman walkabout. Rhysis, this is Mage Lenden, and the other one is my apprentice Melinda.”

Rhysis halts with his fork of scrambled duck eggs part way to his mouth. He looks at Melinda, then Drake. With a puzzled expression, furrowing his brow and squinting his left eye, he hesitates, and then asks. “Apprentice? But, you’re not a journeyman or master.”

Lenden looks at Rhysis. He growls. “Who says? She doesn’t have her Mage University journeyman certificate, but I vouched for her, and she has journeyman mage papers. She still has to do the rest of her year for the university certificate. But she qualifies for training apprentices.”

Drake’s mouth drops open and she loses her fork with its bacon. She stares at Lenden a moment, as does Rhysis and Melinda.

Drake recovers first, saying. “You vouched for me? Getting me my journeyman mage papers?”

Lenden looks serious and with grim determination answers. “Yes, of course, you proved yourself to me three time. I wrote the Mage University, and they agreed. I have the certificate in my office. You still have to finish the year, for your University Certificate. Why are you so shocked? You’re competent, are you not?”

Melinda hops up and gives Drake a hug, shouting. “Congrats, Mage Drake.”

Again, Rhysis is confused and shocked. He sits back in his seat staring angrily at Drake. After Melinda sits down again, Rhysis asks, “Who is Mage Drake?”

Lenden answer him. “I named Lanis, Mage Drake, when she started with me because she bought me two drakes instead of two hens, when I sent her shopping for me.”

Fuming now, red of face and breathing shallow with rapid breaths, Rhysis growls, “You named HER, a mage name, when SHE was a simple apprentice? She worked for you, when SHE was supposed to be out on a walkabout, learning to be a true mage … Not scavenging off a mage. She cheated the walkabout, not following the intent. I call her to a Mage’s Dual. Here and now. In the courtyard.”

Lenden smiles, as he saw this coming, as did Drake. He turns to Drake, asking her. “Do you accept, Mage Drake?”

Melinda has tears and is pale as she watches Drake. She has heard of the firestorms from the Seven Hells that Mage Duals can be, and that death follows in these matches between mages. “You can’t. I need you Drake.”

Drake stands and wipes her mouth and hands clean with her napkin. “Actually, Rhysis, you always were the slow one. You were in the University as an apprentice twenty years before I entered, and you didn’t come out on your walkabout until after I left. As to the charge of cheating. I confirmed my plan with the masters of the University, before embarking on it. It is legal. So let’s do this you chicken shit, Shes.”

She leads the group out the front door into the dim light of the courtyard as the yellow light of Stonewire creeps over the horizon in the east.

Drake turns to Rhysis and says, “You have until the orange-red light of Imvor cracks the horizon to defeat me, Apprentice Rhysis. If you can not defeat me before then, you leave the property as you are. You can not go back to your room or gather your things. Those are my terms of your defeat.”

Rhysis balks, and then clears his throat, adding. “My terms of your defeat are that you leave this place without gathering your belongings. You leave as you are.”

They clasp arms as a full minute has passed, leaving seven minutes in the dual.

Almost instantly, Rhysis fires off a missile of energy, which strikes Drake, disrupting the spell she had begun to cast, injuring Drake slightly, and also causing her to lose her spell from memory.

Rhysis points to Drake while touching his own nose, and he chants, “Pepper’. Nothing obvious happens.

Drake, while observing Rhysis calls loudly, “Dus.” and then focuses quickly. She is looking disappointed as nothing happens.

Rhysis follows up with a verbal spouting of, “Run.”

While Drake tries again with, “Dus.”, but again fumes as nothing happens when she focuses.

Furious, Drake conjures a four-inch yellow glowing orb and hurls it at Rhysis, hitting the apprentice mage. The orb explodes, damaging the man and causing him to begin fumbling around, unable to see.

As Drake was throwing the yellow orb, Rhysis was watching Drake’s neck, uttering the word, “Neck.’. This caused Drake’s neck to contract which made her head twitch.

The yellow light from Drake’s orb dissipates, but Rhysis is still stumbling around, obviously unable to see.

Drake uses her martial skills, striking out with a kick, connecting with Rhysis’ right leg, knocking him down.

Drake kicks Rhysis in the abdomen as he struggles to regain his footing.

Rhysis regains his feet, standing again, but obviously still blind.

He is knocked down again by a sweeping kick from Drake to his left leg.

As Rhysis lays on the paving-stones of the courtyard, Imvor breaks over the horizon, and Rhysis shouts, “I’ve had enough. You win.”

Drake stops her next kick and backs up.

Rhysis shakes his head, and looks around. He can see again. He slowly stands up, first getting to his knees, and then rising to his feet. He looks at Drake and says. “You’re not the same apprentice from the university. I grant you that. I will leave as dictated by our agreement. May you live long and healthy, Mage Drake. I still think you cheated. But, I also like the idea, and I may follow it. If you have suggestions on how to proceed, I would appreciate it.”

Drake extends her arm to clasp. She says, “I accept your loss. And as a matter-of-course, I do have a suggestion: take a job and earn some coins, until you can find a mage to take you in for your year. The mages are hard to find, and I will look for one, for you, as well. I suggest you take a job with Merchant Hangela at 2789 Tickton Street, if you can sweet talk her into hiring you. To show good faith, I will return your cantrip book to you, and give you ten Dyns to travel with. But beware, do not cross me. I used my less damaging combat spells in the dual. I can do much worse.”

Rhysis stutters as he says, “Th ... Thank … you. Drake.”

Drake turns to Melinda and she says, “Go to the spare guest room, where you will find Rhysis belongings. Bring his cantrip book and ten of his Dyns here.”

Melinda takes a few minutes.

Drake stands confidently watching Rhysis, while Lenden returns to whatever it is he had planned for the day. Lenden never congratulated Drake. He never even made any comments, and Drake makes a mental note of this.


To be continued ….


In the next episode 012, ‘Levan’:


Lanis is trying to discover a new process for magic she can use. She has to go shopping with little help from Lenden.


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