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Heaving a sigh of relief, the twisted little monster knew that Marley would no longer be a problem ever again....

                                                    Friday – March 20th 1998

 Lynel Coetzer

The front lawn was lined with streamers and balloons.

Throughout the house, Disney Theme songs played as little children rushed about enjoying the party. In the back yard, clowns entertained the youngsters while the parents sat beneath the gazebo enjoying pastry platters and drinks.

There were balloons all along the boundary fence. The sky was blue, the sun in full force. The laughter combined with the tunes on the Hi-Fi gave the day an utter merriment.

Upstairs on the floor of the attic lay seven year old Marley Bricks with three gashes in her skull. Her eyes were still wide, staring up at the ceiling and her mouth parted as her life faded out of her. Staring at her, her killer sighed and lowered the hammer — its head covered in blood and bits of skull and hair.

Turning from the attic window where the killer watched the festivities, the bloodied hammer hung free in its hand as the attacker stepped towards the young girl’s lifeless body grinning as it lowered beside her corpse.

The dark red blood had begun to puddle at the blonde girls little head, growing in a dark crimson circle on the dark wooden floor. Looking at the dead blond, the killer couldn’t help but relish in the freedom its blackened existence at last could feel.

There had been a great need to silence Marley Bricks for so long and to put the blond seven year old in her place was easier than anticipated.

The killer neatly placed the hammer beside Marley’s arm and watched peacefully as the crimson covered wood grew even soggier around the blonde’s cracked skull. As the party proceeded in the yard below, the grinning maniac released a quiet chuckle behind its blood covered seven year old hand.

A knock sounded at the door, it shuddered as the person behind it tried in vain to enter. The killer stood up, and quickly had the hammer back in hand as the shadow beneath the door waited for a reply to its knocking.

Voices sounded behind the door, it was Marley Bricks’ parents, questioning their daughters’ whereabouts and the many reasons as to why the door would be locked.

A gargle pushed its way from Marley’s throat, her green eyes twitching.

She was alive, barely.

The killer gripped the hammer, its black heart beat racing against its small chest. Another knock on the door sounded.

“I wonder where she could be?” A little voice came from behind the door.

The child killer knew who it was; it was Cam who lived only a few houses down, Marley Bricks’ best friend.

When the shadow beneath the door left, the killer finally relaxed grip on the hammer and turned back to the body on the ground, allowing the noisy party from outside to distract the sudden fear of being caught.

Neatly placing the hammer on the ground after wiping it with an old rag lying atop boxes in the attic, the killer began to clean its blood soaked right hand vigorously.

With only one more patch of blood to wipe from its wrist, the young slayer paused and very carefully put her tongue against the blood.

It was salty, but not as dreadful as it had expected it to be. It wasn’t its own blood, there was a difference in the taste, but it was not the life essence the killer truly wanted to taste.

Cam was now the ultimate goal.

Cam had been the goal since the moment they had met at the after school play ground in January. But Cam had other friends, not like the ice hearted slaughterer who was unable to fit in with anyone, who couldn’t stand being away from father. Being forced out into the world with fathers passing and mothers intolerance to its spoilt ways was hard enough to deal with, much less attempt to ignore Marley’s teasing each time there was a chance to talk to Cam.

But as the killer stood there watching as Marley’s brain fought to remember and comprehend how to call for help as the blood circle grew on the wooden floor, the brutal child murderer had to giggle again because Marley could no longer get between them in anyway. Stomping down as hard as its seven year old body could muster, the killer’s little foot slammed down on Marley’s throat.

There was a brief sound from inside the crushed wind pipe, then silence.

Heaving a sigh of relief, the twisted little monster knew that Marley would no longer be a problem ever again. Not to tease or huff whenever Cam wanted to engage, or moan or tantrum whenever Cam dared acknowledge anyone else. No longer would Marley Bricks be the one Cam’s innocent heart had a crush on.

With a cleanly wiped wrist and no signs of any blood, the maniacal killer head to the door, slowly opened it and head out – leaving it slightly open for someone to find later.






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