It Comes (Part 5) The Visitor (Part 2)



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Charlie couldn't believe what he was hearing. This guy was going through the same thing he was. Really, this guy should have been dead, but he wasn't. He came face to face with the Beast and survived. But how? How did he look death in the face and walk, or rather crawl, away?

"Okay" Charlie said "first things first. Who are you and how in the hell did you survive an encounter with that thing? 
The stranger managed to get himself into a sitting position. He took a deep breath and winced as he did. "Brady. Call me Brady."

"And what about the beast?" Charlie piped.

"That...that...THING is an ancient beast thousands of years old. It is usually called upon by witches and people who dabble in the black arts."
"...and gypsies" Charlie interrupted. 
"Yes, and gypsies!!!" Brady sadly agreed.
"Does this thing have a name" Charlie asked
"I don't know "Brady replied"All I know is that it is big, it is ugly, it stinks like shit, and it is pissed off. Especially now that I injured it. These creatures are usually called upon by people who were wronged in some way. You know, to exact revenge on the person"

"Okay," Charlie chimed in "this brings me to my next question. How the hell did you manage to stare death in the face and survive? "
A sickening grin appeared on Brady's face. He reached down, pulled up his pant leg, and revealed a sheath, in which was a huge knife. He pulled the knife from the sheath and simply said "This!!!"
A knife? Charlie thought. Really Brady? Although it was a big knife, it still wouldn't be enough to scare away that creature.
"A knife scared it away?"
"Not just any knife, Charlie" Brady said with a smile " This is a special knife"
"Well, what's so special about that knife? What's the damn thing made of?"

"Titanium!" Brady replied

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