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Here is an introduction to the much anticipated introduction to my upcoming series Gangster Turned Guru Presents: A Day in the Life with Coffee and Paradise. **This is a quick read and, once released, will be offered as FREE e-book for 5 days then it will be available for .99 on Amazon!

EXCERPT:  Gangster Turned Guru Presents:  A Day in the Life with Coffee and Paradise


We've all heard various stories of spiritual sages that go off into the desert, up on a mountain top, into the wilderness or deep inside a cave for an extended period of time to gain a clear understanding of God or this thing called life. Christian monks considered it a privilege to be locked in a small damp dusty room, no bigger than a prison cell, where they are brought meals and all they do is contemplate on the words of the bible.

The Buddha sat in mediation at the edge of a stream for days until he finally reached his state of Nirvana claiming to finally be awoke. Near death experiences have been said to awaken the inner realization of the true spiritual essence within.

That's not how it happened for me. My spiritual wakeup call took place in a world of chaos and turmoil, in the school of hard knocks, where I had to finally address all my negative characteristics and traits that supported my gangster mentality in order for me to completely experience a spiritual transformation.

 United States Penitentiary Canaan was my wilderness, and journey to the mountain top. I wish it was only forty days and forty nights in the desert, that sounds like a cake walk compared to the forty-five year sentence I was dealing with.

My discovery of the Universal laws resulted in an intimate relationship with the One Supreme, all-inclusive source of life...GOD. The fact that it took place in an environment that appears to be hell on earth, only adds to its credibility since I was able to find peace and happiness within myself.

I'm not delusional, or afraid to face my reality, I've been accused of that since the first year of my bid and with twelve years in, I could say I've accepted the experience I attracted long ago with the understanding that my gangster mentality set Universal laws and principals in motion, creating my current physical environment.

Many restless nights were spent questioning myself on why I chose a lifestyle knowing the end result would leave me either dead or in prison.  Being blessed with prison...these questions were answered with my desire for the truth of life's meaning and purpose, which unconsciously ignited the same laws, attracting my spiritual realization of the unity we share with all of life.

I figured out that major "Why?" question to the degree to where if I don't understand something, my trust and faith in God's love and laws is strong enough that I no longer need to know why. That's the key to having eternal peace. But it was a rough road traveled. I didn't get here over night.  Words like God and Love were actually deterrents for me when I was still lost and confused. With my gangster mentality, God and love were red flags, warning signs to head in the opposite direction since the God I was told about seemed to be working against me all my life, and it wasn't from my mother, it's been nothing but a problem.

But I was blind and could not see until God's love and laws transformed me from a Gangster to a Guru. I'm not holier than thou, quoting scriptures all day, proclaiming some divine authority from a sacred book. I just give good positive life advice, guiding others on their individual path to realize their true potential by awakening them to the spiritual system we are all in and a part of.

I point out the cause which created the effects of their current life conditions in an attempt to find their peace and happiness by being conscious of who and what they are. Achieving peace, harmony, joy and happiness is not an easy task, especially living in what many consider to be a war zone. Yet it's only that type of experience for those living in fear, still lost and confused, trying to figure this whole life thing out.

My advice and guidance comes from a spiritual perspective, to bring clarity as to why things occur the way they do and the role we play in our individual creation of our life experience. Knowing the true power of our thoughts and how we think is key. Although circumstances and situations are different, the truth of what's discussed applies to all none the less. So be ready to read with an open mind and heart as the Gangster turned Guru presents:

A day in the life with coffee and Paradise.


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