Ntuthu The Mountain's Child



The mountain's child goes out of his village for the first time on another adventure to try and help a friend in need in the fifth part of his story.

Ntuthu The Mountain's Child

Part 5


In the days after the Mountain Spoke there were a lot of people coming to and from our village. Noto was one of them he told us that a princess from across the sea was coming to visit his village and so he  had to go back to the Sunset village to welcome the visitors.

We helped him prepare for his journey Baku and Baku would be travelling with him while Khosi and l stayed behind. Our presence in the Bhubesi village was now very important since we did not know when or how Witty’s next attack would come. The enemy had been quiet for a long time and we prepared to protect the village if he tried to come back.

It was on the third morning after Noto had left when Baku and Baku came back with some good and worrying news. They said the Princess had arrived safely but Witty was seen travelling to the Sunset village. We wondered what could he be planning to do in Noto’s village was he going after our friend or did he want the visiting Princess.

Khosi asked the elders if he could go to the Sunset village with the Baku brothers to make sure that Witty would not cause any problems for our friends and their visitors. I would be watching our village in case the enemy attacks both places at the same time. The elders agreed but we had to tell them if there was any trouble before doing anything on our own. So after being given instructions the Baku brothers left with Khosi.

The journey to the Sunset village would take the whole day and Khosi would arrive during the night. Little did we know that Witty had already arrived in Noto’s village. He had sent two of his men pretending to be traders, they asked for a place to sleep during the night. Without suspecting anything Noto allowed the strangers to stay.

While Khosi and the Baku brothers where still on their way, Witty’s men used some strange smoke to make all the people in the Village go to sleep including the visiting Princess. Then they got into the Princess’s room and took away her golden crown. Khosi only arrived a few moments later to find the whole village dead asleep, they had to pour water on Noto to wake him up.

Noto was very surprised to see the Baku brothers back so he asked

 ‘’ what is going on why did you come back is there a problem in your village’’,

 the brothers told him how they had found out about Witty on their way back to the Bhubesi lands. Khosi asked Noto to wake up the rest of the village so that they could look around for Witty and his men.

Princess Canny saw that her crown was stolen she was very angry her guards were sent to follow Witty and bring the crown back. At the same time Khosi sent me a messenger who told us the whole story. I went straight to Witty’s camp together with Bhubesi warriors as the elders had instructed. We did not want the Princess to go away angry because she would not trade with our villages anymore if her crown was not found.

Witty’s camp was empty when we got there all his men had gone with him to steal the crown. So we got on the path that he had used to go to Noto’s village. There was a river crossing on the way and we decided to wait there on the river crossing just like the lion sometimes waits for their prey on river banks.

Our wait was not long Witty and his men got into a line and started jumping from rock to rock at the river crossing place. Our warriors captured the first few men who crossed the river, when the rest of Witty’s men saw this they turned back to run away. It was as if they were jumping out of the river into the Lion’s jaws, Witty ran straight to Baku and Baku and the Princess’s guards who had followed them from Noto’s village. Now puzzled and out of ideas Witty surrendered the Princess’s guards took him together with the stolen crown back to the Princess.

There was great joy back at the Sunset village, the Princess thanked everyone who helped to capture Witty and bring back her golden crown. She said that Witty and his men were going to be taken back across the sea to be punished by the King. We all cheered and celebrated as they left. The notorious enemy Witty was never going to trouble us anymore thanks to Princess Canny.

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