TIddley Pump.



Taken from "Tales of Hickety Plop." Picture book series.


Travel west by north-east of the southern star,
For as long as a burp and as far as a jump
And you'll find the home of Tiddley Pump.
His house is made of liquorice and bananas
And is surrounded by a river that's full of piranhas. 
It's completely round, except in the corners
And it's roof is the shell of a rather large tortoise. 
Now, Tiddley Pump is an unusual creature,
Who prides himself on his amazing features. 
He's luminous green with bright blue hair,
That he styles with wax and a great deal of flair.
He has two horns, a tail and three eyes,
He's average height, wears a scarf and he flies.
He lives in the town of Hickety Plop,
Were you go to have fun or just do a light shop.
One snowy day, as I remember, 
Somewhere around the third of September,
Tiddley Pump broke his favourite stick.
Now, sticks are good for many things,
Like keeping tempo when you sing.
He flew out of the house with a skip and a hop
And snippety snap was in Hickety Plop,
Standing outside Mr Misses stick shop.
"I need a new stick" said Tiddley Pump
"Not too long and not too short
And it better last longer that the last one I bought!"
Mr Misses then spoke, "I have this one here and I think you'll agree
It's the finest stick you ever did see!"
Tiddley Pump bought the stick and was happy at last,
'Til the following day when the silly stick snapped.
Now perhaps in future a stick you won't trust
And use your finger instead when poking's a must.
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