Excerpt from Blood Lines Buried Treasure



What happens when you find a body on your property? You call the police. What do you do when the police are searching a field on your property and one of the regular ghost puts in an appearance? You pray the police don't see it.

John was the county coroner and they had all met him about seven months ago when Mary’s body had finally been found.  This was a lot different now than how it had been then.  Mary had been lovingly buried by her family in a hidden spot because Grayson had been so influential at the time.  He had seen to it that Mary couldn’t be buried with her family at Staten Cemetery.  It had resulted in a curse that followed her family for a hundred and thirty years.  Between Emma inheriting the land and Mary being buried with her family the curse ended and finally peace came to both families.

Now John was back because of some poor girl who was murdered and then bumped on her property.  Emma had no doubt that the girl was put there by Connors but proving that would be hard to do without the evidence to back it up.

Emma turned her gaze toward the Southwest direction and looked out at the iris fields hoping they would bloom on schedule.  A soft wind was blowing the sea of green plants in soft waves exposing small flashes of lighter green from the new growth as they were exposed to the light.  This sea of green would be a kaleidoscope of colors in varying hues in a short time.  She didn’t know why she was thinking about this right now.  It seemed to be callous of her to be having such thoughts at a time like this.

Emma now wondered how they would ever be able to pull off one wedding here little on two.  Steve’s and Charlotte’s was supposed to be the second weekend in May and then Callie’s and Jeff’s the third weekend in June.  How do you put enough distance between this day and those, especially with them being so close together.

She continued to take in the soft gentle motion of the irises hoping they would calm her mind and help her find an answer when she notice the figure of a young woman moving among the flowers.  Emma didn’t do anything to bring attention to this person and hoped that she would fade off before someone else saw her.  Mary seldom put in an appearance and usually when she did she appeared happy but now there seemed to be a cloak of sadness hanging over her.  Mary looked up at Emma then she did fade out.

“Did you see her?”  Alison who had been sitting next to Emma leaned in so no one else would hear her.

Emma was somewhat started by Alison’s proximity but showed no outward sign of it.  “Yes, I saw her.”

“That’s not like her.  Mary tends to keep a very low profile.”  Alison continued to stare at the green field.

“I know.  Do you think anyone else saw her?”  Emma was more than a little apprehensive about that.

“Are you kidding?  If my coworkers had seen her nearly everyone would be out there in that field now trying to chase her down.”  Alison kind of chuckled at the thought.

Charlotte, who had been sitting across from the two younger women, couldn’t understand Alison giggling at a time like this.  “Alison I don’t know what you find that’s so amusing right now but if you want to share we might all could use a laugh.”

Alison, who felt like a kid caught with her hand in a cookie jar, answered her.  “I was thinking how funny it would be to see a bunch of these guys in uniform running around in a field trying to catch a ghost.”


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