North Wind and Summer Sun.



Once upon a time there was a man named North Wind who lived in a small village high in the mountains where the sun never shone, and was always cold. Life in the village was very unhappy. With no sun, and no warmth, growing food was impossible so ever...

Once upon a time there was a man named North Wind who lived in a small village high in the mountains where the sun never shone, and was always cold. Life in the village was very unhappy. With no sun, and no warmth, growing food was impossible so everyone was very hungry. North Wind decided that he needed to do something about this. So he packed up his things, and started on a long journey south to find Summer Sun.

Summer Sun, North Wind has been told was the most people woman in the whole worlds. So beautiful that the sun seemed to follow her where ever she went. North Wind decided that if Summer Sun carried the sun wherever she went, she would be able to bring it to his village. Hoisting his rucksack onto his back, North wind went to the the only place he could think to look: south. As North Wind walked further down the mountain, the further away the green forests seems to get. But North Wind continued walking, and the snow continued falling. But the cold didn’t bother North Wind. He had long gotten used to the icy wind where ever he went.

At the bottom of the mountain things around him began to change. North Wind began to see light. And the snow that surrounded him everywhere he went seemed to fall less and less. Looking a the green trees, and the little yellow flowers, North Wind wanted to bring his whole village to see all of the beauty. But still the snow fell soon this place would look just like his village. Exploring the forest North Wind saw a little creature from under a log. “Hello there little one,” North Wind said bowing to the animal he had never seen. The small animal took several tentative steps out of its hiding space. It was small, and brown with little white stripes down its back. “Hello sir,” the animal said to North Wind. “I am Chipmunk.” North Wind smiled and knelt down holding his hand out to pick up the creature. Chipmunk crawled out and stood on North Wind’s hand. “Hello Chipmunk,” North Wind said. “I am North Wind, and I was wondering if you could help me.”

Chipmunk moved from food to foot not staying still on North Wind’s hand for very long. “I will help you, but first you must put me down. I have never felt anything so cold.” North Wind gently put Chipmunk down. “I’m sorry, I came from a village high in the mountains and I didn’t know there was anything but cold.” Chipmunk ran around in several small circles warming up his body. “How may I help you?” North Wind in all of his excitement forgot about his quest to find Summer Sun. “I am looking for Summer Sun. I am hoping she can help my village. Food doesn’t grow there, and I was told she might be able to help.” Chipmunk looked up at North Wind and scratched his head. “I used to know where Summer Sun lived, but I have grown old, and my memory isn’t as good as what it used to be. But if you ask the birds, I’m sure they will be able to help you. The birds fly to Summer Sun’s home all the time.”

North Wind thanked Chipmunk and carried on with his quest. Walking further south North Wind began to feel himself getting very hot, a feeling he wasn’t used to. By a river North Wind stripped himself of the ermine cloak, and the thick fur jacket. With these layers discarded North Wind began to feel much better. Looking up North Wind heard music in the trees. The birds. “Excuse me,” North Wind called out. “Can you help me?” A beautiful bird as white as the snow in the mountains flew down from the sky and perched on a little branch in front of North Wind. “I am Seagull,” the bird said preening her feathers.
“Hello, I am North Wind, and I was wondering if you could help me. I am looking for Summer Sun, and I was told by Chipmunk that you could show me where to find her.” Seagull nodded stretching out her delicate wings. “Yes I can show you where she lives. But what do I get in return?”

North Wind dug through his sack looking for something to give to Seagull. But all he had was stale bread, and old clothing. Nothing worthy of a gift “I don’t have anything to give you I’m afraid.” North Wind’s heart sank and as his heart sank more snow began to fall around him, melting as soon as it landed. “What is this cold white stuff floating around you?” Seagull asked.

“It’s snow. It falls everywhere in my home. It’s also why I need Summer Sun.” Seagull looked deep in thought for a moment. “How about a deal then? If you show me where you live, I’ll show you Summer Sun’s home.” North Wind smiled and nodded, happy that he would finally be able to meet Summer Sun. Seagull stretched her wings once again and took flight, “then follow me,” she called to North Wind.
Picking up his bag, North Wind began to run after Seagull. The bird flew fast over the trees while North Wind bumbled along under her. He wasn’t used to the uneven terrain, but he managed to keep up with the bird. Soon the trees began to thin out and the ground beneath North Wind’s boots grew very squishy.

When the trees broke, North Wind stopped and stared. Spread out in front of him was the soft light brown ground, and a huge expanse of blue. North Wind had never seen anything like it. “Seagull!” North Wind yelled to his friend. “What is this place?” From above him North Wind faintly heard the bird say, “it’s a beach. Summer Sun doesn’t live too far from here.” North Wind nodded and continued following the bird. In the distance, North Wind began to see a little house peeking out amongst the flat land. “Is that Summer Sun’s home?” North Wind asked.

“Yes it is.” North Wind could have jumped for joy, his quest was over, and the starving people in his village would be saved. Running over the smooth squishy ground, North Wind tried to get to her home as fast as possible. As he ran, North Wind began to feel hotter and hotter, and he began to grow dizzy. The snow around him stopped falling, and darkness surrounded him as he collapsed in front of Summer Sun’s door.
Soon North Wind opened his eyes and saw a beautiful girl standing over him with a cloth in her hand. “Good morning sleepy,” she said smiling. Blinking away the bleariness, North Wind sat up. And standing before him was Summer Sun. She was as beautiful as all of the stories he had heard. He hair was long and dark with beads weaved through it, her skin looked like it had been kissed by the sun itself, her honey brown eyes sparkled just like the expanse of blue on the beach. “You’re Summer Sun,” North Wind blurted out, unable to think of anything else to say. Summer Sun just laughed, and nodded. “Yes, and Seagull tells me you are North Wind, and you have travelled a very long way.” North Wind nodded, and looked away from the beautiful woman in front of him.

Summer Sun set the cloth in North Wind’s hands. The cloth was cool to the touch, and made North Wind feel much better. “I’m sorry my home made you sick,” Summer Sun said. And North Wind shook his head, “I am not used to this kind of heat. I’m sure I’ll be okay.” Summer Sun nodded and sat on the floor beside the bed. “What is that white stuff that falls where ever you are?” She asked her eyes never leaving the snowflakes that fell from no where. “It is called snow,” North Wind began to explain. “It’s every where in my home. It’s the reason why I came here. I need you to help me get rid of it.”
“Get rid of it!” Summer Sun cried. “No never, it’s so beautiful. Who would ever want to get rid of something that is so beautiful.”

This time it was North Wind’s turn to laugh. “Plants do not grow through the snow, it’s is too cold. My people are starving, and I came here to ask for you help.” Putting out her hand, Summer Sun watched a single snowflake land on her. She yelped and pulled her hand away as if the single little snow flake had stabbed her. “It’s so cold.” North Wind realized, she would never be able to touch the snow, it would hurt her. But would it be the same the other way around? North Wind reached out a tentative hand for her’s but sure enough, as soon as contact was made, North Wind felt himself burnt by the girl. “I’m sorry,” Summer Sun said when North Wind drew back his hand. “It isn’t your fault,” North Wind said holding the cold cloth against the burn.

Leaning back, North Wind had to think about how he was going to get Summer Sun up the mountain to his home so he could save his people. “I wish I could help you,” Summer Sun said quietly. North Wind continued to think, there had to be a way. Look around him, North Wind noticed something about the snow. It only snowed where he was. “I have an idea,” North Wind said causing Summer Sun to look at him. “What is your plan?”
“I will tell you where my home is, and you can go there without me. There will be no snow for you to get hurt, and you can bring the sun to my home just long enough for food to grow for my people. When there is food, you can come back down the mountain, and I will go up the mountain so you don’t get hurt by the snow. And you can take Seagull with you to repay my debt”

North Wind thought the plan was brilliant, but Summer Sun pointed out one flaw. “Then I’ll never see you again,” her voice was sad, and the beautiful girl looked very upset by this idea. “We we will see each other only twice,” North Wind said, knowing it wasn’t ideal, but better than nothing. “We will meet at the center of the mountain each time we change.” Summer Sun nodded, and covered her hands with fur from North Wind’s back. She carefully took his hand in her own and smiled, “I will of course then help you.”
From that moment on, North Wind and Summer Sun only spent two days out of every year together, when they met on the mountain. And even though North Wind and Summer Sun could only see each other for those two days, they were very happy. And North Wind’s village never grew hungry again.

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