Currently,there is a dominate belief that the world is just a small village. However, if we touch on reviewing some old historical events, we will find it wider and creepier more than we were imagine.  We definitely know that the science is the source of every simple idea, and each idea is the basis of every big success.

Whatever was the knowledge quantity that the person gains... but he often can't find a radical solution for most of what he sees at the present time or what he hears about things his ancestors passed by before. For instance, there are a several paranormal activities surrounding the universe that so hard to explain.

Even with all those studies, researches and serious efforts, humans still trying to seek for results that can guide them to the answer!... what answer? In addition, does it have a connection with the titan age ending?

Did not you notice yet the existence of gigantic pyramids in utmost precision and designation? Various statues of mythical creatures? Palaces and mansions in an enormous highest? pillars based in random space that has equal arrangement?. Triangle in the middle of sea eats everything such as a black hole? Moreover, a wondrous island that like no other, drowned deep down with a city was full of miracles? All of this depends on the answer… What answer?

A number of philosophers & historians have mentioned little words that engaged with each other so they lead us to one definition: that the earth is more like a difficult maze, at its end we will find the answer…. What answer?

The far space was our first destination, but we reached further than that, then we stood up to look to the horizon waiting for the answer… What answer?

An answer of common question, Tongues have repeated it for long… ((Are we alone in this magnificent world?)).



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