Journals of a Psychopath



Enslaved, scarred, terrified, and used. Will the Lady Flarice escape?

The Segregation Cell

Releasing them from their chambers and I pushed the sword into Smithson’s shoulder, Lady Flarice rushed to him, the gore poured from Smithson's joint, I flung her to the ground.
       “This is the punishment and you will receive worse if you cross me again.”
Smithson quivered. Threading the needle and darning his wound, as mother stitched mine, Lady Flarice cringed at the callousness to my son. He quailed as I continued to compel the sharp needle into his flesh and I sutured dynamically, pulled the strand through his skin.
      “Your reprimand is for your desire for the Lady Flarice you betrayed me.”
Tugging the last thread, I knotted it. Smithson sat up painfully, and his red-fluid bled into the raiment.
      “Rinse his robe.”
Smithson pulled the wrap from his body and she averted her eyes, Smithson's sturdy body was outstanding, and Lady Flarice’s vision-spheres strayed to his physique she could not stop herself.
      “Do not stare at his body.”
Lady Flarice glanced sideways and requisitioned the raiment. Groveling at my feet Smithson knew how to achieve atonement.
      “You are absolved.”
Coming back in and she suspended Smithson's robe among hers.
      “Enter the chamber.”
Lady Flarice tramped to her cell and I tailed her.
     “Get into the nightgown.”
She began to undress. The manacles hung from the wall and we fettered Lady Flarice.


She knocked the door and she came in when I opened it, I guided Jayne into Caldwell's lair.
      “You have arrived,” she said.
Plodding into his den and Caldwell paused in mid-tread.
      “What are you doing here?”
      “I popped in to find out how Rhea is.”
She was self-possessed.
      “The fuck you did you are after him and Rheanna cannot cope with any more distress.”
      “Yeah right,” Jayne exclaimed.
Smithson entered the den Jayne was astonished and she laughed.
      “You told the truth he is identical and I am amazed!”
Prancing into the den, Jessie exited when she checked Jayne. Caldwell stormed out. Draping on the couch and Jayne invited by her comportment, Jayne’s body was luscious. Leaving the couch and she climbed onto me.
      “Prepare for firework's big boy.”
      “Have you put your diaphragm in?”
Jayne scowled, but she still rode me, savoring her body it thrashed, Jayne’s breasts jiggled as if vying for precedence, and her strong thighs gripped me. Jayne's flesh was creamy and flushed, her vulva fuzz shaved into a heart shape.
      “This is the same as old times,” I said.
Jayne widened her lips, Jayne’s nipples erect, and I grasped one of the gristle-protrusions with my lips, she squirmed happily.
      “Screw me until I can take no more.”
I nailed her with vigor and she climaxed spectacularly. Jayne was enraged concerning Elaina Jayne had beseeched for my child, but I denied Jayne, and honored two other women with the privilege of my progeny.

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