The Princess Who Saved Herself



a short fairy tale version of an original story i am working on called the Princess Knight. The story is told as a Bedtime story by characters from the series.

                                                     The Princess Who Saved Herself

      I think tonight I will tell you a different type of bedtime story. You have heard many fairy tales of princesses and the princes and knights who saved them. Tonight I will tell you of a very special princess. She is known by many names, the Rose Princess from her hair, as well as the Princess who saved herself.

      She grew up a very happy princess and was beloved by her parents and the entire kingdom. As she grew both in beauty and intelligence she caught the eye of many suitors from many distant lands. On her coming out day they brought gifts of rubies of the brightest red, fashioned into roses. They brought sapphires of the deepest blue. They created poems and stories all to catch her interest. None were capable of catching her interest for her eyes were already upon the Captain of her guard. She had loved him her earliest girlhood when he saved her from drowning in her father’s Koi pond. From that day no other prince was enough to catch her attention. 

      That changed however when the warlord appeared. He was a complete surprise for the kingdom. Nobody knew where he came from at first, but he effectively conquered the kingdom from within. When the King himself led his warriors into combat to stop him they fell to an ambush. The warlord took over the Capital that day. The Royal Guard mounted a defense to protect the Queen and the Princess but they were unable to hold back the tide of soldiers. When the day was over only the Princess remained, the Captain of the guard had given his life to keep her safe but now she was a prisoner of the overlord. She gave into despair that day seeing no life or joy.

      Light came back for a time to the people as a Hero took up the cause. He traveled the land helping protect people from the Overlord’s mercenaries but he too was eventually caught passing away from this world. The people of the land fell into the same despair as the princess but something happened when the hero was brought by the tower the Princess had been held in. She could see the hope leaving the eyes of her people from her tower and in that moment she resolved that she would not allow the Overlord turn her or her people into victims any longer.

      The Hero was gone but she remained, so she resolved to save herself. With the help of two of her maids and an elderly guard she was able to escape the tower and travel the lands disguising herself as a traveling bard, Clair de Lune. She and her companions meet many people and little by little she helped return hope to the Kingdom. The Overlord sent his most trusted minions to find her, even the infamous Black Knight, although none of them were able to capture the princess or her friends. Through many struggles she and her growing list of friends finally found the lost keys to the vault of the most precious sword of the Kingdom, La lame de cœur. This sword was crafted by the very first king of the kingdom on the day of his first daughter’s birth. 

      He was not always royalty you see. He was born the son of a blacksmith and grew up in his father’s trade before life and adventure took him down a different path. He created La lame de cœur using all his talents as a blacksmith as a symbol for the Kingdom. La lame de cœur is a weapon of war, a tool to be used to protect the Kingdom. One sword of course cannot protect a Kingdom but as a symbol it reminds people why they gathered together first in Villages and then in Kingdoms.

      The princess had realized this through her travels and finally when she saw the sword itself. La lame de cœur is a rapier it’s handles designed as a vine reaching from the pommel to the cross guard, a bouquet of roses the Kingdom is famous for. If you took it into battle you might win one or two before the sword broke, it was never intended to be used in combat. It was a contract to the people of the land. I will do all in my power to protect you. Over time the sword was hidden, to protect it from damage, and now it was needed again.

      When the princess held the sword in her hand she remembered the old stories and she knew what to do. She walked into the Capital of the Kingdom but without any armor and just that one sword in her hand, La lame de cœur. The guards and mercenaries who saw her knew of the legend of the sword and how if used properly the user and the Kingdom would be undefeated. As guard and mercenary alike kneeled before the princess she came face to face with the last of the overlord’s minions, the Black Knight. He alone stood in her path but did not raise his sword to stop her.

      She whispered something to that knight and without hesitation she offered him her sword. The knight stood there looking at the princess for a long time before he finally removed his helm. The Captain of her guard had not died. He placed his hand over hers and took the sword from her returning it to its original place in the throne room of the castle. It was there that he faced down the Overlord who had manipulated so many people leading to so much death and destruction.

      With the overlord defeated the Princess had one final battle to win. The Black Knight, her knight had been told that the only way to protect her was to fight for the Overlord. When he was brought before his new Queen he could not hide the guild he felt to the Kingdom and to her for what had happened. The Princess would accept no punishment for him other than to protect her always and never leave her again. It took some time but the princess finally wore down the Knights guilt and they finally married although he still refuses the title King.


      “Mommy… Daddy!!!” two tiny girlish voices piped up bringing Silja out of her bedtime story for Adelaide and Calantha. The little girls hopped from their beds into their father’s arms as he entered the room.

      As Silja joined her queen by the door she spoke up, “History as a bedtime story?”

      “Well it is a story about a beautiful princess, the twins love those stories. You might start a trend by the way.”


      “There seems to be high demand of fairy tales of Princesses saving their Princes.”

      The two women watched as the once feared Black Knight tucked in his two daughters with bedtime kisses tucking them away to bed with their favorite teddy bears dressed as knights. Off to dream of fairy tales to come. 

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