The Sorceress's Secret. Part Two



Lylea is trapped in her house and doesn't know if the people outside are friends or foe. Galen rushes to get to her side and he hopes it'll be in time.

Part Two

        Lylea opened her eyes and all the grief came rushing back, they were gone and she was alone. Hiding her face in her pillow she let out a moan and the tears returned along with the heart ache.

        Frisky knew something was wrong and he also knew she would stay there without eating a thing if he let her. Getting down from the bed he went in search of something for both of them to eat.

        Lylea felt her friend leave her and her heart broke all over again. Was she truly alone? Could she maybe find her family? Would they even want her? Sitting up angrily she wiped the tears from her face “I can’t do this, Abigail and George raised me and now I must learn to take care of myself.”

        Getting up she started her daily chores along with what she took on when Abigail got sick. “The best way to keep going is to stay busy” Abigail’s words came back to her. Looking up Lylea whispered “I’ll make you both proud and I’ll make sure the cottage is taken care of.”

        By midday Lylea had already had most of her list of chores done and Frisky had caught two rabbits for them to eat for dinner. She was just about to sit down to skin them when Frisky stood up and started growling. “What are you growling at?” Just then she heard the sound of horses coming through the forest.


       Galen had come awake just as the vision he had been having was fading away. The king’s men and the prince were hunting in the forest not far from the cottage.

        “Wake up Kieran we need to get moving.”

        Kieran grumbled and turned over “I’m sleeping.”

        Galen grabbed the mattress and yanked it up dropping him on the floor “you’ll get up now and get dressed. If you aren’t ready in ten minutes I’ll leave you here and you won’t be welcome in my house ever again.”

        “What in the name of….?”

        “Just get up and do what you’re told for once” Galen yelled at him causing the air to stir and sparks to appear around him.

        Kieran knew better than to say anything when his master became this way and he got that look in his eye. Getting up from the floor he went over and splashed some water on his face. Galen had begun to gather up their things and tossing them into their bags.

        “Way I ask why we are in such a hurry.” Kieran got dressed and put the mattress back on the frame.

        “The girls’ in danger and if we don’t get there before they find her….” Galen didn’t want to finish the thought.

        Not even stopping for breakfast they went to the barn and found new horses waiting for them. “We’ll have to ride fast and go in the back way.”

        “Will you please tell me what is so special about this one?”

        Rolling his eyes Galen sighed “fine but I’ll tell you on the way.” Taking ahold of his saddle horn he swung himself up into his saddle and took off. He told him about watching her play with the animals and how she could make things grow. “She hasn’t reached her full potential yet but once she gets some training she’ll be the most powerful sorceress this world has ever seen.”

        “Is that why she is in danger?”

        “No, she doesn’t know what she is and I don’t want her to find out by killing those men.”

        Kieran could tell his master was afraid and after hearing about her magic he knew Galen was right; they needed to get to her before the kings men did.


       Lylea gathered up her things and headed inside closing the door as soon as Frisky scurried in. “I wonder if it’s that man Abigail told us about?” Frisky just watched out the crack in the window. “I guess if it was him you wouldn’t be acting like this because you know him right?” She knew he wouldn’t answer and she also knew that whoever was coming wasn’t anyone who had been here before.

        Not soon after the sound of horses and men came through the walls “hold up, hold up” someone called out.

        “Sire the smoke we saw comes from this cottage” this time a different man yelled out. More horses came near “I didn’t know anyone lived this far out.”

        “Should we knock or call out?”

        “Don’t you think if someone was in there they would’ve come out to see who was here?”

        “Not if they were afraid they wouldn’t.”

        She heard them talking and arguing about what they were going to do. “If there is anyone in the house would you let yourself be know” someone yelled. Lylea stayed quite, “should we wait here for the owner or be on our way sire?”

        “They shouldn’t be too far away the smoke coming out of the chimney is still thick and black. Spread out and see if you can find the one who lives here.” She heard many of the rides leave but there were still many outside her door.

        “What should I do?” Lylea had never seen anyone this far out in the woods and if the feeling she had about who was outside her door then she was in deep trouble.

        “We’ll make camp here for the night and if the person who owns this cottage isn’t found or doesn’t come back we’ll move on and come back on our way back to the castle.”

        “As the prince says so shall I do; make camp, you there get some water from that well and water the horses” he yelled more commands at people and she could hear them running around do as they were told.

        “Great now were stuck in here until they decide to leave” signing she skinned the rabbits and put them in the cellar. “We’ll have to eat them tomorrow” Frisky gave her a look “sorry but we can’t cook them with those men outside our door. You’ll have to be satisfied with the dried stuff for tonight” she threw him a piece and sat down to eat her cheese and bread.


       Galen looked into his looking glass and saw they were too late “their making camp.”

        “Where’s the girl is she alright?” Galen raised his eyebrow at him “if we’re going to take her along I might as well help you make sure she is alright and stays that way.”

        “She’s hiding in her house and the fox I sent to her is the reason they didn’t find her when they first came upon the house.”

        “What are they waiting for?”

        “They’re waiting on the person who lives in the cottage and if my plain works they’ll think it’s us.”

        “Why don’t they just go in?”

        “Because his father might be a cold hearted bastard but the prince was raised right and has the heart of his mother.” Putting the glass away “still if they find her they won’t let her stay there alone.” Kicking his horse they set out along the trail that Galen always took when coming to see Lylea.

        “What is your plain?” Galen explained that they were going to ride in like they owned the place and hopefully Lylea wouldn’t give them away and would let them in after they convinced the men that he owned the house.

        After arriving Galen had them stop just at the edge of the woods and watched. “I don’t want to spook anyone and if this was our house we wouldn’t be going in there until we knew who they were.”

        “What do you think will happen?”

        “I don’t know but hide your ring and make sure your markings are covered. We don’t want them to know what we are.”

        “I thought you said he was a kind prince?”

        “He still answers to his father and if the king knew he let the two of us go knowing what we are not even the queen could keep him from killing his own son.”

        “He’d do that? He’d kill his son?”

        Galen looked at him “the king is a power hungry man and his power comes from in slaving our kind. If his son let us go he’d cut him down and then have his men hunt us down. The king will do anything to keep his power and that includes killing anyone and everyone who gets in his way.”

        “Is that why you live just beyond the boarder?”

        “Yes, if we live there then I can get as many as our kind away and into a place where they won’t be enslaved.”

        Kieran looked over at the group of men who were setting up tents “I don’t think they even know we’re here or they’re waiting for one of us to make the first move.”

        “The prince has been told and they’re waiting on us” kicking his horse Galen started heading down towards the tent where the prince should be.

        A man in armor stepped in front of them before they could get to the tent “you stop right there and tell us why you didn’t announce yourself before come riding in here?”

        “Would you explain to me why you are here on my land?”

        “Your land?”

        “Yes my land. My son and I have lived here for many years and haven’t had any trouble.”

        “Alright calm down no reason to get all upset. Prince Logan was sent by his father so they could try and talk some sense into the King Maylron. We spotted your smoke and came looking for a friendly fire, instead we came upon your cottage.”

        “Why is there tents set up in my front yard?”


       Lylea had just finished her light supper when she heard a new voice join the men outside. “Now who is it?” Creeping over to a window near the door she put her ear to the crack so she could hear better.

        “Would you explain to me why you are here on my land?”

        “Your land?”

        “Yes my land. My son and I have lived here for many years and haven’t had any trouble.”

        Putting her fist on her hips “his land and just who does he think he is?” Looking down she saw that Frisky was acting up like he knew the voice of the man. ‘He’s the one who will come for me’ she thought.

        Peeking out the window Lylea got a look at the man who Abigail wanted her to leave here with. Sitting on a big white and black paint she saw a man who wore dust filled clothes, dark brown hair cut short around his face, his eyes were green and they spotted her in a minute. Flinching back like she had been slapped Lylea waited for any sign that someone was there to save her.



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