Journals of a Psychopath



I would not like to be the Lady Flarice.

The Isolation Chamber

Smithson strode in and fettered Lady Flarice’s forelimbs to the table, she freaked out, her legs thrashed, and her cranium moved from side to side. Passing the razor, it was an old one. Smithson handed me the bowl of water and patrolled me. I edged to her. Hoisting the raiment and Lady Flarice’s vulva was heavenly the obligatory obsession possessed me, my pulse raced. The pure white silk-lace was taut across her sexual flesh and the pubic hairs escaped the confines. Lady Flarice was in my jurisdiction, Smithson chained her graceful ankles with the strong links, the Lady Flarice’s legs were open, and I positioned the razor to her honeyed-place. Pausing to instill fright in the Lady Flarice, I then began to shave her sex hair, and it was resistant. Trimming it into a complex pattern and then I slashed her vulva. My shriek ejected, I gawped at the blood gurgling from Lady Flarice’s woman-place.

The Gas Station

Waving from the forecourt and old Jeb focused on me, he shouted. Walking to converse with him and his grin was genuine.
      “A broad has just come in she fits your liking.”
“Where is she?”
Old Jeb pointed to the store. Entering and I saw Helena. Her pants stretched, and showed the outline of her ass. I noticed Helena a while ago. I scooted back to old Jeb.
      “You have excelled.”
Old Jeb grinned. She set forth from the store and then she rode from the yard. Tagging her in the Buick and I wanted to find out where she lived. Her abode was at the salubrious side of Twin Moon Forks.
Schlepping into the yard I inspected, she disrobed, Helena’s body grand, I imagined her on the sacrificial block. Helena roamed the room naked, I noticed her waist was tiny, her bottom well rounded. However, she was unsuitable, because she was shameless. The women had to possess an innocent quality, as well as the compulsory silvery-blonde hair. Moving from her house, I pondered on the things to come.
      “You have done well observing the rules it would be so easy for you to disobey,” the Voice said.

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