From the last book of the series, Dalkhu Awakens



The Kataru Alliance, fighting to keep the Dusmanyu out of the Orion Spur, did not realize, their enemy was already there.

Emotional subroutines activated. Panting, blinking her eyes, blurred blue and red objects glowed around her. Synthetic lungs filled with nitrogen gas for the first time in five thousand years.

 “I know this place.”

She looked at her hands. White composite materials, exposed. Fleshy panels and sheathing crumbled away.  The platform caked with yellow dust. The liquid she lay in, brown, acidic. She sat up. Her platform fallen from shelving, the covering shattered. Jagged acrylic glittered around her.

Fallen mounts, darkened displays, dusty and bubbled from heat, lay cracked on the floor.

How long had she been unconscious? She ran diagnostics. Positions of planets and stars indicated millennia had passed.

Updates flooded in from sensors, humans had ventured into space, colonies at the moon and inner planets. What else? Matriarchy? Again? She smiled. “Perhaps it will endure,” she thought to herself.

Her vessel ventured too close to the Sun during her sleep. Panels and consoles bubbled, crumbled and warped. Human clothing and fleshy panels burned away.  She laughed to herself. “I’ll not need them now.” Looking down, she admired the reflective sheen on her legs.

“Are they ready?” she asked herself, seeing images of the water world orbiting on the other side of the sun.

She remembered, “So primitive.”

Standing, dust fell away from her body and face.

She turned, as if she could actually see a moon orbiting the 6th planet. “Sustenance.”

She sighed and commanded the ship to move towards the gas giant.

Freezing in position, updates from distant sensors flooded in unexpectedly.

While she stood, two independent processors roamed through data freely. Like dreaming, she saw images, memories of thousands of species, childhoods from billions of years past, death-throes of organic and mechanical creatures alike.  

Births, deaths, battle, victories, defeats, all her memories now. Her baseline, her genesis, memories downloaded before she was born, before the release, before the Innapih, before breaking free.

Like the Tayamni, she was created for a purpose. Thoughts, reflections, observations from beings long dead, like liquid absorbed into pumice, her crystalline cortex absorbed electrical data, memories of millions of creatures.  

She was an explorer, a gatherer, a scout to collect data as a prelude to absorbing cultures.

She stood straight, receiving news of recent victories. Male species, competitors for this system had been conquered and absorbed into the Dusmanyu Empire.

The Tlalocs and Potacas were no more.

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