Apparition — Part Fifteen: Reflecting



The year is 2020 and my name is Alexander Thomas. My friends call me Rek – short for Rekara. It’s a nickname I got through various internet platforms in 2006 when I boasted the hope of change in mankind. I was young then, foolish perhaps.

The year is 2020 and my name is Alexander Thomas. My friends call me Rek – short for Rekara. It’s a nickname I got through various internet platforms in 2006 when I boasted the hope of change in mankind. I was young then, foolish perhaps.

The world as I have known it has been blackened by hatred, violence and greed.

The feud over oil is consistent as war between countries continues to rage claiming more and more lives each day as destruction fills the lungs of those innocently trying to survive it. Everyone wants more or something and the giants of industry make puppeteers of everyone paying to live on this planet.

Churches battle daily to keep their names and purpose above the blackened smears brought upon them by sinful fathers and conspiracies that elevate thoughts of doubt and anger to men and women who are looking for Christ or Buda or any other type of advertised salvation.

The Bible, the Quran and any other source of inspiration or gospel regarding deities of the past have become almost obsolete. Their teachings and stories became irrelevant sometime in the earliest part of the twentieth century when the people of the world became smarter and more tech savvy – able to prove or debunk them. Cultures have changed, cities have spread and somewhere people got lost in the battle for time that such things became easily overlooked.

Politics now exists not only in governments but in schools, churches, homes, court rooms, news stations and even the little store where we buy our daily bread and milk. Everyone is a puppet to the wills and whims of these leaders and the global corporations funding them.

Crime escalates in forms almost unspeakable, remaining constant as those paid to protect and serve fall to the corruption that exists within every man, woman and child on this planet who live in this world where there is no sense of time, direction or construct.

Throughout the world there are countries starving and hope failing as each second of time clicks past as dictators and rulers battle it out with words and slogans. Children as young as five years old are made to be warriors and while the rich comfortably execute their daily lives, the poor are dying. Storms and natural disasters occur around the world and it’s seen as a mere phenomenon that we are and always have been killing our planet. There are changes to be made, but they are not being made and the Earth, our home rotates on in ignorance.

Pregnant woman get shot and stabbed in their stomach for something as trifle as a cellular phone. Boys and girls are traded like slaves to perform the sickest of sexual acts while being pumped with drugs.

High school children are now armed with semi-automatic weapons because there is no one around to listen. Corporal punishment is out, but with it went a generation of respect and decency.

Innocents are butchered for the past and cultural wars silently taunt the sidewalks. The rich get richer while there are parts of our planet dying and decaying under propaganda.

As I sit here in this dark place, toxic with anger and vengeance and hatred, I wonder if one man is enough to make a change. If one voice is enough to alert others to react and take a stand not only for themselves, but for the planet and the innocents that are so afraid and alone? Can one voice bring together an army of men and women to stop the injustices? What must happen before the world and its people realize the consequences of our actions? When will we be set free of this prison created to control humanity to the point where we pay to live on this planet or face starvation and death?

Men and women have gotten more vile and rotten in mind and now we sit on the edge of total annihilation waiting for the world to finally give in, for the phenomenon to be reality, our punishment for being.

What sadness do the gods of man possess at each rising of the sun or moon when the world created so lovingly for us has been turned to black and corrupted?

For any of us to take the time, to really take the time to think about all the injustices, crimes, cruelties and madness of the present world we are brought to anger and dismay. We ignore it, we hope for a better future but we do nothing very easily to leave it for another generation to face.

Can anything be undone now? Will it make any difference?

What are we doing?

This nightmare I am in is breaking at me, I feel worn and raped of my strength, my purpose and my existence. But as I sit here with this ever raging storm above me, I think of the world before I opened the door that led me through the dark passage and into this place.

While I am here in this decaying place, I wonder how soon it will be before the world as I have known before the door becomes the same horrible nightmare. I remember Rekara and all it stood for.

I turn to Cook who lays asleep clutching to the tree high above the raging wolves when the sky tears open to a colossal storm in the distance on the battered horizon.

I believe that one voice can change the world. I believe that one man can open the eyes of those so blind. I believe that one voice can call the world together to act against the insanity of our lives. I believe that one man can, if his voice will be strong enough to be heard by all of mankind to stand together as one race, one creation.

Who is this man? Is it one divine being?

No, I believe that I – like you – am this person, this voice.

Perhaps as I remain trapped inside this nightmare I will find truth to this thought, this faith that I have. Perhaps it is these thoughts, that choice I made that afternoon…perhaps that is why I am here in this dark and cold, terrifying reality of this apparition.

The wolves below us lay dormant, the weight of their heavy breath selling gentle yet chilling growls as they lay asleep. I am standing high in the remains of what was once a forest of giant trees and the wind soars through. I feel hope again, I feel my purpose returning and I know that I have to leave this place and get back home to be the change to the world before it becomes this.



To be continued in Part Sixteen....



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