Man And Woman



She is in men's world, but she will be the woman she is. Marylin Monroe said so. Woman, be yourself with the power of positivism. You win. Is it really men's world? There were two people in the beginning; man and woman ordered to subdue, dominate and...

She is in men's world, but she will be the woman she is. Marylin Monroe said so. Woman, be yourself with the power of positivism. You win. Is it really men's world? There were two people in the beginning; man and woman ordered to subdue, dominate and multiply the world. A divine order. This story talks about where man and woman stand:

AT break time, the staff room of the governor’s office, which was a place for break or rest, was ever as noisy and busy like the offices. In the midst of men, Mary was ever there standing strong in her straight posture with raised chin, thick skin, but was never arrogant. Politics, they say, was a strong perception. It made many men wonder who she was and where she stood when they listen to the strong points when she makes her views when on duty with the governor or with co-staffs. They knew little or nothing some of her methods or plans were from experience. Things she had seen the governor done occasionally to force or scare information out of people or implement a policy.
Mary had absorbed and as it was apparent, replicating a lot of tutelage on women’s affairs from Mrs. Man. Now and again, when the governor was on the bench, she would be on the mat craftily watching and ready to set the opponent on a throw back down. She was now the most senior female staff and other female staff that faced unsympathetic sexism always leaned on her.
‘Women these days are mouthy,’ one of the male staffs had blurted at break time. ‘They don’t know their place.’ The male staffs by instinct had seen that Mary was already on the list of some hard working staffs in the state for awards and would possibly be a winner of a prize.
‘Gentlemen and ladies; even the great white Emperor knew that women were not good enough for the Legion d’Honeur award,’ the words were uttered rather in Italian-accented French the way the originator of the award would say, as if the speaker could speak both languages. ‘He accredited to them just what they were the best at and concluded marriage was just what they should look up to,’ one of the male staffs was the speaker that rumbled in a loud voice with the expression of the arrogant and superior. He was one of such men whose notion was that men were always before ladies and at any given opportunity, addressed a group of people where women are gathered as he did, all for the basis of the claim that they were Africans and always held it as true that men were, at all times, before.
‘The great white Emperor you’re talking about knew pretty well there were great Empresses and Queens just like you do. It’s incredible that as educated as you all are, you expect me to remind you of women like Catherine the Great, Maria Theresa...’
‘You’re talking about women installed by men; with certainty men were behind it and should be commended for uplifting these women to where they found themselves, ha ha ha.’
‘And behind every successful man… You know the life they lived, how they dispensed the powers in their hands. They were better than the men they took over from and their sons and grandsons emulated them to attain their status. You, no doubt, most have been thinking there was one Alexander the Great. However, he was Catherine’s grandson and he imbibed her culture and intelligence. Like her, he earned the soubriquet ‘’The Great’’ unlike his father whose woeful disposition and eccentrics were ended with his assassination.’’
‘’You’re talking about a woman who had a hand in the vicious end of her husband ha!’ Another man chirped in with a sagacious grin. His male colleagues fastidiously nodded their head in affirmation. They had always chided women with the adage of a woman always behind the fall of a man and Catherine the Great was their sort of example not minding the sort of man.
’You mean a husband who was a complete contrast of his vigorous father?’ The men would still have stayed dumb even if the question were not rhetorical. Mary went on, as usual, smiling, ’it was no mean act and indeed she was considerate she only isolated her son who was contriving sadism and madness against the good of the people. Just like his father, it ended his life. Does she have a hand in it?’ As usual, the men remained dumb. ‘This is not about women or men been good or impious. I must say this as it is. How easily and I think deliberately, men turn to be ignoramuses when it’s about affirming eulogies women deserve. This is all about not allowing a microdot of space out of vile or vil-lainy. A man will never want a woman to hold sway and women like few men have been a veritable force against it. It’s a pity people like you think only men are warriors when you know about Joan of Arc and many others.’
‘Why was she ever in men’s attire?’
‘Whatever the attire, she was still a woman and lived the life of a warrior. Anyway, I’ll never hesitate and with impudence, I’ll tell you that she was in men’s attire because she could do what men do.’
With the exception of Mary, all of the female staffs could say nothing, but stare at the men with disdain. It bothered Mary these men with their education were well versed in the white man’s way of life. They were the civilised in modernity. One of them had two wives. He had married the second wife because the first wife had given birth five times and all the babies, at nobody’s doing, were female. The kind of men when told a friend has children will bother to know if any is male. To him, it was the woman’s fault and quite humorous how he thought the next wife was not another one in the line who could not decide the child’s sex. It was still, flummoxed, how he could not decide his child’s sex.

An illustrious man’s second wife he had married out of similar reason continued in the line of the first wife. She also gave birth to a female. In the most illogical orientation, it never changed the state of his mind. To such men, it was a crazy world that the presidents of a great nation on earth would have a daughter or daughters and remain a happy family. Men like him do not know the world is not crazy as they say it is, but it is a world full of crazy people like him.
He continued to look down on women and derided them the more and got lost out of the thought that he has a mother; a woman who had started caring for him well before his birth. She conceived him and for nine months plus went through another conventional dimension of life in bearing him and in continuation, paradoxically went through the excruciating pain with piercing wails and screams of childbirth with pride. There were acts that cost women their lives. After childbirth, she cared wholeheartedly, pampered and groomed him through the tests of times to the prominence he attained.
‘If I was God, he could go on and marry a hundred wives and all will go on giving birth to female.’ A staff in the staff room had uttered when a woman talked about this illustrious man with the impression of God as the almighty. Being a beneficent, merciful and compassionate spirit, He could pity the man. The women thought it was only a joke. To Mary it was a fact that in every scenario, there are unpredictable variables.
An audacious and radical woman mocked and challenged him asking why he did not implant semen that would instigate the conception of male progeny though she knew it is in the gross material world that man and woman are different and different in order to serve their different responsibility. She was ever geared to take on men who were ever there to stand on their belief of superiority over women,
‘What have women done to the development of the society?’ A man had minded taking on the audacious woman to prove himself a real man.
‘What a baseless question. What development are you talking about?’ She erupted with rage asking as she ad-vanced toward him with clenched teeth and fists. The man stood still with a hideous grimace on his face that she had become used to seeing on men’s face whenever she fumed as she makes her points. ‘You know very well, the women who, like the men, from time stood for self-rule in this country. Out of mean indulgence, egotism and distorting pure concept you put yourselves above women. Of all your children, your only daughter is the diligent one and will be in the university next year, yet you cannot see the efficacy of women and their worth. What a big shame on you.’
The man had four children and his daughter was his first child. She was a cheerful, studious and intelligent girl. The truancy of his sons was, overall, what contrasted his children. The first of his sons had refused to go to school or engage in whatever alternative his father wanted him to do. Two of his other sons were so young; so they have not been bold to refuse schooling; but heir truancy had made it apparent that sooner than later they would join the gang wagon.
Only African men who had been westernised were unbiased with the care, love and affection they showed their children, male or female. Unlike the old-fashioned men who, usually never had a limited number of children they could father they would be more excited if the children they keep fathering were male. The westernised limited the number to one or two to their amazement. A man who had been westernised limited the number to one and his wife gave birth to a female still stopped there. Another of such westernised men who had limited the number to two and his wife’s first childbirth of twin babies, which were both female, stopped there. The old-fashioned men thought it was madness. Such men would go on marrying until they have a woman who would bring forth a male child.
The reaction of some men when their wife or wives give birth to a female child was no longer news to Mary. She had once visited a friend who had just given birth in a hospital and had met the husband just before she entered the maternity ward. The frown that crinkled his face when she greeted him had transmitted to her a message of the mortality of an infant; but the whimper of the baby left her befuddled. She came to realise that the frown on his face was because the baby was female.

‘Where and how did the so called great white Emperor end up?’ Mary posed with suppleness in front of the men staring at the man who had talked about the Emperor and what they could do was, as usual, stare back at her whenever she asked them a mesmerizing question. ‘He bled his country white for his own aggrandisement, personal and insatiable ambition and turned the continent to hell...’
‘That’s what women like you are always up to. You choose to see only what puts men on the bad side, as if you don’t know about the great Pontiff,’ another man interfered.
’Maybe you have forgotten the first woman led the way for the fall of man, though God had made man to rule over woman. Sooner than later, the almighty God would be a matter of reference for your points,’ a manly baritone voice busted.
‘And the rule over women should not be about subjugating them against the steps forward they deserve.’ The sternness of Mary’s face held the audience of the staff room. She was no longer a stranger, as every staff knew she always had news for people who listened to her. ‘Well, I know who you were talking about’ Mary, tidily went on with a smile appreciating the Pontiff. ‘The man you were talking about is a different man and I wish all men were like him.’
‘The Pontiff of course,’ not minding what Mary said as he went on with excitement over what he represents. ‘He’s a man of total uprightness. His magnanimity, generosity of spirit and high mindedness were above human attributes. All the people of all the religions of this earth paid homage to him.’
‘I can see I need to remind the men of Mother Theresa as well. Maybe, you think she’s a man, huh?’ Queens and Empresses have come to be the head of kingdoms and empires, which men like you would not like to live in and most likely dispassionately call ‘’queendom.’’ The giggles and broad grin from the women over a jargon they had imagined with keenness was a fuss to the men. ‘Well, the almighty God saw that it would not be good for man to be alone; so he made the woman out of the man and that tells you that they’re one flesh and bone.’
‘I knew it,’ the baritone voice retorted, ‘I can visualise already,’ he went on, ‘what a woman like you would be rooting out of your ‘’queendom,’’ Queen Kong.’ A boisterous laughter from the men swallowed the atmosphere in the room.
Mary also laughed. The men were ever quick to find a way out of a quandary. It was ever a clear expression on their face. ‘So good, if you really know what I’ll be rooting out.’ The men stared at her with firmness as she went on. ‘I’ll root out all forms of degraded and evil behaviour from men and women.’ The men were perplexed. She had no doubt the men know about Mother Theresa and it bothered her that they seldom appreciated magnanimous and high-minded women; ever at the most, not appreciated as much as they deserve. ‘Men like you think the world is for men alone and that blinds you all to the definitiveness, concrete-ness and firmness of women. By nobody’s doing, women outnumber men and the Japanese made no mistake at a time they began to consider it right for a woman to head the monarchy.’
The women in the staff room were over the moon as they giggled with excitement at the stillness and impasse of the men. It was high time, Mary had thought, they should be quiet. What women were facing in the country were out of the civilisation the new world was experiencing and they were what high-minded women thought were loutish. The white man had risen above that despite the fact that they had practised what people classified now as uncivilised and unrefined. Mary had come to see the woes of women to be only a human character, which they can overcome believing that as a woman she has a role to play. Without rebellion, enmity and wars, she believed, with subtle brain and pursuits like Mahatma Ghandi or Rosa Park, a revolution was imminent and whether it was an evolution, the change must come.
‘They’ll tell you what a man can do, a woman can also...’
‘And is that not true?’ Mary interjected one of the staffs irritated by the giggles the women never spared. It was what she had heard now and again from men chastising women.
‘They’ll say they can do it even better,’ he finished not minding her question with a contemptuous smile on his face.
‘They’ll tell you that behind every successful man is a woman yet oblivious of the fact that the fall of many great men is interwoven with women, ha ha ha,’ another man continued.
‘Unbelievable and this has been from the beginning of time. It started with the very first man, Adam. Not even the great Solomon in his wisdom could escape their conceit, ha ha ha.’ The men seemed so excited sharing their ideas to themselves and now and again, find it exciting when they raise their voices and laugh boisterously, but where Mary was, the men always go dumb as sooner as they laughed whenever she talked.
‘And who’re you going to blame? Who’re you going to hold responsible?’ The men, in all of their wisdom, including the Solomon you’re talking about, are the guilty ones. Well, even where you find the courageous, honest and dedicated woman, men like you see yourselves primus interpares. You believe you own women and can control them in any way you want.’ Mary always outwitted the men who, now and again, retired from arguments with satisfaction that nothing about the place of men and women has changed or will change. At the weekend, Mary left home for a conference organised by the so-called association of WOMEN AND POLITICS. It was an association that had yet given away any sign of giving up as it was still going through a tough hazel of recognition and with the relentlessness of women, still far from consideration for registration. Mary was, in every way, impressed by the moves of the wife of the president. The wife of the president had initiated and contrived WOMEN AND POLITICS out of the motivation the activities of past heroines had inducted as they fought in women’s route for equity. Despite the fact that it was still unfamiliar in the country, she made it out that it would be a non-stop matter.

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