You're My First Wish; The Genie's Little Bride



The Christmas celebration has ended But a little girl named Anne, was still waiting for someone to give her Christmas present that she never had since both of her parents passed away when she was still a baby. It was by then that the little girl met this man who made a promise to fulfill her3 wishes

CHAPTER 1 : You're My First Wish

 "Once upon a time a young man called Aladdin found a lamp inside a dungeon and made three wishes to the genie that is inside the lamp. The Genie was able to fulfill his first and second wish but when he asked what Aladdin's third wish...he wished to set the genie free from that lamp".

Why would Alladin do that? Is what I thought, as I close the book I just borrowed from my aunt's daughter. If I were him I will wish for him to stay with me forever...always.

The Christmas celebration has ended and everyone was back to each own business and work. But I'm still here waiting for someone to give my Christmas present that I never had since both of my parents passed away 8 years ago, when I was still a baby. I am now living with my aunt and her family, who were reluctant first in taking me in since they are also poor.

What are you doing there day dreaming? asked by my aunt, Nothing, I replied and then hide the book that I was reading secretly. Here is the list of what you should get for the later night birthday dinner party for my daughter, she said and hand over a paper with a list of the things she wants me to buy for her daughter's birthday...which is also my birthday.

I changed into my red dress, get out of the house and excitedly went shopping acting as if it's for my birthday celebration. On the way I can see other children like me, shopping and eating together with their family while talking about their plans for the coming New Year.

 I can see them happily talking each new year's resolution and their wishes coming true by the coming year. It was because of it that I remember the story I've read earlier about Aladdin's setting free the genie whom he treated as his savior and special friend.

I wonder what's he doing right now? I asked myself thinking what would be the genie's doing right now that he was all alone and separated from his only friend. 

Is he feeling the same way that I am feeling right now. I don't know if this just because It's my birthday but If ever I met him, I have lots of things I want to wish...and one of those is I no longer want to feel so sad and alone again.

The snow has started to fall and the sun has set down already, I know that I should hurry and go back home before my aunt gets angry at me again. But as I walk I noticed that the path and its surrounding has changed into something that I don't remember. 

Suddenly it becomes foggy and I almost can't see what is in front of me because of it, but when the path becomes clear out of nowhere a man dressed in black coat was standing alone blocking my way appears and starts to talking to me.

  A kid? This is the first time that I'll be called out because of a kid, whose heart should be free of darkness, said by him who then kneeled down and then asked for my name. 

So what's your name?  he said, My name is Anne...and who are you? I replied back while still confused what is happening and what do he mean that he was called out by my presence. 

I am a Jinni and we don't have a name but I am here to fulfill three wishes for you...but each has price you'll need to pay depending on the wish, he said. I can see that your life expectancy is long so I guess I am lucky to be called out by you, although most of the human I saw are adults so this is the first time I will made a pact with a kid, he continues as he look intensely in my eyes. 

Are you sure I can wish anything? I asked him, can wish for toys, candys anything! Is what the man said while thinking that this will be an easy work since she was just a little girl who's innocent and easy to lead on to wish something easy and by then take her life source or something equivalent to it immediately. 

I, a Jinni will now made a pact to fulfill any of your wish in exchange of the thing you treasured most first, he continues while waiting for the little girl to response. 

 The little girl then shows him a ring which she considered as her most precious thing. It was her mother's wedding ring that was given to her before they died.

You are my first wish...please marry me! Is what the little girl said to the man who was so surprised on the little girl wish. 

Wait..This can't be! shouted by him and then a bright blue light appears that made me close my eyes. When I open my eyes again to see what happened, I felt something hot in my ring finger.

 A shape like ring with words I don't understand curved on it was tattooed in my ring finger and the same tattoo was on his ring finger as well. I don't care what's happening but I was so happy to have someone who will be with me from now on and becomes my own family...

CHAPTER 2 : A Jinni

It was said that a Jinni was a creature born from hell's smoke and fire who are like humans, they have their own free will and for being good or evil. Some myths said they are supernatural creature that has lower rank than angels and capable of appearing in human and animal forms. 

Man has been aware of our existence and even made stories about us of which are all nowhere near to the truth on what we really are. I've been watching humans for who knows how many years now but still can't comprehend what they are thinking. I don't really understand what's the difference between good or evil since each has its own interpretation depending on how it affects one.

Humans are weak and powerless compared to us and angels but they were love most by him and honestly I envy them most. Although there are only few of them I saw some humans lived shorter than a hundred years but died with a satisfied look in their face. 

They gave their best in almost everything and the look in their face once they achieved the things they want most, protects the thing they treasured most and most of all the thing they called "Love", I almost wondered what it feels to experience all of that as well. Maybe I am watching them to much to the point that had these thoughts coming out that should never happened since I'm a Jinni.

Each has its own face, belief and attitude but there's one thing they are common with, all of them has their own greed and desire. That's where we get our life source as well. 

By fulfilling their desire in exchange for the life source and the spirit left from something that was treasured most by them we fed to these things and thus continue to exist and gain more power.

 Man's greed are limitless that sometimes, without them realizing their wish will actually cost them as much as their left days in this world. And since it's their life source also known as souls were the one being eaten, when they died that's the end for them They won't even go to hell or heaven, only emptiness will come to them.

Once a pact was made one can never back down or break the contract that was already agreed on. Unlike humans we of the other world consider these as the strongest bond or seal that can never be severed by anyone or anything. 

That's why even I, made it possible that I'll be able to get to fulfill each wish with conditions that's of my capacity and advantage.

But what I do not expect most was me getting married to a human and it's a little girl to booth! 

How foolish of me to have a mistake like this. I was trying to look for somebody who's heart was clouded with darkness and desire but I didn't expect it to be a kid who would on her first wish will ask me to marry her. This might be a kind of joke this little girl has sent to me...I've been had with this thing humans called "fate".





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