A Stone in my Shoe



How powerful our words can be The challenge for you this week, so every time you have told someone a negative story put a stone in your shoe and walk on it.

Life can be interesting when one is living in a car park on a farm I have been listening and sending healing to the cows that are giving birth as they woke me up in the wee hours of the morning crying out for help; calving season here in New Zealand, the dogs have been going off time to time and the traffic on the farm has started early. I had just made myself a cup of tea and was so enjoying it when I accidentally put it down on the table which I missed; I now have a puddle in Keltic Star.Today has been interesting since clearing the fear of writing I do not want to stop, interesting that, loving it, looking back at the journey I have come from the stories one can tell, could blow your socks off, we have so many stories to tell, even now as I listen to someone trying to start up their work van. One can make a simple thing like that grow and grow can they not.How time has flown and the journey one has to take to get here is even more interesting than one ever would think, though sometimes our stories can eat our soul, it is how we tell them, or share them, I love being an observer of life, watching people as they sit down in the café telling their friends or family on the week they have, as I watch them I see there body change like it is flinching, like it is in pain, especially when it is negative talk. It is sad that we feed our bodies such words of dis-ease, it is why so many of us have been sick, I know it so well. I should be in a wheelchair, I choose to change my story, to stop manifesting illness, though at times it still creeps in, it often does when I need to slow down, and my story, now caught a cold from the kids, bummer. Move on. Other stories I use to tell, you would need to get the violin out for that common cold, I milked it for sympathy, I was a victim of my dis-ease, a victim of myself. I see this often in my job now, where people tell me they no longer own what they have, though they feed themselves with the same story and others that are willing to listen. Think in average day, you are unhappy about how someone has treated you, so 1st you tell yourself about it (beat yourself up about it), you work in public area, then you tell over 20 plus people and you talk to people on the phone, put it on social media and anyone that calls in to see you. Then you multiply that same story to 1 week, then to a year, this story has now taken over, you have been diagnosed with a label and all you want to do is die as the pain is so bad, it is an emotional pain you have manifested. Then that story grows as more and more people keep hurting you, now you are the victim of your dis-ease and you continually blame everyone else for it and you never look at it at a soul level and turn the mirror back to you. I know I did it so well, but I made the change, I was determined to stay away from a wheelchair, with the right help, techniques and awesome Dr who supported my alternative healing I did. So Thank you Dr. Armstrong for believing in me and supporting me, I was a person that lived on over 3200 mg of painkillers a day, then one day went cold turkey, not the greatest idea I made, I went on holiday and forgot to pack them. I wanted to change, I no longer wanted to be the victim of what my life did to me, I wanted to be able to dance or even walk without the feeling of walking on broken glass or hot coals all the time, the whole body felt that too.Where from here, life changed for the good, with all my knowledge, training to get myself well, I became the founder of PaxStar8, as all I ever wanted when I was a victim was to find Inner Peace and reach for the stars, which I have as many others has since, in 8 steps to 888 if it is meant to be. So yes we all can change our stars, we have to believe and start telling positive stories. Even though your story of how a person treated you was so bad, why not turn it around and laugh about it that you let them do it to you in the first place. After all the only doormat is really you. So step forward take charge, if you find it difficult not to tell, then write down your story, burn it.Another option is to record what you say, you will be shocked, if you were receiving this how would you cope, now that burden is now on the listener unless they surrender it and if they share your story to another friend, dangerous.Food for thought, watch what you manifest, 



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