Seahorse sees Horsey



A rhyming picture book about an unlikely friendship.

A seagull said to Horsey “Hey, guess what I have seen,
A horse who lives beneath the sea who’s yellow, pink and green.”
“Don’t be silly,” Horsey said “seahorses aren’t real.
Horses don’t live in the sea, they only live in fields.”

A crab said to a seahorse “Hey, I just don’t understand,
When I was on the beach I saw a horsey on the land.”
“Don’t be silly,” Seahorse said “horses don’t live there.
A seahorse is the only horse and we can’t breathe the air.”

Then one day a whirlwind came. Over the waves it blew.
Seahorse whooshed up in the air! 

Up and up he flew.

Seahorse spun around and round and felt in quite a muddle.
And when he fell back to the ground he landed in a puddle.

Seahorse was so far from home and he was scared and stuck.
And Seahorse was not there alone. He didn’t dare to look.
As something walked towards him, the seahorse gulped and froze.
Then it got a little closer…
Wait, it has a horsey nose!

Horsey said to Seahorse “Oh, you look a bit like me.
But why have you come to my field when you live in the sea?”
“I didn’t mean to come here.” He explained how he was blown.
“I can’t stay in a puddle and I need to get back home.”

“Well I know where to find the sea and I will help of course.”
Horsey found a bucket and he scooped up the seahorse.
They journeyed over mountains and they waded over streams.
They camped beside a lake and dreamed seahorse and horsey dreams.

They played and laughed together as they trotted through the grass.
They galloped over heather then they saw the sea at last.

But when they got there Seahorse didn’t want their trip to end.
The seahorse and the horsey had become the best of friends.
Horsey said to Seahorse “I wish you could stay with me.”
And Horsey promised he would visit Seahorse by the sea.

So every year they travelled to a rock pool by the sand.
Seahorse told stories of the sea and Horsey of the land.

When the seahorse and the horsey meet, they love their time together.
But secretly Seahorse and Horsey wish for stormy weather.

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