The world of Myth and the world of Man. Separated for centuries, and now forcibly intertwined after a terrible terrorist attack nearly kills the president.

"I need to see you. I need to see you transform." Said Senator Harrison. I looked at Amy, and I could see her get nervous. We both knew he was speaking to me, but to see her get nervous, FOR me, was worrying. 

"If we want to advance the cause, then you need to transform. It has to be you, given the events at the capitol." Said the Senator, and I had to admit... he was right. Between the 3 of us, we couldn't think of anyone else that would have the same impact. The computer was placed on the dining room table, and both Amy and I were in front of it. He had sent us an emotional email explaining that he supports expanding civil rights to inhuman and once-human members of society, but he needed help. It took a few emails for him to convince us to appear on camera, even if it was a fairly low quality skype video-stream. Even once we appeared on the video-call he had yet to convince us to assist him, but he seemed truly genuine. 

The Senator looked as professional as he ever did. I had opted to look a bit lazy, because if I did decide to transform the clothes I was wearing would tear. I had pants on, but I didn't have a shirt. Amy didn't mind that, but since she was human she was wearing a formal dress, and had taken time to do her makeup. I personally didn't know why, given that she was naturally gorgeous even without makeup. I had made my decision. Without speaking, I moved my hand so that it would be visible from the Senator's side of the Skype call, and then I grimaced. 

"Here we go..." I said, as I felt a burning sensation begin at my fingertips and gradually creep downward, eventually covering my entire hand and then arm, on-camera. It also got far more intense as it traveled, going from a burning sensation until it felt like I had submerged my hand in burning gasoline. And then it slowed. Until it stopped. 

My hand was covered in scales. And my digits had gone from being human fingers, to being razor sharp claws, that were retractable much like a cats. The scales made my arm look like a ruby-colored prosthetic limb. But my arm in this state was extremely flexible, and virtually indestructible. "I already mailed you a single scale." I told the Senator so that he could prove that this transformation was genuine. "Honestly... I'm still unsure of whether or not I want to go to Washington again." I told him, as he was still trying to react to what he just saw, but he composed himself and simply said "Of course. I know this is a difficult decision. But I want you in D.C. with us again. You're a hero. To thousands. And you could become a far bigger hero, in an infinitely more important and historic way." The Senator said, clearly sincere, clearly practiced. Probably in front of a mirror. He seemed to mean it. 

A/N: Extremely short, but what do you think? I love these types of political dramas, and I love supernatural stuff, mythology, and fantasy. I think they can be mixed together. Would you like to see more?

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